Torrent Seedbox Veterans Bow Out of Changing Market


The meteoric rise of BitTorrent in the last decade led to an explosion of companies offering so-called 'seedboxes', servers which carry out file-sharing from a remote location. Now, however, there are signs that the market might not be as healthy as it was, with long-standing player SeedStuff shutting down. TF caught up with its operator to find out more about the decision to leave the business.

Comcast’s Protected Browsing Blocks TorrentFreak as “Suspicious” Site


Website blocking is a common tool for copyright holders to keep people away from pirate sites. While these measures are often mandated by court order, ISPs also offer voluntary blocking tools, to prevent subscribers from accessing dangerous sites. Comcast's Xfinity, for example, offers "protected browsing" which, ironically, will prevent users from reading this article.

OfflineBay ‘Saves The Day’ When Pirate Bay Goes Down


The Pirate Bay regularly suffers downtime, which can lead to a lot of frustration among users. Software developer TechTac hopes to bring an end to this with the release of OfflineBay, a searchable offline archive of TPB's torrents. The software relies on downloading and updating a dump file manually at the moment, but the developer hopes to replace this with a blockchain in the future.

Rightsholders & Belgian ISPs Cooperate to Block 450 ‘Pirate’ Domains


Rightsholders and ISPs in Belgium have agreed to present a list of 450 domains to a judge alongside allegations they facilitate illegal downloading. With the ISPs keen to assist but without accepting any liability, it appears that the collaborative process will lead to the blocking of the domains while avoiding complex and costly legal proceedings.

All Oscar Contenders Leaked on Pirate Sites, Again


With the Academy Awards ceremony coming up, we traditionally take a look at the availability of nominated films on various pirate sites. This year, all 34 prime Oscar nominees are readily available on torrent and streaming sites, most in high quality. While screener leaks are stable, the number of camcorded films appears to be on the rise.

TVAddons and ZemTV Should Stand Trial in the US, Dish Tells Court

Dish Network argues that there's sufficient reason to pursue a lawsuit against the people behind the TVAddons website and ZemTV Kodi addon. The defendants previously asked the Texas court to drop the case because they are foreign nationals with no connection to the state. Dish, however, counters this and argues that the US was the focal point of their business.

Dotcom: Obama Admitted “Mistakes Were Made” in Megaupload Case


Kim Dotcom is claiming that an associate was able to hire a friend of the Obamas to ask about the Megaupload case. "Mistakes were made. It hasn’t gone well. It’s a problem. I’ll see to it after the election,” Barack Obama reportedly said. With Obama due to land in New Zealand next month, Dotcom says he'll have a court subpoena waiting for the former president.