Newzbin2: BT Have Started To Censor Us

UK Internet service provider BT didn't need the flexibility of a full 14 days to begin their censorship of Usenet indexing site Newzbin2. According to an administrator at the site the court-ordered blockade has already begun, with subscribers to the ISP getting an "Error - site blocked" message when they try to access.

Piracy May Boost Sales, Judge Concludes

A Spanish judge came to an interesting conclusion in a case dealing with a seller of pirated copies. According to the judge the defendant doesn't have to pay compensation to the rightsholders because it is not possible to determine to what extent piracy actually decreases sales. On the contrary, the judge suggests that piracy may even boost sales.

A Playable Modern Warfare 3 Really Has Leaked Today

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Following reports last week that the second disc of the PC version of Modern Warfare 3 had been leaked (a leak incidentally that no one could find), we can now report that the first playable version of the game really is available online. The Xbox 360 version (which appears to have been made available just […]

IFPI Prepares To Disconnect Sites From Phone and SMS Payments

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Earlier this year, IFPI announced that they had reached agreement with MasterCard, Visa and the City of London Police to cooperate against “pirate sites” and those selling unauthorized music. Under the deal, IFPI investigators hand evidence of copyright infringement to the police who then engage the payment processors in order to cut off financial services. […]

After 2 months, Music Biz Finally Sends Anti-Piracy Warnings

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Despite New Zealand’s so-called ‘Skynet’ anti-piracy law having been effect for two months, up until two days ago not a single copyright infringement notice had been sent out. The ISPs expected a flood of notices and some even took on extra staff to process them, only to have to lay them off when the deluge […]

Video: Judge Savagely Beats His Daughter For Illegal Downloads

Downloading copyright material without the permission of rightsholders is often portrayed as a heinous crime and treated as such by many judges across the United States. But what is an appropriate punishment for this apparently increasingly wicked act? Multi-million dollar fines? Jail? For one sixteen year-old girl using file-sharing software KaZaA, it was a savage beating, delivered by the leather belt of her father, Judge William Adams. And it was all caught on camera.

MPAA Lashes Out Against Rogue Cyberlockers

An internal MPAA fact-sheet obtained by TorrentFreak shows that the movie industry is preparing a full-frontal attack on the business model of what they call "rogue cyberlockers". The document summarizes how these file-hosting sites offer affiliates cash in return for signing up new premium members. According to the MPAA these practices facilitate mass-copyright infringement.

Scarlett Johansson Copyrights Leaked Nude Photos

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A few weeks ago two naked photos of Scarlett Johansson appeared online. They were intended for the eyes of her former husband only, but were seen by millions after her cell phone was hacked. Ever since the photos leaked Johansson’s lawyers have been very busy pulling them offline, and more. A take down notice sent […]