Leader of Music Piracy Group Faces 5 Year Jail Sentence

A 29-year-old man from California has pleaded guilty to his role in a long-running warez-scene release group and now faces up to 5 years in jail. The group, called OSC, ran from 2002 until 2007 and was responsible for the pre-release of the Kanye West album Graduation. It's connections to ex-members of the previously busted group, Rabid Neurosis, appeared to prove fatal.

Wikileaks: US Told Kiwis “We’ll Fund Piracy Crackdown”

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As Wikileaks continues with its mission to name-and-shame wrong doers and shine light on shady activities around the world, it’s now been revealed that the US offered to fund anti-piracy campaigns in New Zealand. According to diplomatic cables released by the world’s most famous whistle-blowing site, in 2005 the embassy in New Zealand suggested that […]

Never Give Up: Perfect 10 Sues Giganews Usenet Service

According to Albert Einstein the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Adult media company Perfect 10 see it rather differently. Having sued Google, RapidShare, Microsoft, MegaUpload, Mastercard and Visa without success thus far, they now have Usenet service provider Giganews in their crosshairs.

IP-Address Is Not a Person, BitTorrent Case Judge Says

A possible landmark ruling in one of the mass-BitTorrent lawsuits in the U.S. may spell the end of the "pay-up-or-else-schemes" that have targeted over 100,000 Internet users in the last year. District Court Judge Harold Baker has denied a copyright holder the right to subpoena the ISPs of alleged copyright infringers, because an IP-address does not equal a person.

80% of Movies Aired On Moldovan TV Are Pirated

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Here’s a case of massive piracy you don’t see reported very often. Vasile Nastase, the head of the association for cultural development and copyrights protection announced at a press conference that 80 percent of all movies aired by TV-networks on Moldova are ‘pirated’. The above doesn’t necessarily means that the movies came from an illegitimate […]

TorrentFreak TV: Google, MPAA and isoHunt

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Here’s a brand new episode of TorrentFreak TV, bringing you a recap of the latest torrent news. Made by the lovely people at Suprnova.org. As always, we’re looking forward to your commentary. For questions or suggestions, feel free to contact the crew at tv@torrentfreak.com. We encourage contributions from viewers! If you want receive automatic updates […]

Tor Servers Bombarded With BitTorrent DMCA Notices

The Tor network is a great service for those who wish to browse the Internet anonymously and uncensored. Unfortunately, however, there are still people who abuse the network's resources by running their BitTorrent downloads over Tor servers. As a result, these servers are bombarded with DMCA notices, which in some cases may lead to them being disconnected.