EZTV App Arrives on Android, TV Torrents Go Mobile

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The first dedicated EZTV app has arrived in the Android Market this week. EZTV Droid is a free Android app that enables users to check for the latest TV-torrents and send the ones they wish to download to uTorrent. EZTV is excited about EZTV Droid and other similar apps and has announced that it will release an API for 3rd party developers in the near future.

eztv-droidIt is no secret that Apple notoriously bans all applications that have anything to do with BitTorrent from their App Store. Luckily for torrent users and developers, Google’s Android Market doesn’t have such a restrictive policy yet.

This week a new application surfaced in the Android Market which aims to make it easier for users to add TV-torrents to their BitTorrent client on the fly.

The free app, named EZTV Droid, displays a list of the latest TV-torrents on EZTV and allows users to add the torrents to uTorrent straight from their Android device.

In addition users can use the app to search for older torrents listed on EZTV. They can also use the app as a remote interface for uTorrent and start, stop, pause or check the status of their current downloads without being near their computer. This only works for users who have the uTorrent WebUI enabled of course.

TorrentFreak got in touch with EZTV Droid’s developer Roy Besiera, who told us that this was his first effort at coding for the Android platform.

“I decided to code the app because I am a huge fan of EZTV. I am actually a web programmer but recently I was able to get a hold of an Android device so I decided to make an app. Actually, EZTV Droid is my first app,” he said.

The current version of EZTV Droid is limited but very effective. In the coming weeks Roy hopes to add several new features, such as the ability to add ‘favorite’ shows and get notifications on new releases based on user preferences. Support for other torrent clients than uTorrent is also high on his list.

“I am planning to add support for other torrent clients as well, first Transmission and the rest,” Roy told TorrentFreak.

The EZTV team is equally excited about the Android app, and encourages developers to come up with more solutions to integrate their site into mobile devices.

“EZTV Droid is a great application showing the versatility of the internet and gadgets available to people in today’s day and age,” EZTV’s NovaKing told us. “With the increase of smart phones and people not being able to watch their shows while they are out they are now able to remotely go in and get the shows they miss.”

“We like apps like this so much that we are starting work on a new API which will allow 3rd party developers to access our data much more easily,” NovaKing added.

The API, which will be released in the near future, will open up a lot of possibilities for developers. It will undoubtedly result in many more dedicated apps and services for the popular TV-torrent site.

Meanwhile, version 1 of EZTV Droid can be downloaded from the Android Market for free. The latest stable version of uTorrent (with the WebUI enabled) is recommended as it’s currently not working correcly on all the latest Beta releases.


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