New iPhone App DRM Claims to Thwart Pirates

Piracy of iPhone applications has become quite a hot topic recently, particularly since 'one-click' cracking apps such as Crackulous have become available to the public. The Kali Anti-Piracy system from Ripdev believes it has the answer, putting pirates on notice that the easy ride to free software is over.

Get Your TV-Torrent Fix with Miro

Miro, the Internet TV player with a built in BitTorrent client released a new version today. LegalTorrents is now added as a default site, but users are of course free to add more sites or RSS feeds to get those latest TV-episodes on your computer seamlessly.

aXXo Issues Anti-Piracy Warning

Some say he can encode a stack of DVDs in seconds using only his teeth, and that he can command an army of millions with just one NFO. All that we know is he's called aXXo and he/she/they have some security advice for the worshippers.

Mininova – One Million Torrents Strong

For the first time in its four year existence, Mininova now has a million torrent files stored on its servers. These meta-data files are spread out over 10 categories on this BitTorrent giant, with movies and music representing more than half of all the torrents.

Someone is Leaking Our Torrents – BURN HIM!

The entertainment industry is furious about its treatment at the hands of pirates. Last year, even the creator of iPhone cracking-app Crackulous got pretty annoyed when his work leaked. But it's not just content creators that get angry at pirates - and this is where it starts to get a…

The Pirate Bay Demand Webcast of Trial

Set to start in just a few days time, the trial of The Pirate Bay will be one of the most important cases the file-sharing community has ever witnessed. However, due to restrictions, the number of people viewing it first hand could be very limited indeed. "Time to make demands,"…