Popular Kodi Addon ‘Exodus’ Turned Users into a DDoS ‘Botnet’


Exodus is one of the most-used Kodi addons out there, allowing users to obtain easy access to pirated movies and TV-shows. However, over the past week the same users were unwittingly part of a DDoS attack. After the issue raised eyebrows in the community, the Exodus developer rolled back the malicious code and retired.

EU Representative: Ukraine Must Tighten Noose on Internet Pirates


According to the head of the trade section of the European Commission's delegation to Ukraine, the country risks damaging relations with the EU over Internet piracy. Nicholas Burge says that legal action against the operators of pirate sites must be supported by ISPs bearing responsibility for hosting them.

US and KickassTorrents Go Head to Head in Court


The US Department of Justice and the legal team of alleged KickassTorrents owner Artem Vaulin went head to head in court this week. Defense lawyer Ira Rothken asked the court to drop the case as there's no proof of actual criminal copyright infringement. The US prosecutor disagreed, describing the site as a piracy haven that made millions of dollars per year.

Pirate Party’s Pirate Site Was Legal Under EU Law, Court Rules

Six years ago the Czech branch of the Pirate Party declared open war on a local anti-piracy outfit, opening several 'pirate' sites to draw fire from copyright holders. But, after being prosecuted in a criminal court last year, the matter has now been dropped after it was deemed the Pirates acted in accordance with a recent landmark EU ruling.

Ahashare ‘Disappears’ After Domain Name Suspension


The popular torrent site Ahashare has been unreachable for more than a week now. The site's domain name is currently listed as "suspended" by the registrar, hinting at possible legal issues. The site's operators have remained silent on the issue, and it's unclear if the site will return anytime soon.

Swedish Govt. Mulls Tougher Punishments to Tackle Pirate Sites


Authorities in Sweden are mulling new measures to deal with evolving 'pirate' sites. As part of a legislative review, the government wants to assess potential legal tools, including categorizing large-scale infringement as organized crime, tougher sentences, domain seizures, and site-blocking.