Anti-Piracy Outfit Chases Torrent Site Domain Registrar

After targeting companies that dare to provide hosting services to torrent sites, Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN has now started to apply pressure to a domain registrar. The tactic seems to work as at least one site,, has decided to change its domain name to prevent being shut down.

Movie Studios Threaten Strike On Pirate Bay Nuclear Bunker

Last year, The Pirate Bay moved to an ISP that has facilities located in a former NATO nuclear bunker. It has operated with them successfully for some time but we can now reveal that Hollywood movie studios are threatening the ISP with a legal strike over its servicing of TPB and several other sites. The ISP's owner, however, is in no mood to capitulate.

Police Crackdown Against Italian File-Sharing Continues

Following in the wake of the recent court ruling which allowed for the ISP blocking of file-sharing sites, Italian police have closed down a prominent movie streaming venue., one of Italy's most popular sites, has been rendered inaccessible. After searches in three regions of the country, six suspects are under investigation and facing up to 4 years in jail.

RapidShare Ditches CEO Bobby Chang

RapidShare's CEO Bobby Chang has left the company with immediate effect. The Switzerland based file-hoster announced that Chang, who headed the company for years, is no longer deemed the right leader to successfully serve the interests of users and partners in the future.

Lawyer Claims TorrentFreak Abused Canadian Democracy


Last summer, TorrentFreak encouraged its Canadian readers to have their voice heard in the country's public consultations on copyright reform. The response to this call for action was overwhelming, and as a result a pro-copyright lawyer is now claiming that we "systematically abused" Canadian democracy.

Italian ISPs Ruled Not Responsible For File-Sharing Customers

The far-reaching demands of an anti-piracy group working on behalf of the movie industry have been rejected by a judge. Federazione Anti-Pirateria Audiovisiva wanted ISP Telecom Italia to take unprecedented action against file-sharing subscribers, but the court decided that the ISP couldn't be held responsible for the actions of its customers.

Perfect 10 v RapidShare Goes Ahead Next Month in U.S Court

File-hosting service RapidShare has seen its request to have the case against adult media company Perfect 10 heard under German law denied. Perfect 10 has accused RapidShare of being the biggest infringing paysite of all time and earning revenue from its content, an accusation the file-hoster denies. The case will now be heard in a U.S. District Court next month.