Valve: DRM is Backwards and Piracy is Just Not an Issue for Us

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In the eyes of many gamers, Portal publisher Valve can do no wrong and their latest comments aren’t likely to hurt their image. Speaking with Kotaku, Valve co-founder and managing director Gabe Newell has slammed aggressive DRM and dismissed piracy as a non-issue. “We’re a broken record on this,” Newell told Kotaku. “This belief that […]

Hotfile Ordered To Share User Data With The MPAA

In their ongoing battle with the MPAA, the Florida-based file-hosting service Hotfile has suffered a major loss. A federal court has ordered Hotfile to disclose user data, the identities and revenues of their top affiliates, and financial information on the company itself. District Court Judge Adalberto Jordan argued that the MPAA needs this info to prove that Hotfile is promoting and profiting from copyright infringement.

Bayfiles: The Pirate Bay Founders Launch File-Hosting Site

The Pirate Bay founders have launched a new file-sharing platform today. After leaving the world famous torrent site, two of the original founders are now back with a one-click file-hosting service called Bayfiles. Although Hollywood wont be cheering them on, unlike The Pirate Bay the new service is dedicated to respecting copyrights while offering its users a great platform to store and share files.

Tribler BitTorrent Client Adds “Magic Search”

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Tribler’s BitTorrent client has been in development for more than 5 years and continues to deliver experimental improvements and innovative ideas. Unlike most other BitTorrent applications, this one is funded by tax money and coded by researchers of Delft University of Technology. This has resulted in quite a few unique features. Last year Tribler became […]

Movie Studio Takes Unprecedented Proactive Action To Stop Piracy

A film studio is taking extreme steps to try and stop its latest movie from being pirated online. Reliance Entertainment has obtained a court order which restrains thousands of ISPs and websites from making available their film Bodyguard, a move which the company believes will reduce piracy by 60%. A similar but less broad effort last month is reported to have cut file-sharing by 40%.

Open WiFi and Pirates: Why Copyright Negligence Won’t Fly

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This is a follow up to our previous debate on open-WiFi and liability, written for TorrentFreak by the California based attorney Nicholas Ranallo — As some of you may recall, Mr. Randazza and I recently wrote competing viewpoints on the extent of third-party liability for copyright infringement. As some of the comments noted, the two articles talked […]

Copyright Term Extensions Explained

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Copyright can be a bit of a difficult issue to understand, which is why anything that helps explain the issues in a way that can be easily understood is good. One topic that pops up now and then around the world is that of copyright term extension, with claims that it’s needed to foster creativity, […]