Torrents, Proxies and VPNs

Welcome to our links section, Below we’ve listed some of the BitTorrent and file-sharing services and sites that we reviewed or used in the past. In addition, we have a few recommended Usenet and VPN services for those who like to expand their horizon beyond BitTorrent.

If you think that we missed something, feel free to get in touch via the usual channels.

BitTorrent Proxies

BitTorrent proxies offer privacy and anonymity to to BitTorrent users. They hide the IP-addresses of its users from the public and are set up specifically with BitTorrent users in mind.

We recommend:

* Torguard

VPN Services

A VPN is a good way to ensure privacy while using BitTorrent. VPNs route all your traffic (not just BitTorrent) through their servers, hiding your IP address from the public.

We recommend:

* NordVPN
* Torguard

Usenet Providers

We are not allowed to say anything about Usenet other than that is exists.

We recommend:

* Easynews (free 14 day trial)

* NewsHosting