Can Google Secure a Safe Haven for BitTorrent Sites?

When the operators of The Pirate Bay were sentenced to prison last year Google quickly distanced itself from the site. Nearly a year later, three of Google's employees have just received suspended jail sentences in Italy for failing to prevent a video from being uploaded to Google Video, placing them in a similar position as most torrent site admins.

AFACT Blasts Judge, Will Appeal iiNet ISP Liability Decision

In early February, AFACT, representing several Hollywood movie studios, lost its case against Aussie ISP iiNet after a judge ruled the ISP was not responsible for the infringements of its subscribers. Now the anti-piracy group is claiming that Justice Cowdroy was wrong on almost all points and will appeal his decision.

US Government Consults Public On Illegal File-Sharing

The PRO-IP Act is a United States law that aims to combat copyright infringement by increasing civil and criminal penalties for offenders. Copyright czar Victoria Espinel is now seeking comments from the public on piracy's apparent disastrous effect on the economy and health and safety, as well as proposed punishments and enforcement.

RapidShare Ordered To Proactively Filter Book Titles

Six book publishers have gained an injunction against file-hosting company, RapidShare. The Swiss-based 'cyberlocker' service must monitor user uploads to ensure that around 148 titles, many of them textbooks, are never made available to its users. Failure to do so could result in $339,000 fines, or even jail time for company bosses.

New Zealand Introduces File-Sharing Amendment Bill

Following widespread objections, New Zealand’s Section92A ‘guilty upon accusation’ anti-piracy law was scrapped last year. Today, The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill will be introduced, which repeals Section 92A and replaces it with a "three-notice" regime, backed up by $15,000 fines and 6 month Internet suspensions.

isoHunt to Appeal in MPAA Lawsuit, Sees The Lite

Last year the BitTorrent search engine isoHunt lost in court against the MPAA. A Californian court ruled that isoHunt was guilty of inducing copyright infringement and granted summary judgment. IsoHunt, however, does not intend to crack so easily as it sets course towards an appeal and launches a 'Lite' version of the site.

UK Says ‘No’ To Disconnecting File-Sharers, Sort Of

One of the key clauses in the UK's Digital Economy Bill is the suggestion that alleged persistent copyright infringers could be disconnected from the Internet. In a response to an online petition opposing the measure, the UK government has stated it will not terminate the accounts of infringers. But it has a wording trick up its sleeve.

Piracy Isn’t Killing The Movie Industry, Greed Is

At the box-office the major movie studios are raking in record profits, but their continuing refusal to widely adopt online business opportunities are hindering progress. According to the head of the Blockbuster video chain, the movie industry's greed is to blame for holding back innovation.