Confessions Of a BitTorrent Pirate Chasing Lawyer

Over the last year a handful of lawyers have sued well over one hundred thousand alleged BitTorrent users in the United States. Usually, when these lawyers respond to the press, if they even choose to do so at all, we are given only generic comments. Until now. In a quite revealing interview, Texas lawyer Evan Stone becomes the first of his kind to open the book on the motivations which see him going after "smarmy entitled little brats."

Dr Who Bends Time and Space To Beat TV Pirates

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Dr Who fans on both sides of the Atlantic have something to celebrate today. In a move designed to limit piracy of the long-running sci-fi drama, the new series will air today in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada. Interestingly, a source at Twitter cited this same day release strategy as an example of […]

Clue To The Massive Playstation Network Shutdown?

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Earlier this week, in our post Anonymous Silenced By Youtube, we noted that the group may not yet be done punishing Sony. As we write this post, Sony’s Playstation Network has been down for 2 days, with no real sign of it returning. While some have speculated that this may be down to a cyber […]

Google Censors Alternate Domain of Seized Streaming Site, By Mistake

Google has removed the homepage of, the alternate domain of the sports streaming site that had its .com domain seized by the US authorities earlier this year. Google's decision will be welcomed by Major League Baseball (MLB) who sent the complaint, but those who look closely will see that the removal is the result of several misunderstandings and mistakes.

KickassTorrents Moves to

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Another major torrent sites has moved on to a new domain, fearing a domain seizure by the U.S. Government. After and Demonoid, KickassTorrents announced two weeks ago that it would soon move trade their .com domain for one with a .ph extension. This new domain went live yesterday. “If you encounter any bugs or […]

Pirates Have Won, Torrents Have Won

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Here’s a section from Attack of the Show! where hosts Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey take a shot at an unpopular anti-piracy PSA and discuss how torrents easily win over official sources, even when asked to do something simple like serve up Jurassic Park. Skip to around 1m 20secs if you’re short on time. The […]

Anime Uploader Arrested By Police

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A man from Japan has been arrested by police for infringing copyright on file-sharing networks. The 25 year-old from Ashiyashi City, Hyogo, was detained April 4th on accusations that he uploaded anime and manga without the copyright holders’ permission. According to the police, the unemployed man uploaded the 50th episode of Sunrise’s Turn A Gundam […]

Publishers Force Domain Seizure of Public Domain Music Resource

IMSLP, the largest public domain music library on the Internet, has just suffered a damaging attack on the site's infrastructure. In a wrongful action over a single 90 year-old classical piece by Rachmaninoff, the UK's Music Publishers Association convinced registrar GoDaddy to seize IMSLP's domain name, which took the site completely offline.