Megaupload Founder Accuses Police of Assault, Denied Bail Again

Following a hearing today at the High Court in New Zealand, Kim Dotcom was again denied bail. The Megaupload founder, who authorities insist will likely flee should he be released, told the court that he'd been kicked and punched by police during his arrest. Dotcom added that during his time in prison he had been approached not only by women wanting to be his friend, but by an expert document forger.

Megaupload: Hong Kong Mulls Copyright Crackdown

In the wake of the Megaupload shutdown, authorities in Hong Kong say they will set up a center to investigate electronic crime and copyright infringement later this year. Although there has been no suggestion of wrong-doing, the news will almost certainly unsettle other cyberlocker services such as Filesonic, Uploading,, Zshare and Filepost, all of which have a presence in the region.

Feds Seize Sports Streaming Domains in New Super Bowl Crackdown

In a new round of seizures the US authorities have taken control of domain names belonging to several popular sports streaming sites including, and All affected sites now redirect to a notice from DOJ/ICE. In common with last year's campaign, the new round of seizures appears to be part of another "Super Bowl Crackdown" targeting sites that link to unauthorized sports streams.

Piracy Is The New Radio, Says Neil Young

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Neil Young has been making music for nearly 50 years, so we have to assume that he’s an expert at the topic. Speaking at D: Dive into Media, Young discusses the state of the digital music business. While the singer is concerned about the fact that many people share low quality MP3’s, he’s not falling […]

Pirate Bay Verdict SignalsThreat Of Huge New Anti-Piracy Campaign

Today's Supreme Court rejection against The Pirate Bay signals the start of a new campaign targeting 150 file-sharing sites, say anti-piracy figures. A lawyer for the Hollywood movie studios says she expects Swedish sites and those providing them with infrastructure will stop their activities today. Antipiratbyran say they will take legal action against those that don't.

White House Declines Comment on MPAA Bribery Petition

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Two weeks ago we reported on a “we the people” petition asking the White House to investigate the MPAA’s alleged bribery practices. A few days ago the petition reached its goal of 25.000 votes, and the Obama administration has now issued an official response. “We appreciate your participation in the We the People platform on […]

The Pirate Bay Moves to .SE Domain To Prevent Domain Seizure

After the court case against the founders of The Pirate Bay was concluded today, the operators of the site quickly moved to change their domain name from .ORG to the Swedish .SE. A Pirate Bay insider informed TorrentFreak that this move was made to prevent the US authorities from seizing the domain, which is a serious risk now the court case has completed.