OiNK Admin Released From Custody

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After a turbulent day the admin of the raided OiNK.cd was released from custody. At this point it is still unclear what the legal consequences will be, but it is good to see that OiNK is back home.

The OiNK admin contacted TorrentFreak by email which confirms his release. As for the OiNK users, it is highly doubtful that the IFPI or BPI will go after them all, or even one of them. They do know how to scare people with messages like: “A criminal investigation continues into the identities and activities of the site’s users”, but there is no evidence that they actually will.

More interesting perhaps, how did they gain access to the OiNK domain, and why are they allowed to spread this propaganda? They are not a law-enforcement agency.

NFOrce, the ISP of OiNK, said today in an interview that they were not aware of any illegal activities surrounding the site. They thought OiNK was hosting a streaming video site or a weblog. Yeah, right.

The BBC did a small report on the arrest with a lot of false information, releasing nonsense statements such as: “illegally downloading music onto his website” and “paying subscriptions to enter the website.” The video of the arrest is shown below, see for yourself.


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