Feds Seize PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker Domains

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The domain seizures by the U.S. Government have hit a new target, and it’s without a doubt the biggest fish thus far. Three of the largest poker sites – PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker – had their domains seized today as 11 people connected to the gambling outfits were charged with bank fraud, […]

ISP Cannot Be Forced To Block Copyright Infringing Files

An advisor to the European Court of Justice has said that an ISP involved in a long-running file-sharing dispute cannot be forced to block or filter copyright-infringing files at the behest of copyright holders. Such an action would amount to an invasion of customers' privacy and violate rights guaranteed under EU law.

Record Label Boss Responds to Warez Allegations

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Earlier this week we reported on a record label boss’s surprising past. Sumerian Records chief Ash Avildsen, who had recently carried out a BitTorrent-related hoax and had called out others for downloading music without permission, turned out to be an warez pirate in his youth. Avildsen sent his response to the allegations to The Gauntlet […]

Kiwi MP Called Out As Pirate After Passing Anti-Piracy Law

In a beautiful twist of irony, New Zealand parliament member Melissa Lee has been caught in a copyright quagmire. It turns out that just hours before she spoke out in support of the controversial new copyright law being rushed through parliament, she tweeted how pleased she was with a compilation of K-Pop songs a friend copied for her.

The Pirate Bay Is Down (AWOL)

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Yes, The Pirate Bay is down at the moment. Absent without official leave (AWOL) according to the IRC channel. No, there’s no reason to panic. Every time The Pirate Bay suffers a few minutes for downtime, thousands of people start to worry that something awful has happened to their beloved site. Luckily, this is usually […]

Firefox Add-on ‘Undoes’ U.S. Government Domain Seizures

The seizure of file-sharing related domain names by the US Government hasn't been as effective as the entertainment industries had hoped since many of them simply continued their operations under new domains. To make these type of domain transitions go more smoothly, an anonymous group has coded a simple Firefox add-on that automatically redirects users to these new homes.

YouTube Sends Pirates to Copyright School

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YouTube just launched a new campaign to educate users who upload copyright infringing content to the site. Tagged “copyright school,” the Happy Tree Friends explain what, and what not to do. The campaign started as YouTube launched a set of tougher copyright policies. Perhaps not coincidentally, last week Google was urged by lawmakers to be […]

Entrepreneurs Plan To Legalize and Monetize Illegal Music

As millions of tracks continue to be shared online every day without permission from copyright holders, it is clear that the 'free music' genie is well and truly out of the bottle. In the hope of returning revenue from these sources, a brave new system is aiming to legalize illicit music - even if it came from a torrent site, cyberlocker or friend's hard drive.