Record Label Boss Is a Former Notorious Warez Scene Pirate

During March, Sumerian Records boss Ash Avildsen made the news on a couple of piracy-related occasions. First, he orchestrated a hoax to trick BitTorrent users into downloading a fake band promo, then later got serious with a YouTube broadside against music piracy. As Sumerian gets ready to launch their own music store, TorrentFreak has discovered that they have Long John Silver's skeleton in the closet.

Artists Don’t Think Piracy Hurts Them Financially, Study Shows

When anti-piracy outfits and Big Media speak out against file-sharing they often claim to be standing up for the interests of the artists. However, a new survey among nearly 4,000 artists has revealed that nearly a quarter are pirating the works of fellow artists. Contrary to popular belief among higher level execs in the entertainment industry, the younger generation of artists believe that file-sharing helps them to gain an audience.

Distributor Offers To ‘Purify’ and Monetize Pirate Files

A manga creator and distributor has offered to do something positive with thousands of unauthorized copyright files to be found on file-sharing networks. In what appears to be a first of its kind project, users will be encouraged to upload their illicit media to a website where they will be repackaged with advertising and subsequently reintroduced legally back into the wild.

Microsoft v Hackers Xbox 360 Battle Steps Up a Gear

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The cat and mouse game between Microsoft’s army of Xbox 360 programmers and the hacking community not only continues, but becomes ever more fascinating. On the back of the recent announcement that 360 cracking could get a whole lot more difficult due to new disc security measures, some news at the weekend shows that Microsoft […]

Dutch Government To Outlaw File-Sharing and Block The Pirate Bay

Traditionally, The Netherlands has been one of the most lenient countries when it comes to the sharing of copyrighted material on the Internet, but this will change if the Government gets to implement their new plans. Under new legislation downloading of copyrighted movies and music will become outlawed. The lawmakers claim that this change is needed to crack down on 'pirate sites'.

File-Sharers Await Official Recognition of New Religion

A group of self-confessed radical pirates are pinning their hopes on gaining official recognition of their own unique belief system. The founders of the Missionary Church of Kopimism - who hold CTRL+C and CTRL+V as sacred symbols - hope that along with this acceptance will come harmony, not just with each other, but also with the police.

RIAA Promotes Illegal P2P Services, Expert Claims

A leading music industry expert has accused the RIAA of having its own agenda, one that goes directly against the interests of some of the major labels. Among other things, it is claimed that the RIAA promotes illegal P2P services to parents and educators. These services, including iMesh and Bearshare, will apparently become prime targets for a US-led anti-piracy campaign.