MPAA and RIAA Call for Copyright Police State

Just days after the U.S Government acknowledged that the entertainment industries have misled the authorities with bogus piracy reports, the RIAA and MPAA are using those same statistics to convince the copyright czar to transform the Internet into a copyright police state.

ACS:Law Anti-Piracy Hunt Takes Toll On Legal Profession

Today, anti-piracy group DigiProtect are again quoted by the BBC as having no regrets about their controversial campaign file-sharing hunt in the UK. Nevertheless, their actions don't come without cost. Their lawyers, ACS:Law, have had more than 280 official complaints filed against them with the UK legal regulatory body, dwarfing all comers in the IP sector.

SeedFucker Is Not Going to Make BitTorrent Anonymous

With stricter anti-piracy laws being introduced worldwide, BitTorrent users are increasingly seeking ways to hide their identities online. Apparently the demand for anonymous BitTorrent transfers has reached a point where people are starting to believe in miracles, which then become news.

LCD Soundsystem Beg Fans Not To Leak New Album, But Too Late

Two nights ago, LCD Soundsystem played a secret show in New York. On stage, frontman James Murphy said that fans could copy their new album, but pleaded with anyone in the audience who may have an advance copy not to leak it before the release date. Unfortunately the plea either fell on deaf ears, or was just made in the wrong place to the wrong people.

Liam Gallagher Hates Rock Stars Moaning about Piracy

While the UK Government had passed its new plans to combat illegal file-sharing, one of the country's most prominent rock stars said he doesn't mind people sharing his songs. Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher used to copy music himself and says he hates "all these big silly rock stars who moan" about piracy.

U.S. Government Recognizes Benefits of Piracy

A report released by the Government Accountability Office questions Hollywood's billion dollar losses claims, citing a lack of evidence as the main reason for the doubts. On the other hand, the Congress-commissioned report emphasizes that piracy may also benefit the entertainment industries and third parties.

IFPI Upset As Italian Minister Admits He’s A File-Sharer

An Italian minister has stirred up controversy by not only criticizing the efforts of the French to disconnect file-sharers from the Internet, but by also admitting he's a pirate himself. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, a musician in a band, believes the solution to online file-sharing lies in a compromise, where music is paid for by advertisers and sponsors

BREIN Cites Newzbin Defeat, Shuts Dutch Usenet Links Site

Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN has been flexing its metaphorical muscles again, this time to shut down a lesser-known Usenet site. MasterNZB offered .nzb files, the Usenet equivalent of .torrent files, but following pressure from the Hollywood funded group it folded to legal threats.