Music Royalty Society Collects Money For Fake Artists, Bathroom Equipment and Food

Music royalty outfits are experts at not only gathering funds from anyone who dares to play music in public, but also at generating adverse publicity. Known for pressurizing anyone from charities to the police, their activities are often viewed with disbelief. Now a Belgian TV show has had a closer look at one of them, and ended up paying royalties for a whole host of artists that don't exist, bathroom equipment and chinese food.

Arrr! The Music Pirates Are Still Here


A new study that surfaced last week came to the incomprehensible conclusion that two thirds of all BitTorrent traffic is likely to be related to copyright infringement. Even more shocking, it seemed to suggest that music piracy on public BitTorrent trackers is a thing of the past. But is this really the case? We're afraid we have to disappoint the music industry once more.

Police Arrest Five In Operation To Shut Down Popular File-Sharing Forum

According to a report from Greek police, one of the country's most popular Internet forums with hundreds of thousands of members has been closed down following accusations of copyright infringement. In an operation which involved INTERPOL, five individuals were arrested with claims they had made 230,000 euros from advertising and membership fees.


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Here we go again. In 2009 there was a major discussion about Spotify’s ability to earn artists money. Lady Gaga complained to Spotify about her revenues, and others rightfully pointed out that it may be the labels (with a stake in Spotify) who hold back the cash. Two years have passed by and the industry […]

PPLive Gets $250 Million Investment

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This is probably the largest investment in a P2P company ever. The China based live streaming pioneers at PPLive just raked in $250 million. “Synacast is better known under the name of its popular peer-to-peer video platform PPLive. Softbank announced the deal earlier today without disclosing specifics, but PPLive CEO Vintent Tao confirmed the actual […]

MPAA Snags Google Downloading Torrents, Threatens to Disconnect

In recent months Google has received dozens of copyright infringement warnings from MPAA-affiliated movies studios. While most of these notices are directed at users of Google's public Wi-Fi service, a few also appear to be directed at employees at Google's headquarters. The movie studios are not happy and are warning the search giant that it might get disconnected from the Internet.

How To Stop Domain Names Being Seized By The US Government

As the United States authorities continue with their domain name seizure policy, file-sharing, streaming and link site operators around the world are looking for ways to mitigate this aggressive action. To this end, an Internet engineer and website operator has put together a guide that might just help site owners avoid a whole heap of inconvenience in the future.