Movie Group Will DDoS The Courts To Have File-Sharing Laws Weakened

A movie interests association has just announced an interesting new strategy. Having previously focused on having The Pirate Bay blocked in their home country, ACAPOR - which recently had its emails leaked by Operation Payback - says it will now make legal history by reporting unprecedented numbers of file-sharers to the authorities. Their aim? To have the law for infringements made less severe.

What.CD BitTorrent Tracker Breaks A Million Torrents

What.CD is not your ordinary BitTorrent tracker. The three year old site is most of all a community of audiophiles and music fanatics, and one that has built one of the largest music catalogues that ever existed. Today, What.CD saw the upload of its millionth torrent, an absolute record for a private BitTorrent tracker. TorrentFreak discusses this milestone with the site's founder, who is far from done.

Spain Rejects Proposed Legislation to Shutdown P2P Sites

The Spanish House of Representatives has rejected new legislation under which hundreds of file-sharing sites that are currently perfectly legal, could have been shut down. The rejection is a major victory for the tens of thousands of Internet users who launched many protests in recent months. Conversely, the news will come as a disappointment to proponents of the legislation, including the entertainment industries and the U.S. Government.

Judge Orders Hearing To Deal With All ACS:Law File-Sharing Cases

Following last month's failed attempt by ACS:Law to have default judgments handed down to 8 individuals accused of illegal file-sharing, the company's allegations have again been heard in court. Detailing a case where ACS failed to get the defendant's name right, a judge has now rounded up all of the company's outstanding cases for a hearing next month. Things are about to get interesting.

isoHunt Continues Legal Fight To Thwart MPAA Censorship

BitTorrent search engine isoHunt is fighting the permanent injunction issued by the District Court of California last summer in their case against the MPAA. isoHunt contests the imposition of a site-wide keyword filter based on a list of movie industry keywords. By doing so, the search engine also makes a case for the public's 'freedom of search', not just on BitTorrent, but on the Internet in general.

Pirate Bay Supreme Court Appeal “Should Consider ISP Liability”

Late November, the Swedish Appeal Court found three people behind The Pirate Bay guilty of copyright infringement offenses. They were handed prison sentences and ordered to pay millions of dollars in damages. One of the defendants, Carl Lundström, has just filed his appeal and says that among other things, the Supreme Court should consider ISP liability.

Avatar Crowned The Most Pirated Movie of 2010

With 2010 nearing its end, we take a look at the most-pirated titles across various categories, starting with movies. Aside from the usual suspects such as Oscar winners Avatar and The Hurt Locker, the list also includes a few surprising entries and some notable absentees.

Major File-Sharing Sites Go Dark To Protest Anti-Download Law

A coalition of file-sharing sites are voluntarily taking themselves offline to protest against the likely passing of new legislation tomorrow. The sites, which together are believed to generate up to 70% of Spain's Internet traffic, will display a black page warning that if the so-called Sinde Act is approved, their sites could disappear forever. Earlier this month, cables leaked by Wikileaks showed that Spain had bowed to US pressure to introduce the law.