Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance Pwned by Hackers

The website of the Arabian Anti-Piracy Alliance, which represents the MPAA and a wide range of copyright holders in the Middle East, has been defaced by hackers. The entire news section was wiped out a week ago, and it hasn't recovered since. It seems like this anti-piracy outfit doesn't even…

Pirate Bay’s Tour Bus to Become Court Case Press Center

Last year The Pirate Bay and the Bureau of Piracy bought themselves a bus, painted it up in suitable pirate-style livery and embarked on a European tour. Now, with the trial of The Pirate Bay just a few weeks away, the bus will be coming home to Sweden to serve…

24 Season 7 Leaks Early to BitTorrent

The first four episodes of the new 24 season have made their way onto BitTorrent, just hours before the official TV premiere. Jack Bauer fans have had to wait a while for this one. Season 7 was originally scheduled to be aired early 2008, but was postponed for a year… – A Refreshing Music Torrent Site is a new music torrent indexer that looks surprisingly good for a torrent site, and one that combines great design and functionality like we've never seen before. Yet another great way to discover new music - if only the RIAA approved.

MovieX BitTorrent Tracker VIP Donations ‘Stolen’

After two of its founders were arrested by Australian police, the 400,000 member MovieX tracker hasn't seen the end of its troubles. Although it survived the arrests, the site's vital uploaders have been jumping ship and now, with the site offline again, it appears its finances have been plundered too.

Windows 7 Beta Rollout Fails Without BitTorrent


Microsoft ran into major bandwidth problems when they released the latest Beta of Windows 7 to the public. The company decided to delay the release while they added some more servers, citing "very heavy traffic". If they had only used BitTorrent, this heavy traffic would have actually speeded up distribution,…