Domain Blocking Will Encourage Yet More Fraud and Scams

One of the most often-heard retorts to the domain blocking provisions of SOPA, is that where there's a will to circumvent them, there will be a way. Although most people know that VPNs and proxies can prove useful, there is also a new generation of solutions such as those provided by MafiaaFire and Newzbin2. But history shows us that for every trusted solution, dozens more will pop up, each aiming to scam and defraud unsuspecting Internet users.

The Most Pirated Games of 2011

As 2011 comes to an end, we follow up our most pirated movies and TV-shows charts by taking a look at the most pirated games of the year. Crysis 2 comes out on top in the PC games category in 2011. On Xbox 360 Gears of War 3 receives the same honor, while Super Mario Galaxy 2 scoops the title of most pirated Wii game for the second year in a row.

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Slams SOPA

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A few days before the election circus in the US will start with the Iowa’s caucus, presidential candidate Ron Paul made a comment on the pending SOPA bill “They want to take over the Internet,” he said. “Can you imagine how much we’re going to be curtailed in the spreading of out information if we […]

15 Percent of US File-Sharers Hide Their IP-Address, More to Folllow

In response to increasing legal actions and surveillance of Internet traffic, more and more file-sharers are choosing to hide their identities online. New data gathered through telephone interviews with thousands of adults reveals that in the US 15 percent of all file-sharers take measures to hide their IP-address. Some VPN and proxy providers have doubled their customer base in 2011, and this upward trend is bound to continue in the coming year. Dump Your Torrents and Get a Fancy URL to Share

BitTorrent is a great way to share large files with friends, family or even complete strangers, but it's not always as convenient as it should be. Even though BitTorrent is more than a decade old there's no site where users can simply dump torrents and get a fancy URL in return, so they can share with others. Until now that is, because the newly launched just filled that gap.

Megaupload to Universal: You’ve Got Some Explaining To Do

In their 18-page response filing at the US District Court for Northern Californian earlier this month, not once did Universal Music say why they forced YouTube to remove Megaupload’s Mega Song. Since that's what the dispute between the two companies is all about, that was a pretty strange event. In a new filing, Megaupload makes it clear that it isn't going to be brushed aside. The cyberlocker wants answers, and it will dig deep to get them.

Court Order Blocks BitTorrent, Megaupload and More

In a sweeping attempt at stopping piracy of their latest movie, a studio has obtained a court order forcing India's ISPs to block some of the world's largest file-sharing sites. A company spokesman gave a SOPA-style reason for their actions, claiming that site blocking is the only way they can stop foreign sites from engaging in "rampant online piracy." Megaupload says the ban presents a great opportunity for them to test their anti-blocking technologies.

BitTorrent Zeitgeist: What People Searched For in 2011

Each and every day hundreds of millions of people scour their favorite BitTorrent search engines for content to download. But what are all these people looking for? Today we present the BitTorrent Zeitgeist 2011, a list of the 50 most searched for phrases and keywords on one of the most used public BitTorrent indexes during the past year.