Oldest BitTorrent Site Targeted by Police, Owner Arrested

One of, if not the oldest BitTorrent communities still around today has been targeted by police and anti-piracy officers. The owner of FileSoup, one the most enduring sites since the introduction of the BitTorrent protocol, was arrested by police and denied his phone call and legal representation for more than…

Pirate Bay Verdict Disappoints Consumers Union

Last week the Amsterdam Court issued a default judgment in favor of BREIN versus The Pirate Bay, ordering the site to be blocked in The Netherlands because the defendants didn't show up. In a response to this verdict, The Dutch Consumers Union says it is disappointed that the judge ruled…

EZTV Makes Comeback with New and Improved Site

After nearly six weeks of downtime, the leading TV-torrent release group EZTV has made a comeback with a completely revamped website. The EZTV team has implemented many new features, including detailed information on every released episode and support for customized RSS feeds to replace the now defunct TVRSS website.

Pirate Bay Spokesman Peter Sunde Resigns

After many drama-filled turbulent years, Peter Sunde, the infamous Pirate Bay spokesman, has resigned. Citing a complete lack of time, Peter says he wants to concentrate on new things, including several projects and a book. "I am leaving a role in order to be a person instead," he said.

Hackers Whack Music Industry For Punishing Pirate

Hackers have taken revenge on the music industry after Romania's first convicted file-sharer was given a heavy fine. The industry said they had selected the individual at random, but hackers responded rather less randomly by causing the music industry website to blocked as malicious by both Google and Firefox.

BitTorrent Stands Up for Net Neutrality

In a late submission to the Canadian network management hearings of the CRTC, BitTorrent Inc. debunked some P2P myths and asked the committee to decide in favor of a neutral net. ISPs should look for other methods to deal with network congestion rather than discriminating against BitTorrent users, they say.

isoHunt Loses Appeal in Preemptive Strike Against CRIA

Last year the isoHunt BitTorrent search engine launched preemptive legal action in an attempt to have their operations declared legal in Canada. The court decided that the case should go to a full trial instead, a decision which isoHunt appealed but has now been denied.