BitTorrent Admins Charged in $1.25bn Movie Piracy Case

Following the country's first ever raid on a BitTorrent site in 2009, Russian authorities have now begun a criminal investigation into the operators of Run by a married couple, the site is now at the center of copyright infringement claim which runs to a staggering $1.25 billion. Reports suggest that the investigation has also traced some of the site's top users.

uTorrent Opens Up Apps, Starts Developer Challenge

BitTorrent Inc. released the SDK for uTorrent Apps today, allowing developers worldwide to code their own Apps for the popular BitTorrent client. To motivate developers into contributing their creations, the company has also announced a challenge with a $1000 prize for the best App to be submitted during the coming month.

Yet More Lawyers Jump on Turn Piracy Into Profit Bandwagon

As the U.S. struggles with the prospect that thousands of file-sharers will receive threatening letters in the now-famous Hurt Locker lawsuit case, over the pond in the UK there is a continuing escalation of the 'turn piracy into profit' bandwagon. A new firm of lawyers has entered the market and while their business model appears identical, they are attempting to sugar-coat their actions.

Music Industry Threatens OpenBitTorrent’s New Hosting Provider

OpenBitTorrent is a non-commercial BitTorrent tracker that doesn't host or link to torrent files. Despite this seemingly neutral setup, both Hollywood and the music industry have declared war against what they see as an illegal service. After Hollywood won its case against the former provider of OpenBitTorrent, IFPI is now going after its new host in Spain.

uTorrent Takes a Leap to Version 3.0

The uTorrent team has integrated several of its experimental projects into the new 3.0 alpha release. The latest version of the main client now includes remote control, Apps and the ability to stream video torrents. In addition, uTorrent 3.0 has taken measures to protect VPN users from having their real IP-address exposed to the public.

ISPs Don’t Have To Block The Pirate Bay, Court Rules

Two ISPs have won their court battle against an anti-piracy group which had demanded that they block subscriber access to The Pirate Bay. Yesterday a judge at the Antwerp Commercial Court rejected the blocking demands and labeled them "disproportionate". The Belgian Anti-Piracy Federation has reacted angrily, accusing the ISPs of siding with The Pirate Bay.