Paramount Cease and Desist Targets 3D Printer ‘Pirate’

Movie studio Paramount are adept at sending out cease and desist notices, having engaged in the activity for many years. However, while the vast majority are related to solely digital activities such as the unauthorized distribution of movies and TV shows, a recent takedown notice has a very interesting 'real-world' twist - the recreation of a physical object from digital data.

ISP Survey: Three Strikes Won’t Deter Pirates

Disconnecting alleged copyright infringers after three warnings is the ideal anti-piracy strategy if we believe the assertions of the entertainment industries. But how effective are such graduated response policies in the eyes of the public? Not very, according to a survey from the UK Internet provider BE Broadband. The survey reveals that only 6 percent of file-sharers will reduce or stop swapping files online.

Sony: We Were Hacked Because We Took On Geohot

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At a shareholders meeting, Sony CEO Howard Stringer admitted that the company was hacked because people did not like the fact that it “tried to protect” its intellectual property. Ignoring calls for his resignation, Stringer said the hacking attacks which crippled its PS3 online network were in response to measures the company took to protect […]

Mobile ISP To End BitTorrent Free-For-All

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An Aussie ISP that neglected to charge its customers for data usage on BitTorrent and VOIP services is set to close the loophole. According to a representative from mobile provider Vodafone, the issue affected its prepaid and regular customers who used mobile phones to access data directly or in a tethering setup. Vodafone says it […]

P2P Is Scary Kids, Don’t Use It!

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This is a message to all computer users, children in particular. Stay away from the peer-to-peers, they can steal your bank account information and passwords The U.S. Government has even issues a National Cyber Alert for this widespread threat. “File-sharing technology is a popular way for users to exchange, or “share,” files. However, using this […]

FrostWire ‘Kills’ Gnutella to Go All BitTorrent

After LimeWire was shut down last year FrostWire took over as the leading file-sharing application on the Gnutella network. But this didn't last long. Today FrostWire announces that it will leave Gnutella entirely and focus on BitTorrent instead. This decision may very well signal the end of the once-mighty Gnutella network, while existing BitTorrent networks will only grow stronger.

Hollywood Force ISP To Use Child Abuse Filter Against File-Sharing Site

Last year Hollywood's Motion Picture Association (MPA) went to court seeking an injunction against UK ISP BT in order to force them to block Newzbin2, the resurrected version of the original Newzbin Usenet indexer. This week the MPA are back at the High Court again as they attempt to force BT to use their child abuse filter to block Newzbin2.