Free Textbooks For Students Will Break Greedy Monopoly

With a new college year just around the corner, students will be expected to dig deep to pay for all the latest textbooks to accompany their chosen course. These books are not only crucial but also very expensive, a situation that hasn't gone unnoticed by the administrator of a textbook-focused torrent site. His plan is to break up a publishing monopoly and educate the masses, regardless of how deep their pockets are.

MPAA Lobbies For Wall Street Reform

It is no secret that the MPAA and RIAA spend millions in Washington to guarantee that their anti-piracy interests are secured. However, it turns out that not all the lobbying dollars go to secure the well-being of workers in the entertainment industry. The MPAA has also spent significant funds on the implementation of a Wall Street reform law, one that was proposed by the new MPAA CEO Chris Dodd when he was senator.

ISP CEO Slams Copyright Law and Outdated Business Models

As New Zealand braces itself following the introduction of a 3 strikes-style scheme for dealing with online copyright infringement, the CEO of one of the country's largest ISPs has slammed the legislation. TelstraClear chief Allan Freeth says that punishing consumers isn't the answer and that business models requiring new legislation in order to function are flawed and need to be changed.

Let the MPAA Speak, There’s Nothing To Be Scared Of

This week GigaOm’s NewTeeVee published a piece pointing out that in harsh economic climates people may decide to download movies for free instead of going to the theater or viewing them via VOD. The MPAA weren't happy with the article, to the point where they managed to get GigaOm's permission to publish a retaliatory guest post. Some didn't like that, but I say: "Well done GigaOm!" Seized by Hackers?

News Bits

The popular scene release site Sceper went down a few minutes ago, and currently displays an image which claims it has been seized. But by whom? The title of the site claims that Sceper was seized by ICE, but this is certainly not the case. U.S. authorities don’t have control over .eu domains, and even […]

Canadian Politician Starts Movie Torrent Site

A few months ago 21-year old Travis McCrea participated in the Canadian federal elections as candidate for the Pirate Party in Vancouver Centre. Aside from his political ambitions, McCrea also described himself as an entrepreneur. As with his political views, his business ventures are also focused on file-sharing related ideas, and most recently he started a torrent site to promote the distribution of movies.

Apple’s iTunes Sued By Artist for Pirating Music

Apple's iTunes is being sued by Korvel Sutton, a member of the former rap group Pretty Boy Gangsters. The lawsuit filed at the U.S. District Court in California lists ten compilation albums being sold through iTunes that include copyrighted tracks from Pretty Boy Gangsters. All tracks are being sold without Sutton's permission and to date he has received no compensation or royalties.