When P2P Came Along We Failed, Admit Label Bosses

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Having been destroyed by the world’s largest recording labels, the LimeWire file-sharing service is little more than a corpse at this stage. Nevertheless, its destruction and burial is not quite over. This week LimeWire has been facing off with the record labels before a jury in New York to decide how much in damages it […]

Anti-Piracy Lawyers Set To Face Formidable Prosecution

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Two lawyers accused of deliberately targeting innocent victims as part of an anti-piracy scheme will face a formidable opponent at their upcoming disciplinary hearing. Davenport Lyons partner David Gore and former partner Brian Miller will face the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal at the end of this month for their part in a so-called ‘speculative invoicing’ campaign […]

Leaked “ACTA” Lobby Letter Reveals Hollywood Pressure On EU

A letter sent on behalf of 21 pro-copyright outfits including the Motion Picture Association and IFPI shows how the European Parliament is being urged to sign the controversial ACTA anti-piracy agreement. The backroom lobbying effort document, which came into TorrentFreak's possession, reveals how the organizations ask Parliament not to wait for a response from the European Court of Justice but simply sign "with no further delays."

Pirate Party Sets Record In England Elections

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The Pirate Party UK achieved a moderate success at England’s local elections yesterday. Council candidate Graeme Lambert got 3.62% of the vote in Moorside, which the Party welcomed as a great result and a new record. “Thank you to all those who supported me, either by talking to me and my team, offering advice or […]

Google Wins Anti-Piracy Filtering Lawsuit, Filters Anyway

Since April 2010, French music rights and anti-piracy group SNEP has been engaged in legal action against Google. SNEP felt that Google should censor search terms such as torrent, RapidShare and MegaUpload. Having been decided once already in Google's favor the case went to an appeal. This week the Court of Appeal decided that Google can't be forced to filter.

Homeland Security Wants Mozilla to Pull “Domain Seizure” Add-On

Homeland Security's ICE unit is not happy with a Firefox add-on that allows the public to circumvent the domains seizures carried out during the past several months. In an attempt to correct this 'vulnerability' in their anti-piracy strategy, ICE have asked Mozilla to pull the add-on from their site. Unfortunately for them Mozilla denied the request, arguing that this type of censorship may threaten the open Internet.

Piracy Politics Fuel Internet Censorship

Internet censorship is a hot topic in 2011, but also one that reveals the disturbing double-standards of politicians and governments around the world. This week U.S. Senator Dick Durbin sent China's largest search engine a letter asking them to stop censoring their search results. A noble attempt, but at the same time U.S. politicians are encouraging Google to censor piracy related terms from their search results.

CNET’s Download.com Sued over LimeWire Downloads

CNET’s Download.com and parent company CBS are being sued for several copyright infringement related offenses for their role in distributing LimeWire and other P2P software. The massive lawsuit is being brought by eccentric billionaire and FilmOn founder Alki David, who's backed by a collection of rappers and R&B groups.