Digital Economy Act: A Foregone Conclusion?

Was the Digital Economy Act always going to be implemented? The latest revelations in the Act's complex two year history shows that it was always going to happen, and that public consultation on the matter was just a sham.

Torrent Sites Get “Restraining Order” From Indian High Court

In an attempt to prevent pirates from downloading their latest movie Singham, Reliance Entertainment came up with a rather unconventional anti-piracy strategy. The company managed to obtain a so-called John Doe order from the Indian High Court, which they are now sending to various torrent sites that could potentially link to a pirated version of the movie.

Could Quantum Computing Kill Copyright?

The basis of copyright law is individuality and creativity. Yet ever increasing computing power and storage space could mean that in just a few short years, computing could throw copyright into chaos.

XtremeSpeeds BitTorrent Admin Busted

The administrator of a growing private BitTorrent tracker is reporting that he has been raided by the authorities. The admin of XtremeSpeeds says that he was questioned on suspicion of being involved with leading P2P release group IMAGiNE. While the investigation is underway, XtremeSpeeds will remain offline.

Diglo: Social Networking For Avid File-Sharers

Have you ever wanted to share terabytes of data in public, or just a few gigabytes with a select group of friends? With Diglo you can, totally free. The site is a mashup between a social network, a file-hosting site and a media search engine, allowing its users to share, search and download files all in one place.

Pirate Party Launches Movie Download Sites As “Declaration of War”

In a deliberately provocative move the Czech Pirate Party has launched not one but two movie download portals. The sites, which offer links but don't host any infringing material themselves, are being launched to protest the plight of a high school student facing a 5 million euro damages claim for linking to copyright works.