Anti-Mafia Unit Conducts Melodramatic Warez Piracy Raid

According to Bulgaria's Interior Ministry, the country's organized crime unit has dramatically raided a piracy site. Following a music industry tip-off, an "American movie" style raid ensued with unwitting employees at the site location ordered to lie on the floor while the anti-mafia unit - who didn't even have a search warrant - conducted what appears to a Keystone Kops inspired operation.

Is Witcher 2 DRM-Free To Lure In Pirates?

It's always good to hear that a developer has chosen not to inflict pain on paying customers by filling their games with annoying DRM. CD Projekt, the developer of The Witcher 2, has been getting all sorts of good press recently by taking this approach with their latest release, but not so fast. The Polish-based company has an ace up its sleeve, with a plan to snoop on torrent sites and send pay-up-or-else letters to alleged pirates.

Indian Police Arrest 4 Member BitTorrent Gang

BitTorrent usage has been growing exponentially in India over the last years. With this increased use of BitTorrent, the local entertainment industry is feeling threatened, and last weekend India's first BitTorrent raid was carried out by the Hyderabad police. A 'gang' of four members was arrested and more are expected to follow.

Lifestyle Company Tries Rad New Approach To Extreme BitTorrent

When BitTorrent trackers get emails from content producers it's usually an indication that relationships are about to break down in a big way. But when lifestyle and clothing company Voleurz saw their videos being made available on the ExtremeBits BitTorrent tracker they didn't send the usual cease and desist. Instead, they asked the site to spread more of their videos while using their torrent stats in sponsorship proposals.

Sued BitTorrent Users Score Win In Far Cry Case

Thousands of alleged BitTorrent users who were suspected of downloading the movie Far Cry have booked a significant victory in court. District Court Judge Rosemary Collyer ordered the copyright holder of the film, represented by the US Copyright Group, to limit their case only to those defendants there the Court had jurisdiction over.

Pirate Parties Use Influence To Halt Anonymous’ Operation Payback

In a letter to those coordinating Operation Payback, the series of DDoS attacks carried out against pro-copyright outfits since September, the UK and US Pirate Party are calling for an end to hostilities. They reason that the continuation of the operation plays into the hands of organizations that wish to "pervert" copyright law for personal gain and hampers the progress of those seeking copyright reform through legitimate means.

LimeWire Pirate Edition Site Nuked By “Cheap and Dishonest” RIAA Action

The RIAA has claimed in court papers that the official LimeWire company has breached last month's court injunction against it by somehow having something to do with LimeWire Pirate Edition. The RIAA says that the site, which linked to the rogue software, was created by a current or former LimeWire employee. This forced the company to move against the Pirate Edition website and have it shut down.