Pirate Service Makes Textbook Rentals Last Forever

The ever-rising costs of textbooks is an unavoidable nightmare for many students and hot-topic to those who see the system as corrupt. Now, a site with a mission to dismantle what they say amounts to a publishing monopoly has come up with another solution to bring cheap and free textbooks to students. The publishers are going to hate it but the site doesn't care. They insist that it's students that are being abused by publishers, not the other way round.

EZTV Goes Down In Preparation For Big Return

EZTV is arguably one of the largest BitTorrent communities, so any downtime immediately leads to all kinds of horror stories about raids and seizures. This is especially true when the downtime coincides with the start of the new TV-season. However, the site's users can rest assured as the site will make a comeback soon after its hardware issues are out of the way.

Dexter Season Premiere Leaks on BitTorrent

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A few days after the season premiere of House appeared online, another high-profile TV-show leaked today. More than a week before it’s scheduled to be televised the first episode of Dexter season 6 is already available on BitTorrent. The 502 MB file is ripped from a DVD source, most likely a promotional DVD that was […]

uTorrent Adds Android, iOS, PS3 and Xbox Integration

The latest alpha release of uTorrent now supports integration with a variety of devices including the iPhone, iPad, PS3, Xbox 360 and Android hardware. This allows users to quickly sync downloaded content to these devices. Additional capability to convert videos and audio to playable files will become available later, but only to users of the upcoming paid version of the BitTorrent client.

Movie Institute Feels Pain Of IP Address-Only Piracy ‘Evidence’

The Swedish Film Institute (SFI) is in the middle of a crisis after an anti-piracy company revealed that it had tracked several leaked movies on The Pirate Bay back to its servers. Desperate to deflect the accusations, today the SFI made a long statement. It turned out to be a perfect illustration that allegations of piracy based on an IP address and nothing else, simply must be backed up by something more solid.

Italy Proposes Draconian One-Strike Anti-Piracy Law

In recent years Italy has taken several far-reaching measures to thwart online piracy, including a nationwide block of The Pirate Bay and BTjunkie. Building forth on this tough stance, lawmakers are now proposing several new measures that will put Internet users at risk of losing their connection after one alleged infringement. Even worse, these copyright complaints can be sent by anyone, not just the copyright holder in question.

Newzbin2 Offers Anti-Blocking Tech To BitTorrent Sites, Releases OS X Version

Last week, Usenet indexer Newzbin2 delivered on their promise of delivering a mechanism to circumvent the court-ordered blocking measures set to hit their site in the weeks to come. After releasing a second version of their encryption software in just three days and an OSX version in under a week, the site's operators now say they are prepared to adapt their client to help other blocked sites stay online.

Lib Dems Support Repeal of Digital Economy Act

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As reported a month ago, a proposal condemning the Digital Economy Act (DEA) was indeed brought before the Liberal Democrats’ Autumn Conference this week. The Liberal Democrats – the junior coalition member of the UK Government – were opposed to the legislation from the start and were the only major UK party to voice opposition […]