Everything You Need To Refute a File-Sharing Legal Threat

A new wave of cash demands connected with allegations of illicit file-sharing are being received this week. In response, consumer group BeingThreatened has produced the most informative handbook ever created, empowering those wrongfully accused to refute the claims against them and hold onto their hard-earned cash.

OiNK Admin: Pink Palace Never Abused Copyrights

As the trial of ex-OiNK admin Alan Ellis continues, more details of yesterday's proceedings have been made public. Ellis told the court that he always held the belief that the site didn't break copyright law and that if the site's users acted illegally, then that wasn't his responsibility.

Watching Porn Online More Acceptable Than Pirating Music


A survey conducted by the New Zealand based research firm UMR Research found that nearly half of the respondents think that it's morally okay to watch porn on the Internet. Downloading music and movies illegally, on the other hand, is frowned upon by an overwhelming majority of the respondents.

OiNK Was Started to Improve Ellis’s Programming Skills

After the prosecution had their say last week, OiNK founder Alan Ellis told the Court his side of the story today. Ellis denied conspiring to defraud the music industry and explained that he started the tracker to improve his programming skills.

French 3 Strikes Group Unveils Copyright Infringing Logo

Hadopi, the French agency charged with handling file-sharers' copyright digressions, has just made a huge infringement faux pas of its own. Last week the group unveiled the logo which is set to represent this bastion of copyright righteousness, but embarrassingly it was designed with unlicensed fonts.

Record Labels Demand Cash From Pirate Bay Founders

Universal Music, EMI Music, Sony BMG and Warner Music are demanding one million Swedish kronor from two Pirate Bay founders. A Swedish court banned them from operating the site last year, and the labels argue that they have failed to comply.

Group Needs Guns To Enforce Intellectual Property Rights

As a nationwide gun ban took effect yesterday in the Philippines to reduce political violence as the country's elections draw near, an anti-piracy group has asked for an exemption. Their director says that having firearms is essential for holding investigations and enforcing intellectual property rights.