Are You Guilty If Pirates Use Your Internet? Lawyer Says YES


Every month thousands of people are sued for allegedly sharing copyrighted material on BitTorrent. Many of the accused claim to be innocent, and point their finger at someone else who may have used their Internet connection to share the file. But does this mean they're off the hook? Lawyer Marc Randazza believes not.

A Lonely Place for Dying A Smash-Hit On BitTorrent

Early July the BitTorrent-powered VODO distribution network delivered one of its most important releases to date. Just one month later and A Lonely Place For Dying hasn't disappointed. Not only has it just broken the one million download barrier but the title has been the best-seeded movie on BitTorrent worldwide for several weeks.

Domain Seizures Do Not Violate Free Speech, U.S. Court Rules

A U.S. federal court has ruled that the domain seizure of sports streaming site Rojadirecta does not violate the First Amendment, and has refused to hand the domain back to its Spanish owner. The order stands in conflict with previous Supreme Court rulings and doesn't deliver much hope to other website owners who operate under U.S. controlled domain names.

Hollywood Studios Sued For Pirating A Movie Script

Best-selling book author Joe Quirk is suing Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures because they allegedly ripped off the story from one of his books for their upcoming action movie Premium Rush. The author claims that the entire plot and several scenes were purposely copied from his book The Ultimate Rush, and he demands damages as well as a boycott of the film's premiere.

UK Govt. Censors Concerns of Erroneous Piracy Allegations

Yesterday the UK government announced that following a report from regulator OFCOM, plans to block alleged copyright-infringing websites would be dropped. However, there was a second report where OFCOM detailed ways of keeping the costs of Digital Economy Act infringement appeals down. The document carried the usual redactions but TorrentFreak has put on its X-ray vision for your viewing pleasure.

Blink-182 Rewards Pirating Fans

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We’ve said it a few times before; pirates are the biggest music fans, and buy more music than ‘legitimate’ consumers. Luckily there are some artists that get this. Blink-182 has risen from the dead recently, and the band seems to understand that their fans shouldn’t be treated like thieves. Instead, they used several unauthorized fan […]

Game Piracy Linked To Critic’s Review Scores

A new study by researchers from Copenhagen Business School and the University of Waterloo explores the magnitude of game piracy on public BitTorrent trackers. The researchers tracked 173 new game releases over a three-month period and found that these were downloaded by 12.7 million unique peers. They further show that the number of downloads on BitTorrent can be predicted by the scores of game reviewers.

UK Government Abandons File-Sharing Website Blocking Plans

Plans to block websites alleged to facilitate copyright infringement are to be dropped by the UK government. The announcement was made by Business secretary Vince Cable following a review by communications regulator OFCOM which found that blocking provisions in the Digital Economy Act would not be effective. Nevertheless, website blocking will be attempted, just by other means.