Avatar DVD Screener Leaks To BitTorrent

A few hours after Avatar received nine nominations for the upcoming 2010 Oscars race, a DVD screener of the film leaked online. The leak, which presumably originates from a screener copy sent out to one of the Academy members, is expected to be downloaded by millions of people before the Oscars winners are announced.

Movie Studios Lose Landmark Case Against Aussie ISP

Australian Internet service provider iiNet has won its court battle against several Hollywood studios. Justice Dennis Cowdroy today announced that iiNet was not responsible for the infringements of its subscribers when they shared copyright material using BitTorrent. The Australian Pirate Party has welcomed the decision.

uTorrent Reaches Milestone With 2.0 Release

The uTorrent development team officially released the long awaited version 2.0 of their popular application today. The release hopes to optimize the download experience for uTorrent users while eliminating the need for ISPs to manage, block or limit BitTorrent traffic.

Torrent Sites Blamed For Twitter Attack

Twitter has published an announcement on its blog where it attributes a recent phishing attack to an unnamed torrent site script. Twitter is blaming a torrent site developer for intentionally installing backdoors into the code he sells to people who want to run a torrent site of their own. The big question is, who is behind this attack?

Police Arrest Several In File-Sharing Swoop

Following investigations carried out by the IFPI, police carried out several raids across Sweden yesterday, targeting individuals sharing thousands of music tracks via Direct Connect. The alleged operator of the hub was arrested while others admitted to copyright infringement offenses.

Newzbin Usenet Indexing Trial: Day One

After coming under legal threats from the MPAA in 2008, the Newzbin.com Usenet indexing site began its defence in London’s High Court yesterday. Newzbin are reporting that the judge appears remarkably switched and they are looking forward to a fair trial.

Lost Season 6 Premiere Pirated On The Beach

The sixth and final season of the hit series Lost will have its TV-premiere in the US tonight, but it's already available online. In what must be a world first, the first episode of Lost's new season was camcorded during a beach screening this weekend and is now widely available on BitTorrent.

Keith Urban Gets All Confused About Support For Downloading

After being voted favorite male artist at the People's Choice Awards last month, during his acceptance speech Keith Urban showed why the people love him. Speaking of his music the star said: "I don't even care if you download it illegally, give it to your friends, I really don't care." Just a month later he says he didn't mean that at all.