The Mysterious And Scary BitTorrent Monitoring Site

A worrying site which claims to allow users to search BitTorrent networks for IP addresses being used to share torrents has appeared in recent days. The site, which has a very paranoid feel, also contains numerous security-related documents from ISPs and other sources. An apparently related video being mailed to studios is even more creepy. But is all as it seems?

Hollywood: Its Time For Court To Impose Pirate Bay Fines

Following a ruling by the Stockholm District Court in 2009 which banned two Pirate Bay founders from running the site, Hollywood says it's time for them to pay up. The movie companies say they are confident that Fredrik Neij and Gottfrid Svartholm are still operating The Pirate Bay and therefore they should each pay their 500,000 kronor fines.

RLSLOG Pulled Offline After Universal Music Complaint

RLSLOG, one of the world’s most popular release news sites, has been pulled offline by its German hosting company following a takedown request from Universal Music. The site, which has never hosted any copyrighted material on its servers, is currently looking for a new home outside Germany.

RapidShare Targets Sites Over Trademark Abuse

RapidShare has been sending out legal threats to link sites and search engines that use its trademark to encourage users to download copyrighted material. The company is demanding that these sites cease their operations and hand over their domain names to RapidShare, voluntarily or through domain disputes.

File-Sharers Monitoring The File-Sharing Hunters

New laws such as the Digital Economy Bill in the UK will need to be enforced, and this will be done through anti-piracy tracking companies. The Hadopi legislation in France will be assisted by Trident Media Guard, but already those that are paid to watch over pirates are being watched themselves.

Gizmodo Caught In Copyright Crossfire

In an attempt to protect their rights, the leading gadget blog Gizmodo has been sending out takedown notices to bloggers who use their articles in full while running ads. At the same time, however, Gizmodo itself continues to infringe on the rights of photographers by using their images commercially. A true copyright crossfire.

Kiwi 3 Strikes Anti-Piracy Bill Receives Unanimous Support

As the music and movie industries tour the world lobbying for changes in the law in an attempt to slow down online piracy, New Zealand's legislation moves a step closer to becoming law. The Copyright (Infringement File Sharing) Amendment Bill, which allows for large fines and six month Internet suspensions, has just received its first reading in Parliament, to unanimous support.