EFF Joins TorrentFreak’s Open Wi-Fi Debate

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Are you responsible if complete strangers use your Wi-Fi connection to download copyrighted content? We asked two copyright lawyers this question, and both came out with a different opinion. Nicholas Ranallo said NO, but Marc Randazza disagreed and said YES. The Electronic Frontier Foundation initially watched the ‘debate’ from a distance but has now weighed […]

RIAA Targets YouTube Over Leaked Britney Spears Concert

As part of an investigation the RIAA has filed a declaration at a federal court in California to obtain the personal details of one of YouTube's users. Through the legal action against YouTube, the RIAA hopes to find out more about the person who uploaded a recording of Britney Spears' concert at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas a few weeks ago.

‘Facebook’ Malware Now Spreads Using BitTorrent, But Don’t Panic

A computer worm originally targeted at members of social networks has been updated to spread using BitTorrent. Known as Koobface, the malware uses compromised computers to build a peer-to-peer botnet and was originally spread via Facebook messages that linked to its code. Now its developers have given it the ability to obtain and distribute its payload using BitTorrent. But don't panic.....

Large ISPs Profit From BitTorrent Traffic, Study Finds

A new report published by Northwestern University and Telefónica Research discovered some BitTorrent trends worth sharing. During a 2-year period the researchers monitored an unprecedented sample of 500,000 people in 169 countries. Aside from showing that BitTorrent users download more and more data, the report also finds that large ISPs including Comcast are actually making money off BitTorrent traffic.

uTorrent Breaks 100 Million Monthly Users

BitTorrent Inc. just confirmed to TorrentFreak that their popular uTorrent client has just broken the magical milestone of 100 million active monthly users. This makes uTorrent the most used BitTorrent client around, and it also shows that BitTorrent as a means to download has become more mainstream than ever before.

Economic Crisis Fuels Will They, Won’t They, Piracy Debate


Last weekend, in response to a discussion surrounding a GigaOm article mentioning piracy, TorrentFreak published an opinion piece in which we argued that giving dissenting voices a say enriches debate. Today, Alex Swartsel of the MPAA responded to us and Techdirt (who had a different angle on the same GigaOm story) in a new article posted on the movie industry's blog. Reality, it seems, can be a confusing concept.

MAFIAAFire’s ‘Slash Unblocker’ Revives Blocked and Deleted Videos

"This video has been removed" or "this video is not available in your country" are common annoyances for millions of web users. Often driven by claims from copyright holders, tens of thousands of videos and other content are pulled from websites every day. But as MAFIAAFire shows with their latest project, there are nearly always alternatives to be found.

Free Textbooks For Students Will Break Greedy Monopoly

With a new college year just around the corner, students will be expected to dig deep to pay for all the latest textbooks to accompany their chosen course. These books are not only crucial but also very expensive, a situation that hasn't gone unnoticed by the administrator of a textbook-focused torrent site. His plan is to break up a publishing monopoly and educate the masses, regardless of how deep their pockets are.