Music Group Confirms What.CD Raid, Claims Millions in Losses

The French music industry group SACEM has confirmed that several servers, which allegedly belong to What.CD, were confiscated in a raid yesterday. The group applauds the police action, which they say has put an end to millions of dollars in losses caused by the popular music tracker. What.CD, meanwhile, assures its former members that all user data is safe.

Major Cyberlocker EX.UA to Shut Down Amid Police Crackdown

The largest file-hosting site in Ukraine says it will shut down amid a government crackdown on Internet piracy. EX.UA has been a thorn in the side of local and international copyright holders for years and has appeared on the USTR's list of notorious pirate markets. The site is now warning of uncontrolled torrent piracy in its wake. Shuts Down Following Reported Raids in France

The hugely popular private music torrent tracker What.CD has shut down. After a reported raid on several of its servers in France, The tracker says it has destroyed all site and user data. itself hasn't confirmed any police action but cites "recent events" as the reason for its drastic actions.

Mega Compromised by Hackers (Updated)

Mega, the cloud storage site originally founded by Kim Dotcom, was compromised by hackers this week. Outsiders gained access to part of the site's infrastructure and released some source code, claiming to have user details as well. Mega confirmed the hack of their seperate blog/help centre system but says that no user data was compromised

BREIN’s New Torrent Piracy Crackdown Results in First Settlement

Last year, Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN announced a broad crackdown on torrent pirates, which resulted in the first settlement this week. The person in question paid 4,800 euros for sharing 12 TV-show episodes. According to BREIN, hundreds of thousands of pirates are now at risk of receiving similar treatment.

“Anti-Piracy Outfit Impersonates Competitor, Steals its Clients”

Two employees of anti-piracy outfit MarkScan have been arrested by Indian police. The men are accused of masquerading as competing anti-piracy firm Aiplex, informing its clients via a fake website that the company was shutting down, and suggesting MarkScan as an alternative. The CEO of the company was allegedly in on the scam, which is still under investivation.

Police Raid Pirate Site & Seize 60 Servers Following MPAA Complaint

A complaint from the MPAA has led the cyber-crime division of Ukraine's National Police to raid, one of the country's most popular pirate sites. Thus far 60 servers have been seized and 19 people have been arrested, but police fear the site could reappear since some individuals are on the run and a mirror site may be standing by in Russia.