MPAA Shuts Down 29 BitTorrent and NZB Sites

The MPAA and their colleagues in The Netherlands appear to have shut down more than two dozen BitTorrent, Usenet and other file-sharing sites today. Accused of linking to movies, music, TV shows and games, at least one domain appears to be redirecting to the website of Dutch anti-piracy outfit, BREIN.

Pioneer One, The BitTorrent Exclusive TV-Series Continues

Pioneer One, a TV-show created for and made possible by BitTorrent users, made the headlines earlier this year when the pilot was downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. The innovative distribution and funding model didn't go unnoticed by TV-insiders either, and it won an award for 'Best Drama Pilot' at the New York Television Festival. Today, the second episode is released, with two more to follow in the weeks to come.

Failed Pirate Bay Buyout Blamed for Global Gaming Factory Going Bust, Again

After more than a year of flirting with torrent sites, including the now infamous attempts to buy The Pirate Bay, the perilous financial position of Hans Pandeya's Global Gaming Factory X has reached a peak. Two creditors, who are together owed more than $220,000, have demanded that the courts immediately put the company into bankruptcy. GGF's overall debts are thought to be at least double that.

A Snapshot of the Public BitTorrent Landscape

In a few months BitTorrent will celebrate its tenth anniversary, and in these years it has become the preferred technology to share files online. Today we document a piece of BitTorrent history with one of the most elaborate overviews of the files currently available on public trackers.

Apple Accused of Selling Pirate Books On App Store

Pirated Chinese translations of books written by best-selling Japanese writers are being sold online by Apple. In a statement sent to the company today by a consortium of Japanese book publishers, the App Store operator is accused of not doing enough to ensure that it does not distribute copyright infringing material online.

Rogers’ BitTorrent Throttling Experiment Goes Horribly Wrong

Rogers, one of Canada's largest Internet providers, has upset many customers with a recent change in their network management systems. Since mid-September both up and downstream BitTorrent traffic has been severely degraded in certain areas, which goes against the company's network management policy. In addition, the new throttling technology has also slowed down non-P2P traffic in many cases.

Author Slams eBook Piracy, Son Outs Her As a Music Pirate

As part of an article investigating the growing phenomenon of eBook piracy, a Scandinavian news outlet interviewed a 19 year-old self-confessed pirate who bragged about his activities. To counter his viewpoint a well known author contributed to the piece, stating that she abhors book piracy since it costs her huge amounts of money. However, her moral stance took a bit of a beating when her son let an embarrassing fact slip out.