IP Address Leads Police To World’s Unluckiest File-Sharer

As part of a file-sharing investigation, in 2010 authorities tracked an IP address to a house in Sweden. After a night playing video games a blurry-eyed house sitter answered the early morning call only to be welcomed by the police. They weren't looking for him, but the owner who was abroad. Sometimes, however, you can be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Fyels: File-Sharing Can’t Get Any Easier

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Just a few years ago sharing files on the Internet was cumbersome, slow and often complicated. Not anymore. Today people have thousands of options to send files around, and one click hosting sites are particularly popular. The new sharing platform Fyels.com falls into that category. It is the simplest file-sharing site we've ever encountered, currently without any limits or restrictions.

Gotta Share! Gotta Share! Gotta Share!

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We hope you enjoy watching this presentation from the recent GEL Conference in New York. Many presentations can be deadly boring but this one is a little different. It details the release of a new social media platform known as Twirlr. We’d normally give a little description and some background, but some things are best […]

Two Companies Claim the Right to Sue ‘Nude Nuns’ Pirates

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Just as you think you’ve seen it all, the U.S. mass-BitTorrent lawsuits take yet another absurd twist. Two companies are currently battling for the right to sue alleged downloaders of Nude Nuns with Big Guns. In March, Camelot Distribution Group first sued a group of hundreds of downloaders of the film, and last week they […]

TalkTalk HomeSafe Blocks BitTorrent Sites

One of the UK's largest ISPs has today launched a new set of network-level security features aimed at protecting subscribers' children and their computers. While reports of HomeSafe's ability to block access to viruses, pornography and violent content has been widespread today, it also has another trick up its sleeve - the blocking of BitTorrent and other file-sharing sites.

File-Sharing Friendly Artist Sells Himself on eBay

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Readers will be familiar with musician Dan Bull, the pro-filesharing rap artist who has served up commentary on everything from Lily Allen’s abortive anti-filesharing campaign to the global threat of ACTA. Following on from a Digital Economy Act protest track commissioned by ISP TalkTalk, Dan has a new idea for bringing music to the public. […]

The Pirate Bay: “The Battle of Internets is About to Begin”

Talks on implementing a Europe-wide firewall to censor and block 'illicit' websites has caused concern among many Internet users in recent weeks, and today one of the targeted sites has joined the discussion. Quoting one of Churchill’s most famous speeches, The Pirate Bay team is rallying the public to defend the free Internet and end the threat posed by the entertainment industries' copyright lobby.

Files Aren’t Private On Hosting Sites, Researchers Claim

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File-hosting sites – or cyberlockers as they are increasingly known – provide convenient places for Internet users to store all types of media, from audio and video to personal documents such as text files and family photographs. It’s presumed by users of these sites that by keeping the unique supplied URL of uploads secret, their […]