Canadian Politician Starts Movie Torrent Site

A few months ago 21-year old Travis McCrea participated in the Canadian federal elections as candidate for the Pirate Party in Vancouver Centre. Aside from his political ambitions, McCrea also described himself as an entrepreneur. As with his political views, his business ventures are also focused on file-sharing related ideas, and most recently he started a torrent site to promote the distribution of movies.

Apple’s iTunes Sued By Artist for Pirating Music

Apple's iTunes is being sued by Korvel Sutton, a member of the former rap group Pretty Boy Gangsters. The lawsuit filed at the U.S. District Court in California lists ten compilation albums being sold through iTunes that include copyrighted tracks from Pretty Boy Gangsters. All tracks are being sold without Sutton's permission and to date he has received no compensation or royalties.

New and Old RIAA CEOs Agree: “We’re Beating Piracy”

Mitch Bainwol held the position of chairman and CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America for eight years but will now take up a new role in the automotive business. His successor will be current RIAA president Cary Sherman, who sounds remarkably upbeat on the issue of defeating online piracy, something that has eluded the recording industry group for more than a decade.

BitTorrent Users Sued for Downloading “IP Man 2”

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Earlier this week we reported that the mass-lawsuits against BitTorrent users had reached a dubious milestone. Since 2010, more than 200,000 people were sued, and this is just the start. This week several new cases were filed, mostly by porn companies. However, there was also a mainstream title that appeared in the court dockets of […]

U.S. Anti-Piracy Police Kept Secret From The Public

Last month the MPAA and RIAA made a deal with all the major Internet providers in the United States to systematically hunt down file-sharers. The new "Copyright Alerts" system will directly affect millions of Internet users, but thus far the participating parties have refused to disclose which monitoring company will act as anti-piracy detectives. It's time for the big reveal.

File-Sharing Related Aspects of the IP Crime Group Report

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The UK’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills have just released their annual IP crime report. The document concentrates mainly on physical counterfeit products but also lists events concerning file-sharing and the activities of the IFPI, BPI and FACT, and the state of their cooperation with the authorities. The report is published by the IP […]

New Zealand 3 Strikes Begins But Pirate Sabotage Is In The Air

Today marks the start of P2P network monitoring for New Zealand's "3 strikes" anti-filesharing legislation. As the government is criticized for not launching their official information resource until next week, a Reddit user claims to be using a government network to share Miley Cyrus movies. As an ISP account holder itself, will the government get hit with the 3 strikes ban-hammer?

Data Centers Crippled By BitTorrent ‘Broadcast-Storm’

Following the example of OpenBitTorrent, another major BitTorrent tracker has now abandoned the resource-intensive TCP protocol. 1337x switched to a UDP-only tracker a few days ago after several hosting providers kicked the tracker out for the "broadcast storm" that resulted from the millions of connections BitTorrent users were making.