Some Cheap Russian Music Sites Have Pirate Suppliers

Sites selling cheap MP3s have been around for many years and the music industry has long complained that they operate illegally. In Russia, where many originate, they see the legal angle somewhat differently, arguing that on home soil they are entirely legal. Whatever the truth, some of these sites appear to have interesting 'wholesale' suppliers.

New Music Industry Entitlement Fees for Canadian Live Events

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Once again showing the lack of foresight, the Canadian Copyright Board approved new fees for live events. These fees, paid to collection group RE:Sound, will be in addition to those already paid to SOCAN (the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada), and on top of the fees Canadians already pay when buying […] Reinvents Movie Torrents, With Style is a new torrent search engine dedicated to movies, but one that goes above and beyond the average torrent site. combines a pleasant and great-looking user interface with all the functionality needed to find and collect the best films out there. In a way it's both a threat and inspiration to Hollywood.

RIAA Demands Unlimited DMCA Power From Google


When it comes to entitlement, few private companies can match the RIAA. The latest cause of their whines is Google. After Google published their report last week on DMCA takedowns, the RIAA is determined to make out that Google is the problem, because almost 1.25 million removed links in one year wasn’t enough, and it’s all Google’s fault, despite the search giant having absolutely no hand in putting any of them online.

Researchers To Release an Anonymous BitTorrent Client

Researchers at Delft University of Technology have taken up the ambitious challenge of creating a BitTorrent client which secures the privacy of its users. Their Tribler client is already completely decentralized, meaning it will still work even in the event that all BitTorrent sites are shut down. Anonymity is the next big step in its evolution. "We're going to take Internet privacy to the next level," the lead researcher says about the upcoming release.

Anti-Piracy Boss: TV Fans Are Unreasonable For Wanting Content Quicker

Speaking at a University of Melbourne seminar, Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft chief Neil Gane conceded that Australians are no longer content to tail behind the rest of the world when it comes to viewing TV shows like Game of Thrones. However, despite this clear 'buying' signal, Gane said that AFACT members consider this impatience to view content as "unreasonable". Piracy will continue, he said, no matter what providers do.

EU Gives ACTA Triple-Whammy

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The never-ending story of ACTA goes on in the EU as three different EU committees gave negative recommendations to the International Trade Committee (INTA). The vote – which are advisory, and non-binding in nature – came a day after documents emerged showing that EU negotiators failed to negotiate effectively on behalf of European Citizens and […]

Verizon Succesfully Defends Privacy of Alleged BitTorrent Pirates

Internet provider Verizon has successfully defended the privacy of several subscribers who were accused of sharing copyrighted material on BitTorrent. The ISP refused to comply with a court-ordered subpoena obtained by book publisher John Wiley and Sons in one of their mass-BitTorrent lawsuits. Initially, Wiley responded to this move by asking the court to compel Verizon to cooperate, but this request and the subpoenas have now been withdrawn.