“Operation In Our Sites” Will Continue Seizing Domains

ICE director John Morton has confirmed that the seizure of domain names that are alleged to be promoting copyright infringement will continue in the coming years. In a statement before the U.S. House of Representatives, Morton said that "Operation In Our Sites" will continue through and beyond 2011. In addition and contrary to popular belief, Morton claimed that the seizures "respect free speech" and "provide due process."

Pirate Bay Users Blown Away By Hobo With A Shotgun

While it's Hope City by name, this is a town filled with degenerates, sadists and scum, so what better way to bring them into line? Have a hobo shoot them in the face with a shotgun of course. From out of nowhere, a movie with this unlikely story is currently a smash hit on BitTorrent and while few in Hope City have a moral compass, the director behind the Grindhouse flick Hobo With a Shotgun is hoping that this unexpected…

KickassTorrents Ditches .Com Domain Over Seizure Worries

The recent developments around domain name seizures by the U.S. authorities has prompted another major torrent site to move to a new domain as a precaution. KickassTorrents, one of the most visited torrent sites on the Internet, has announced it will soon replace its .com domain name with the Philippine extension .ph.

MPAA ‘Goes Nuts’ With New Movie Streaming Lawsuit

In a bizarre yet brilliant example of how messed up the current copyright restrictions are, six major movie studios have filed a new lawsuit against the quasi DVD-rental outfit Zediva. Under the flag of the MPAA, the studios label the new business as a "sham," because it uses a clever way to bypass a licensing roadblock.

Joel Tenebaum File-Sharing Case Heard at Court of Appeal

The long-running and controversial file-sharing case of Joel Tenenbaum was back in court yesterday, this time in Boston before the First Circuit Court of Appeal. The issue at stake is the exact amount Tenenbaum will have to pay following his admittance in 2009 that he illegally shared music on the Internet. It currently stands at $67,500, having been slashed last year from a staggering $675,000. Joel says it should be more like $30.

The Pirate Bay Tops 5 Million Registered Users

The Pirate Bay achieved a new milestone today. Just a few minutes ago the 5 millionth user created an account at the most-visited BitTorrent site on the Internet. Despite efforts from the entertainment industries that have tried to shut the site down for half a decade, The Pirate Bay keeps expanding. Let's see how they got there.

MPAA / RIAA Are Are Strangling American Innovation

News Bits

Here’s a must read article from the Harvard Business Review. It reiterates many of the things we’ve illustrated over the years on TorrentFreak, mainly that the abuse of copyright and repression of every technological advancement is actually killing innovation. Excerpt below: “Innovation has emerged as a key means by which the US can pull itself […]

CRIA Watches Massive Music Piracy Crisis Devastate Unknown Band


During the last couple of weeks a heated debate has sprung up around the claimed massive music piracy of a relatively unknown band. One Soul Thrust currently have just 176 followers on Twitter yet according to their manager the group is being destroyed by the pirating masses who have, to date, downloaded their debut album 100,000 times. With the CRIA apparently supporting the band's position, it's time to investigate.