Top Music Stars Ask UK Prime Minister For Anti-Piracy Action

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Some of the biggest names in the UK music industry have written to Prime Minister David Cameron in the hope that he can do something about illicit music downloading. Simon Cowell, Roger Daltrey, Elton John, Brian May and Andrew Lloyd Webber are among several mega-rich celebrity figures asking the government to pressure Internet service providers, […]

Alleged UK File-Sharers Better Armed and Ready To Fight Ben Dover

After initially attempting to target around 9,000 individuals, Golden Eye International acting on behalf of pornographic film producer Ben Dover are about to start dumping cash demands on the doorsteps of 2,845 alleged file-sharers in the UK. TorrentFreak has obtained a copy of the letter due to be sent out and it amounts to little more than a demand for cash wrapped up in an ACS:Law-style fishing exercise.

Accused Movie Pirate Sues for Defamation and Millions in Damages

One of the many alleged BitTorrent users to fall victim to copyright trolls in recent years has launched an impressive counterattack against a plaintiff who accused him of downloading an adult movie. Jeff Fantalis of Louisville wants millions of dollars in damages for defamation, emotional distress and invasion of privacy, plus a prominent retraction in a local newspaper. Fantalis further asks the court to rule that porn can't be copyrighted as it is not a "useful art."

Studios: Movie Piracy Halved After Sending Zero Infringement Notices

According to a submission made to the New Zealand government by the major studios, the mere threat of sending out an infringement warning halved movie piracy in less than a month. After years of battling for "3 strikes" the studios haven't sent out a single warning, but nevertheless insist that to reduce piracy further they'll have to send out thousands. The recording labels want to do the same at a greatly reduced cost, but the ISPs want to charge four…

Young Pirates Evicted From Festival For Giving Out Free Waffles


Well, here's a story we've heard before in a flavor we haven't. The Swedish Young Pirates association had a tent at a local municipal festival, and were handing out free waffles as an attraction. They were targeted with eviction from the festival, not because they weren't allowed to make food or give things away (they were), but because the traditional festival waffle makers couldn't get paid anymore.

Download Portals Reject YouTube Converter Over Piracy Concerns

Last month Google issued warnings to the owners of websites and software which allow users to copy YouTube videos. Now, the developer of RipTunes has discovered that this anti-copying policy has now been carried over to many of the large downloading portals including and Softpedia. Shockingly, however, Brothersoft is still willing to host the software, but only when the developer pays up.

Woman Gets Naked In Public To Protest Book Pirates (NSFW)

In probably the most outrageous protest yet against piracy, an author has ripped off her clothes in front of a government palace. Brazilian writer Vanessa de Oliveira shocked the citizens of Lima, Peru, with nearly everything she has. "I'm doing this for my book so it is not pirated anymore anywhere in the world," the redhead said, adding that her latest publication is based on her experiences bedding nearly 5,000 men.