uTorrent For Linux Is Coming, Finally

Five years after uTorrent was released for the Windows platform the development team has announced that it's working on a Linux version of the torrent client. The massive demand from users is cited as one of the main reasons why Linux users will have a native uTorrent application this coming summer.

BitTorrent Site Admin Hit With $262K ‘Bill’ By Anti-Piracy Group

After a surprise visit to his home by lawyers and anti-piracy group executives earlier this year, the admin of a BitTorrent site has been hit with a large claim for damages. The 18 year-old operator of the EliteBits private tracker now faces a demand for more than $261,000, but will be assisted in his fight by pro-sharing group, Piratgruppen.

The Pirate Bay: Four Years After The Raid

Today, exactly four years have passed since The Pirate Bay was raided by the Swedish police. While the entertainment industries hoped that this would be the end of their troubles, in hindsight they've created a a multi-headed hydra that is impossible to kill. The events that unfolded could easily be turned into a Hollywood blockbuster.

Big Media Has Trouble Collecting Pirate Bay Fines

Due to several verdicts against them, The Pirate Bay team were ordered to pay the entertainment industries $6 million in fines. As predicted, actually getting hold of the money is not going to be an easy job for them. Thus far, the debt collecting agency has only seized $30,000 of the total sum.

Piracy Will Earn Hurt Locker More Than the Box Office

Hollywood often complains that unauthorized downloads are causing the industry to lose huge sums of money. The makers of The Hurt Locker discovered that this doesn't always have to be the case. Through an extortion-like scheme, The Hurt Locker is set to make more money from settlements with BitTorrent users than it ever made at the box office.

Police Probe Pair Over Phony Pirate Porn Privacy Plunder

Earlier this year, malware which purported to be an erotic PC game punished file-sharers who believed they were downloading the real thing. Instead of endless hours of digital titillation, unlucky pirates had their personal details published on the Internet and had to pay a fee to have them removed. Now police have arrested two men in connection with this unusual fraud.

Newzbin Resurrection: Interview With The Mysterious Mr White

As the Newzbin resurrection saga continues, the boss of Team R Dogs has been answering a whole range of questions about the site's return. More than $40,000 has been invested in the project so far, a coder hired and they aren't scared of the MPA either. "We’ll just do a Pirate Bay on them," they say. "We can run faster than them and shapeshift."