Piracy Rampant Among Spanish Government Officials

While the Spanish Government tries to ram through legislation that will enable the authorities to shut down file-sharing sites more rapidly, employees of the ministry responsible have been exposed as pirates. Fresh data shows that at nearly all ministries, staff have been downloading copyrighted material.

Anti-Piracy Lawyers Vandalize Wikipedia Page

As mass file-sharing litigation lawsuits go inter-continental, not everyone is proud to be associated with this type of work. Lawyers Tilly Bailey & Irvine in the UK have been hard at work this month, editing large chunks of their own Wikipedia page in an attempt to hide their involvement and also earning themselves a copyright infringement warning.

UK Pirate Party Announces 2010 Election Lineup

The Pirate Party of the UK has released its list of candidates for the forthcoming national elections. The ten candidates, spread across England and Scotland, were announced by the party executives earlier this week, along with a plea for funding to help contest the election.

Happy Birthday IPRED, The Best Anti-Piracy Law Ever

It's been exactly one year since the introduction of the controversial IPRED anti-piracy legislation in Sweden and it has been a great success for everyone involved. Not only have legitimate online media availability and sales increased, piracy has both increased and decreased, pirates have been left alone and VPN providers are doing a roaring trade.

Torrent Site Ships Condoms To Anti-Piracy Offices

April 1st is traditionally a day for pranks and jokes, but the Russian-led torrent site Vertor has picked this day to inform the RIAA, MPAA and various other anti-piracy outfits that their bullying tactics are not appreciated. The Vertor team has shipped condom packs with a special message to the offices of six leading anti-piracy groups.

RIAA Nemesis Launches Media Search Engine

Pablo Soto, the 30 year-old brain behind the file-sharing applications Blubster, Piolet and Manolito is being sued by the Spanish RIAA, but that hasn't stopped him from launching another P2P venture. This week his company launched the media search engine FooFind, allowing users to search the web for torrents, Ed2k links and more.

Rights Holders Get 30% from Mass BitTorrent Litigation

The plague of mass litigation "pay up or else" letters has now hit the shores of the United States. 20,000 BitTorrent users are to be targeted soon, with 30,000 in the months to follow. According to new information, 300 movies are set for enforcement action, with their rightsholders receiving just 30% of the spoils.

US Court Wants isoHunt to Remove Infringing Torrents

A United States court wants isoHunt to stop inducing copyright infringement via torrents that can be found through the popular BitTorrent search engine. The proposed injunction would require isoHunt to censor its site based on a list of keywords. A similar measure led to the quasi-shutdown of Mininova last year.