TorrentFreak TV Season 2 Kicks Off

After six months of absence, a brand new season of TorrentFreak TV starts today. This week's episode covers The Pirate Bay drama, Rapidshare, Tucker Max, BitLet and a whole lot more.

AFACT v iiNet – The BitTorrent Battle Begins

Today marked the start of the civil action between several film and TV studios against Aussie ISP iiNet. The studios, under the umbrella of AFACT, asserted in court that iiNet did nothing to stop its customers sharing copyright media via BitTorrent. The ISP will essentially refute the claim, and will utilize a multi-layered defense.

BREIN Disconnects The Pirate Bay, For Now

Last Friday The Pirate Bay moved to Ukraine after its Swedish bandwidth supplier was forced to stop servicing the tracker. In the new setup, traffic to TPB is routed through The Netherlands, but anti-piracy outfit BREIN has now asked ISP NForce to stop handling TPB's traffic. As a result the site is now down for most people.

Anti-Piracy Outfit Forces Scene Group To Apologize

One of the oldest groups at the top of the so-called piracy pyramid has been taken down by the notorious Swedish Anti-Piracy Bureau. Unusually there have been no arrests and no legal action. Instead the group 'Svenne/Redcross' has been forced to apologize and spread FUD about the security of other groups.

Popularity of Pirated TV-Shows Still Rising

Instead of switching on the TV, several million people use BitTorrent clients to catch up with their favorite TV-shows. The leading TV-torrent distribution site EZTV has more than doubled its visitors in a year, and there is no sign that this growth will stop anytime soon.

EMI Tries To Hide Kids Education Anti-Piracy Objective

A music industry consultant has changed her Linkedin profile when it was revealed that the music lessons she's giving in schools aren't quite as they seem. Ruth Katz, who worked in anti-piracy enforcement for EMI and still works for the company as a consultant, is lecturing kids as young as five on anti-piracy issues.

Cinemas Must Warn Visitors Of ‘Anti-Pirate’ Goggles

Dozens of movie theaters worldwide have equipped their employees with night vision goggles to spy on customers, hoping to spot illegal recording devices. Following complaints alleging invasion of privacy, in Germany the local authorities ruled that theaters have to warn their customers if they use such equipment, rendering their piracy trap useless.