UK Says ‘No’ To Disconnecting File-Sharers, Sort Of

One of the key clauses in the UK's Digital Economy Bill is the suggestion that alleged persistent copyright infringers could be disconnected from the Internet. In a response to an online petition opposing the measure, the UK government has stated it will not terminate the accounts of infringers. But it has a wording trick up its sleeve.

Piracy Isn’t Killing The Movie Industry, Greed Is

At the box-office the major movie studios are raking in record profits, but their continuing refusal to widely adopt online business opportunities are hindering progress. According to the head of the Blockbuster video chain, the movie industry's greed is to blame for holding back innovation.

Anti-Piracy Group Loses In Court, Doesn’t Want To Pay Costs

At the beginning of February, AFACT, representing several Hollywood movie studios, lost its case against iiNet after the court decided that the ISP was not responsible for the infringements of its subscribers. Despite being ordered to pay all costs, AFACT says it will now go back to court in an attempt to avoid paying them.

Web-Sheriff Mistakenly Targets Legal Torrent Site

The Web-Sheriff has made quite a name for himself, targeting dozens of torrent sites in recent years for clients such as Prince, Michael Jackson and The Village People. This week, however, a painful mistake was made when the anti-pirate tried to take down a torrent from Legit Torrents.

Dark Knight Cammer Gets 2 Years in Prison

A man who was caught by MPAA investigators camcording the hit movie The Dark Knight in a US theater during July 2008 has been sentenced. The 42 year-old from Grandview, Missouri, was ordered to serve 24 months in federal prison and pay $24,738 in fines.

How To Quickly Investigate A Fake BitTorrent Tracker

Seeding fake files on BitTorrent is nothing new and the practice has been carried out by anti-piracy groups and malware spreaders for a long time. While many of them choose to use various open and public BitTorrent trackers, others are setting up their own trackers. We take a look at an easy way to find out more about them.

Microsoft RickRolls Port Slamming BitTorrent Users

According to the on-site WiFi operators at Microsoft's Tech.Ed Australia 2009 conference, abnormal levels of network consumption by some users led them to take action against BitTorrent by 'Rickrolling' users who tried to access the most popular torrent sites. Interestingly, bandwidth usage wasn't the problem.