Has Piracy Ever Killed An Industry?

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Throughout the decades we’ve all heard that battle cry that piracy is killing the music business. But is it really? Since mix-tapes music fans have continually copied music illegally and the industry is still alive today. The film and TV industry cried wolf with the onset of the video age, and there industry is thriving […]

BitTorrent Sites Are Littered With Fakes Files

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A new outdated study surfaced yesterday, claiming that most content on BitTorrent is published by a small group of people. Researchers of the Carlos III University of Madrid draw same conclusion as a report we covered last year. “We demonstrate that a small fraction of publishers (around 100 users) are responsible for 66% of published […]

Movie Studio Tells BitTorrent Users: Turn Yourselves In!

A movie studio that filed suit against file-hoster HotFile and 1000 of their users recently has revealed their latest plan to extract money from file-sharers. Unlike untold numbers of their competitors who sue people first and then demand cash payments, Liberty Media want file-sharers to be proactive. That's right BitTorrent users, it's time to repent. Hand yourselves over to this movie company and make sure you have $1,000 with you.

More Net Neutrality Opposition In the US

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On Tuesday, MetroPCS — the fifth-largest wireless carrier in the US — filed a lawsuit, alongside the one filed by Verizon last week. The company hopes to overturn the FCC’s Net Neutrality order passed in December. The suit comes after public interest groups, including Free Press, raised concerns over MetroPCS’ new 4G service plans that […]

BitTorrent Users Sued for Sharing Paris Hilton’s Sex Tape

Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, the company exploiting the Paris Hilton Sex Tape 'One Night in Paris' has filed lawsuits against 843 alleged BitTorrent users. While it has already made millions of dollars in profit from the dubiously obtained 'motion picture', the company is demanding compensation for losses allegedly caused by mass copyright infringement on BitTorrent networks.

Law to Shutdown P2P Sites Resurrected By Spanish Coalition

In recent months a controversial piece of legislation aimed at shutting down file-sharing sites has resulted in massive opposition from the public in Spain. In December the protests appeared to have been successful as the House of Representatives rejected the proposal. However, yesterday the Spanish Government resurrected the law with some minor changes, a move that has outraged the public.

Obama Nominates RIAA Lawyer for Solicitor General

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President Barack Obama nominated former Recording Industry Association of America lawyer Donald Verrilli Jr. on Monday to serve as the nation’s solicitor general. If confirmed by the Senate, Verilli, now the White House deputy counsel, would assume the powerful position left vacant by Elena Kagan, who was elevated to the Supreme Court. Obama said he […]