Extradition For Pirates? Seized Domain Admins Call It Quits

As US authorities continue with Operation in Our Sites, putting pressure on file-sharing services and seizing their domains, for some it is all to easy to champion a heroic fight back against these "forces of evil". But for the admins of one site targeted by ICE and DHS, the thought of being extradited to the US is a step too far. What started off as fun was turning into something else. Today they announce that "enough is enough."

Piracy Lawsuit Against CNET Dismissed – For Now

In May, FilmOn founder Alki David and a group of artists sued CNET’s Download.com and parent company CBS. The copyright holders accused the CBS-owned websites of several copyright-related offenses for their role in distributing LimeWire and other P2P software. This week the artists dropped their case, threatening to replace it with an even bigger case in the near future.

Richard Stallman Urges Rejection of Anti-Piracy Web Blocking

Under Italian government legislation, telecommunications agency AGCOM will have to take responsibility for dealing with Internet content deemed illicit by entertainment companies. To that end, AGCOM is about to give itself the power to remove content and block websites without the need for any legal process. According to free software guru Richard Stallman, Italians should use "what's left of their democracy" to oppose such measures.

MPAA: Stealing Movies Is A Risk to Internet Security

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The MPAA leaves no opportunity unused to make sure that people understand how dangerous movie piracy is. Despite breaking records at the box office year after year, piracy is costing the U.S. economy several billion dollars. At least that’s what the MPAA claims. But the piracy ‘threat’ is not limited to the economy. It also […]

BitTorrent Admin Continues Fight Against Police Abuse

At the beginning of 2011 two administrators of FileSoup – the longest standing BitTorrent community – had their case dropped by the authorities and were free men once again. But that was not the end of the story for one of the admins. In his quest for justice, Steve Lanning appealed the unsatisfactory police investigation by filing more than 50 complaints, and is claiming that the police are covering up many mistakes.

UFC Wants $320K From Gym That Played Fights Without Permission

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In its continuing battle to squeeze every last dollar from its PPV events, the UFC has filed a lawsuit against a gym which unlawfully screened one of their events. The target in the lawsuit is Without Limits MMA, a gym in Batesville, AR along with its owner Matt Sellers. Filed in the U.S. District Court […]

‘Pirate’ Admins Sweat As ICE Reveal Extradition Criteria

Last month it was revealed that the UK-based admin of TVShack.net is fighting an extradition request filed by the US government. The site's domain was seized as part of Operation in Our Sites but according to new comments from ICE, more individuals could now be sought by US authorities. Cutting through jurisdictional issues, ICE say they only need to show one thing to seek extradition of an admin - that his or her 'pirate' site has a .COM or .NET…