Australian Internet Filter Will Target BitTorrent Traffic

Previously thought to be limited to HTTP and HTTPs web traffic, the touted Australian Internet filter will also target P2P traffic. In response to a comment posted by a user on his department's blog, Broadband Minister Stephen Conroy has admitted that BitTorrent filtering will be attempted during upcoming trials.

Spanish ‘Pirates’ Share Files on Government Doorstep

Fed up with the growing power of the anti-piracy lobby, a group of free-culture supporters gathered in front of the headquarters of the socialist party with their laptops, and started trading copyrighted files. The goal was to show that sharing copyrighted files is legal in Spain, something they appear to…

The Inside Story of the Araditracker Shutdown

At the end of August 2008, the Araditracker BitTorrent tracker disappeared. At the time, sources close to the case said that legal action had been taken against the site, but the exact events were surrounded in mystery. Here is the inside story of the police raids in August and another…

The Pirate Bay Launches Free Mobile Video Converter

The Pirate Bay has established itself as the largest BitTorrent tracker, and helps to distribute millions of files a day. Today, the Pirate Bay team adds yet another service to its arsenal, a free video converter that allows users to put their favorite movies and TV shows on almost every…

BitTorrent Crash Linked to Military Satellite Hack

When you want to get a precious cargo moved in a cool way in a Hollywood movie, look no further than Frank Martin, aka The Transporter. When you want to get precious stuff from A to B over the Internet, the 'cool' way is by using BitTorrent. But did you…

RIAA Stops Lawsuits, But Not the Threats

For years the RIAA has been filing lawsuits against thousands of individuals who allegedly shared copyrighted music. Following recent court setbacks, the lobby group has announced it will stop mass lawsuits. Instead, it will focus on cutting deals with ISPs to disconnect 'IP-addresses' that repeatedly share copyrighted music.

TorrentFreak TV Episode 5

In this episode we talk about BitTorrent Inc's search engine, Resident Evil CG animation, the Pirates of the Amazon add-on, the most downloaded games & movies of 2008, and we explain how to control uTorrent with an iPhone,