Scope of French ‘3 Strikes’ P2P Piracy Monitoring Confirmed

As one of the pioneers of a '3 strikes' mechanism for dealing with P2P piracy, France is moving closer to its full implementation. In order to warn and punish alleged file-sharers, it will first be necessary to monitor them whilst engaged in infringement. The scope of that monitoring has just been confirmed.

Google Scores a Big Victory for BitTorrent Sites

Google has won its court case against Viacom, where it was facing a $1 billion claim for allowing users to upload copyrighted clips to YouTube. The landmark case is expected to have a major impact on future cases dealing with the responsibilities of the operators of user-generated media libraries, including BitTorrent sites.

Another File-Sharing Case Fails – Join The Revolution Or Perish

The on-going fight against file-sharing link sites in Spain is turning into a farce. Despite many rulings which state that the sites break no laws, still anti-piracy groups waste their money pursuing them. As yet another site is cleared of wrong doing, a lawyer who speaks out for civil rights on the Internet is clear on the piracy issue - either join the revolution, or perish.

Pirate Bay’s Founding Group ‘Piratbyrån’ Disbands

In 2003 a group of friends from Sweden decided to found Piratbyrån (the bureau of piracy), a lobbying organization to promote the sharing of information and culture. A few months later the group took a decision that would change the Internet - the launch of a BitTorrent tracker named ‘The Pirate Bay’. Today marks the end of an era with the announcement that Piratbyrån has disbanded.

Music Biz Wants Google To Stop Linking To The Pirate Bay

A recent copyright takedown notice from the UK's BPI revealed that the music group has been demanding that Google take down links not just to precise URLs where music is hosted on cyberlockers, but rather more generally referencing the entire site. Now it appears that IFPI, the BPI's big brother, is trying a similar strategy, this time with The Pirate Bay.

Director Furious As Lawmakers Watch Pirate Copy of Hit Movie

A movie director in India is threatening legal action against lawmakers after it was revealed they gathered and watched a pirate copy of his hit movie. The film, titled 'Raajneeti' ('Politics'), was released early this month in theaters but dozens of lawmakers from the Indian Bharatiya Janata Party didn't visit one. They were caught after their illicit screening was broadcast on TV as part of a news report.

Filmmaker Tracks Down Pirate Bay User, Takes Him to Court

A Swedish court is looking into one of the strangest file-sharing cases we've ever heard of. With a Pirate Bay username as the prime evidence, a Swedish man is suspected of distributing a film about moose hunting. The filmmaker, who hunted down the alleged infringer by himself, is demanding $15,000 to compensate his losses.