The Pirate Bay / CyberBunker / MPA Injunction In Full

Earlier this week it became apparent that the main Hollywood studios had made good on their threat to take legal action against Pirate Bay bandwidth provider CB3ROB/CyberBunker. At the time, CB3ROB owner Sven Kamphuis told us that he had yet to see the injunction. TorrentFreak has obtained a copy along with an English translation.

MPAA Worries About Pirating U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

While U.S. men and women put their lives at risk in Iraq, the MPAA has queried the military about the pirating habits of the soldiers stationed there. A declassified document from United States Central Command confirms that the MPAA is fighting a war of its own in the Middle East, one against copyright infringing soldiers.

iiNet v AFACT Anti-Piracy Case Appeal Set For August 2010

Earlier this year Hollywood lost its case against iiNet when a court ruled that the ISP could not be held responsible for the actions of its subscribers when they committed copyright infringements using BitTorrent. The studios appealed and now the date has been set for the Federal Court re-run. iiNet boss Michael Malone is confident of a second victory.

uTorrent Expands, Launches Apps and Labs

The uTorrent team has released a new version of the BitTorrent client that supports extensions, or apps as they call them. The new version, codenamed Griffin, is part of the new uTorrent labs where users will get early access to new projects, including live streaming (Pheon) and remote access (Falcon).

Facebook Deletes Torrent Site Fan Page

In common with many websites, several torrent sites have their own Facebook fan pages that are used to interact with users. These pages usually update fans on site news and do not link to torrent files. Despite this, Facebook does not seem tolerant of all torrent site fan pages, and has just removed one of the popular ones.

Usenet Community Banned From Publishing Filenames

A court in The Netherlands has banned a Usenet community from publishing the names of files which allegedly infringe copyright. According to the judges who handled the case, Dutch site FTD - who weren't even present at the hearing - must stop publishing the names and Usenet locations of files connected to a particular movie or face penalties of 10,000 euros per day.

Hollywood Gets Injunction To Disconnect The Pirate Bay

Last month it became apparent that several Hollywood movie studios had threatened to take legal action against the owner of ISP CyberBunker, the current bandwidth provider for The Pirate Bay. Now, according to fresh information from a reliable source, the studios have come good on their threats.