The Economics of (Killing) Mass-BitTorrent Lawsuits

While mass settlement lawsuits filed against alleged BitTorrent users have the potential to bring in millions in revenue, recent rulings in US District courts are going to severely cut into potential profits. Has the tide turned? It looks like a distinct possibility.

Tomorrow, Pirates Write History Again


Tomorrow, Sunday, the German Pirate Party is expected to be voted into Parliament in Berlin. This is the second time the nascent political movement will be felt worldwide -- the first being in 2009, when the Swedish party took seats in the European Parliament.

Appeals Court Reinstates $675,000 File-Sharing Decision Against Joel Tenenbaum

The 1st Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed the earlier decision of a U.S. District Court in the long-running file-sharing case between Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Boston student Joel Tenenbaum. The appeal court ruled that District Court should not have considered constitutional matters. Instead, it could have reduced the amount of damages awarded and given Sony a chance to request a new trial.

uTorrent Keeps BitTorrent Lead, BitComet Fades Away

Fresh data on the market share of BitTorrent clients shows that uTorrent remains the client of choice for most BitTorrent users in the West. A sample of more than half a million unique peers further shows that Transmission is gaining ground, while the once so popular BitComet client slowly fades away.

Piracy Blamed for Tragic Deaths at Music Festival

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Last month, a severe thunderstorm hit the Belgian music festival Pukkelpop during the evening of August 18. Trees fell over, taking down video screens and lights, and one of the stages collapsed as well. The disaster led to the tragic deaths of 5 people. Although most people described the dramatic event as an accident, insurance […]

RIAA Label Used In Massive Cocaine Trafficking Ring

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Earlier this year record label boss Jimmy Rosemond was arrested on the suspicion of leading a massive cocaine trafficking ring. The founder of Czar Entertainment used shipments of music equipment to transfer cocaine across the United States. These shipments went to several music studios, and according to a recent court filing uncovered by The Smoking […]

Anti-Piracy Group Will Sue Pay Processors If They Don’t Name Site Admins

Hollywood-funded anti-piracy group BREIN says it will pursue a similar strategy to its counterparts in the United States and UK by pressuring payment processors like PayPal to stop doing business with file-sharing sites. But BREIN says the processors must go further. Either they can voluntarily hand over the names of the admins behind the site accounts, or they will go to court and sue them into submission.

RapidShare Lobbies Lawmakers Against PROTECT IP Act

Earlier this year U.S. lawmakers proposed a draconian anti-piracy legislation known as the PROTECT IP Act. When the proposal becomes law, U.S. authorities and copyright holders will have the power to seize domains, block websites and censor search engines to prevent copyright infringements. But file-hosting service RapidShare have a lot to lose by its introduction and are now spending a great deal of money countering the views of pro-copyright lobbyists.