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Have you ever wanted to share terabytes of data in public, or just a few gigabytes with a select group of friends? With Diglo you can, totally free. The site is a mashup between a social network, a file-hosting site and a media search engine, allowing its users to share, search and download files all in one place.

digloDiglo is a relatively new service that can be best described as an unlimited hard drive for communities.

The site allows its users to store massive amounts of data, either totally privately, shared with a few selected friends, or completely public.

Unlike standard social networks users don’t have to say who they are, a verified email address is enough to get started. Once an account has been created users can start uploading files in public without any transfer or hosting restrictions. These public files can also be easily shared with people who don’t have a Diglo account, by sharing a public link.

Not everything has to be shared in public of course, but there are some hosting restrictions for private files. There’s currently a storage limit of up to 15 gigabytes for files that only the owner can see, and for files shared among friends the limit is 10 GB, plus an additional gigabyte for each friend one has.

Although Diglo started less than a year ago, it has already amassed a healthy user base of file-sharers who together share millions of files. A quick look at the top 5 users shows that these alone share nearly 2.5 terabytes of data in public.

The upside of such a massive file-sharing community is that users can also discover and download files uploaded publicly by others. Diglo has a fully functioning search engine with direct download links to movies, music and much more. A true candy store for file-sharers.

Diglo’s Public Search

diglo search

The Diglo team, who are veterans in the file-sharing world, told TorrentFreak that they wanted to make a service that would give users full control over their privacy settings while allowing them to share massive amounts of data.

“Diglo is unique because it’s not a file sharing service with social add on, but a social network site where you can really share everything. It also doesn’t invade your privacy like all popular social media networks, but gives you perfect control over what you share with others,” the Diglo team said.

One of Diglo’s features that avid filesharers will certainly appreciate is the ability to access all files via FTP accounts. This makes managing ones media even more flexible, and it also means that users don’t even have to visit the Diglo website to get access to their library.

The above is just a summary of a few key features. Diglo also allows users to play music via their on-site music player, create albums, join one of the many groups, and so on. Those who are interested should just give it a spin to see what it’s all about.

There is little doubt that Diglo will he useful to a large group of people. Although it will certainly not be used as a traditional social network, the community feel and the ability to share files with selected groups are definitely appealing. And perhaps best of all, it’s totally free.

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