White House: Streaming Should Be a Felony, Wiretap Infringers

President Obama's so-called "IP Czar" Victoria Espinel yesterday delivered a 20-page white paper containing her recommendations for future legislation, calling on Congress to make changes in order to make it easier to clamp down on copyright infringement. Among the recommendations are calls to turn streaming into a felony alongside authority to wiretap in copyright cases.

Ubisoft ‘Pirates’ Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Music From Demonoid

According to a report from a customer who just pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Ubisoft have just made yet another piracy related screw up. Hot on the heels of their earlier usage of a warez crack to fix Rainbox 6: Vegas 2, the publisher is now accused of downloading their own soundtrack from Demonoid, re-encoding it to a lower quality and selling it to the public.

Secret Australian Piracy Report Revealed and Debunked

Last week the Australian press referred to a study that claimed piracy was causing the local economy $900 million in losses, yet the report was carefully hidden from the public. After pressure from multiple sides the report has now finally been published, revealing significant flaws. The report appears to be nothing more that a direct translation of a bogus piracy study that aimed to mislead EU legislators last year.

Google’s the Largest Torrent Search Engine, isoHunt Tells Court

IsoHunt has continued with its legal battle against Hollywood. The site has filed its reply brief at the U.S. Court of Appeals in which it hints that Google, not isoHunt, is the largest BitTorrent search engine on the Internet. Through the appeal, isoHunt hopes to reverse the permanent injunction which ordered it to filter its search results, and obtain a jury trial instead of a summary judgment.

ISP Proposes Piracy Mitigation, Detection and Punishment Framework

Following its recent court victory over Hollywood-backed anti-piracy group AFACT, Internet service provider iiNet has been hard at work thinking of ways the issue of illicit file-sharing can be dealt with. Today it has presented a framework which includes the creation of an independent body to overlook a system of detection, warnings and punishments.

“Computers Are Never Going to get Worse at Copying Things”

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“The one thing that everyone should have uppermost in your mind when you’re designing your business is that computers are never going to get worse at copying things.” Author, blogger, journalist and activist Cory Doctorow is talking about digital rights management software (DRM), something he passionately opposes. He believes digital content should be shared freely, […]

Secrecy and Darkness Surround Mysterious $900m Piracy Report

Anti-piracy reports that are commissioned by the entertainment industries are suspicious by definition, but the mystery that surrounds a recent study goes far beyond that. Despite being widely covered in the press, no journalist has actually seen a copy of the report. Even worse, the company that produced the in-depth report was registered only four months ago, and appears to be carefully hidden from the public.

Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent


The top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent, 'TRON: Legacy' tops the chart this week, followed by 'The Next Three Days'. 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' completes the top three.