Lonely ISP Wants Other Providers To Disconnect Pirates

Having originally resisted the notion that it should stop its subscribers sharing copyright works, in a little under 4 years Ireland's ISP Eircom has come completely about-face. Not only did it come to a private agreement with the music industry to implement a 3 strikes-style regime, but now its asking other ISPs to join them in doing so. It's lonely being this kind of 'pioneer', especially when it puts your company at a commercial disadvantage.

Kim Dotcom: The US Government is Wrong, Here’s Why

For the first time since his arrest in January, Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is responding to allegations in what he calls the "MPAA-sponsored" indictment. Eager to fight back, Dotcom refutes several "nonsense" claims made by the Government. In addition, he shows that Mega wasn't a big bad pirate haven, but a legitimate service that may have been shutdown for political reasons.

Entertainment Industry Was Eager to Work With Megaupload

Considering the aggressive stance taken by the MPAA against Megaupload, one might be forgiven for thinking the Hollywood-backed group and file-hosting service were sworn enemies. But behind the scenes things were quite different, with companies including Disney, Warner Brothers and Fox courting Megaupload to set up content distribution and advertising deals.

Kim Dotcom: US Military Had 15,634 Megaupload Accounts

In recent weeks the battle has continued to save the data stored at the now-defunct site Megaupload. Contrary to the image painted by the entertainment industries, untold numbers of people used the file-hosting service for completely legitimate sharing. Today we can reveal that not only did people at the Senate, Department of Homeland Security, FBI and NASA hold Megaupload accounts, so did more than 15,600 members of the US Military.

The Inspirational Maniacs Of The Pirate Bay


The file-sharing world has had more than its fair share of unbelievable stories in recent years and many of them are linked to The Pirate Bay, the world's most resilient BitTorrent site. It's never really certain where it will next appear - a nuclear bunker, a military fort in the middle of the sea, or floating in the sky in unmanned drones. But there is something that one can be sure of - the site is powered by a special…

Kim Dotcom Becomes Proud Dad Of Twin Girls

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom became the proud father of twin girls this week. The healthy twins are the fourth and fifth children of Dotcom and his wife Mona, who gave birth to the girls at the National Women's Hospital in Auckland. Jokingly, Dotcom instructed hospital personnel to send the placenta to the FBI for forensic analysis.

The Department For ACTA

A key player in Australia’s negotiations to the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) revealed itself last Monday and surprisingly it wasn’t News Ltd, the US Embassy in Canberra or even a reigning political party. The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade emerged as ACTA’s cheerleader-in-chief in Australia, trumpeting the benefits of the treaty before a rare open federal parliamentary committee.