Updated: Feds Seize New Domain, Add To “Batshit” Conspiracy Theories

During the last 24 hours Homeland Security seized another domain and put up the copyright infringement notice but now a quite unusual picture is forming. Allegedly an anti-vaccine blogger and claimed "batshit" conspiracy theorist with plenty of enemies had his server hacked and filled with illegal material. This appears to have resulted in his domain being seized for copyright infringement.

Breaking: Duke Nukem Forever Leaked To BitTorrent

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Well it’s been an almost never-ending decade-long wait, but come June 14th, Duke Nukem Forever (DNF) will get its worldwide release. Inevitably though, there has been a big underground push to break that release date embargo. A little over an hour ago that push was complete with the game leaking to BitTorrent and other file-sharing […]

Google Expands Piracy-Related Keyword Filter

Earlier this year Google started censoring various 'piracy-related' keywords from its Instant and Autocomplete services, and this list of forbidden words was updated recently. Although Google understand that there is no silver bullet that can stop online copyright infringement, the search giant told TorrentFreak that the steps they've taken could help to decrease piracy.


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The controversial PROTECT IP Act unanimously passed the Senate Judiciary Committee two weeks ago. When the PROTECT IP Act becomes law U.S. authorities and copyright holders will have the power to seize domains, block websites and censor search engines to prevent copyright infringements. The bill now moves forward to the Senate, but getting a vote […]

Youtify: YouTube Meets Spotify

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As noted in our article at the weekend, YouTube has the potential to knock quite a hole in music piracy. However, while many people use YouTube to listen to music, the site’s presentation is naturally more suited to a video environment. Perhaps a Spotify-like interface would be preferable for those wanting to listen, not necessarily […]

Man Jailed For Camcorder-in-Glasses Movie Piracy

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A man will go to jail for 60 days following his guilty plea for somewhat innovative camcorder piracy. Samuel Arnold, Jr, a 37-year-old from Joliet, recorded the movie “Easy A” in a theater last year using a modified pair of sunglasses. According to the Will County state’s attorney’s office, Arnold was tracked down after posting […]

The Anatomy of a BitTorrent Piracy Settlement

Over the last year a handful of lawyers have sued close to two hundred thousand alleged BitTorrent users in the United States. Many of these cases were launched by so-called "copyright trolls" who have re-engineered piracy into a healthy revenue stream. Today, we reveal a critical part of this legal bullying by taking a closer look at a settlement proposal sent out by John Steele, one of the most active anti-piracy lawyers around.

Recording Industry Steps Back From Piracy Disconnections

In the wake of the UN report which described disconnecting citizens from the Internet as a breach of human rights, an anti-piracy group has made a somewhat surprising statement. Music Industry Piracy Investigations, which acts for dozens of labels including the Big Four, today said that while they support measures for dealing with infringement, that does not include "termination of Internet accounts."