Movie Studios Sue ISP Over BitTorrent Piracy

Seven Hollywood studios including Paramount, Sony, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, Warner Bros and Disney have teamed up to sue iiNet, Australia's third largest ISP. iiNet is accused of doing little to stop its subscribers from sharing copyright works via BitTorrent. The ISP denies the accusations.

Toyota Admits Wrongdoing in Wallpaper Case

Overreaching corporate claims are nothing new, certainly when it comes to copyright. Toyota vastly over-reached recently, requesting all images containing their products be removed from a wallpaper site, citing copyright issues. Finally, Toyota responds.

India Huge Growth Market for BitTorrent Sites

BitTorrent's popularity is on the rise in India, and with a massive increase in broadband subscribers just around the corner, it is the number one growth market for BitTorrent sites. With a population of over 1.1 billion people and only 4.5 million broadband subscribers, there is huge amount of untapped…

Mininova Trials Video Torrent Ads

Mininova, one of the leading BitTorrent sites, is testing a new technology which allows content producers to include subtle ads in their videos. By providing more opportunities to monetize free content, Mininova hopes to attract even more premium publishers.

Anti-Piracy Lawyers Start Protecting Gay ‘Gestapo’ Porn

After going after thousands accused of sharing video games in the UK, lawyers Davenport Lyons are now branching out into other areas. This week sees them start going after those it accuses of sharing the movie "Army Fuckers", hardcore gay porn featuring 'farm boys' and Gestapo officers. Accusing the wrong…

Mininova Down, to Return Stronger Than Ever Before

Mininova, the leading BitTorrent search engine, has been offline for most of the day. Inevitably, BitTorrent addicts having been getting nervous, worrying about what is happening at the same time as they long for their daily fix. We have good news for them, the wait is almost over and when…

‘The Dark Knight’ Conquers BitTorrent


Amassing over a million downloads in under seven days, 'The Dark Knight' is by far the most pirated movie of this week. Earlier this year, Cam and DVD-screener versions of the latest in the Batman series already found their way onto the Internet, making this blockbuster the most pirated movie…