P2P Lawsuits Gone Wild

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Thousands of file sharers have been sued in recent months for downloading movies like The Hurt Locker and Avatar XXX. U.S. rights holders model these lawsuits after similar litigation in Germany, where P2P piracy has led to hundreds of thousands of cases in recent years. The goal of this type of persecution isn’t so much […]

FilmOn CEO Alki David Loopier Than Ever In New Video

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Alki David—the eccentric billionaire founder of FilmOn.com and now enemy of the major television networks—has cranked out yet another wacky home video. In the jumpy, oddly edited movie, David says he’s gathering names because he intends to file a class-action copyright infringement lawsuit against CBS on behalf of artists. The video features clips of David […]

Judge Delays Ruling on PlayStation Hack

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A federal judge here on Friday put off deciding whether PlayStation 3 hacker George Hotz should surrender his computer gear as part of a lawsuit from console-maker Sony. Sony sued Hotz on Tuesday, alleging Hotz’ posting of the code to crack the PlayStation 3 was a breach of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s anti-circumvention provisions. […]

TorrentFreak Looks Different Today…

After years of hard work we decided to go for a new look here at TorrentFreak. Today we're presenting you TorrentFreak version 5, the first real update of our design in 4 years. There will be plenty of bugs and complaints, so please bear with us.

University Will Scan Computers for BitTorrent Software

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Beginning Tuesday computers at the University of North Carolina that access the Internet in residence halls will automatically be scanned for file-sharing programs. The Network Access Control service will scan for file sharing programs such as BitTorrent and LimeWire. If the service detects a file-sharing program, a pop-up message will notify him of the dangers […]

How To Deal With ISPs That Block Tracker Connections

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Although it’s rare, some ISPs actually prevent customers from contacting BitTorrent trackers. A good and free way to circumvent this is to use TOR, just remember not to run any BitTorrent transfers over it. “There are several ways of contacting web addresses you’re not allowed to contact: using a web-based site like HideMyAss.com, or similar […]

Paying Users To Report Fake Torrents is Illegal, Anti-Piracy Outfit Claims

TorLock, a torrent site that claims to be virtually free of 'fake torrents', is offering $1 to users for every fake file that they can find. The offer was put in place by the site's owner since he's confident that the site's collection of 140,738 torrents is as clean as it gets. However, the Indian anti-piracy outfit Aiplex Software is determined to put an end to the offer, claiming it is highly illegal.