CRIA Is Dead, Long Live Music Canada

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The Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) is going through change. The outfit, which was founded in 1964, represents the local interests of EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner. After more than 45 years, it will now attempt to revamp its image. Along with a new website is a change of name. Out goes the old CRIA […]

File-Sharers Denied Official Religion Status in Sweden

Since 2010 a group of self-confessed pirates have attempted to get their newly-founded religion accepted by the authorities. The Church of Kopimism, which currently has close to 1,000 members, hope that official recognition of their values would make them immune from prosecution. However, the Swedish authorities have denied the request for the second time in succession.

90 Law Professors Oppose U.S. Anti-Piracy Bill

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This week a group of 90 professors wrote a letter opposing the upcoming PROTECT IP Act. When the PROTECT IP Act becomes law U.S. authorities and copyright holders will have the power to seize domains, block websites and censor search engines to prevent copyright infringements. Among other things, the professors argue that the proposed legislation […]

The Copyright Lobby Absolutely Loves Child Pornography


"Child pornography is great," the man said enthusiastically. "Politicians do not understand file sharing, but they understand child pornography, and they want to filter that to score points with the public. Once we get them to filter child pornography, we can get them to extend the block to file sharing."

International Crisis Looms As Russians Pirate The Web Sheriff

Everyone's favorite anti-piracy outfit is facing a battle for its very identity today. Web Sheriff, the company best known for its softly-softly approach, has discovered that a company thousands of miles away is using the same name as them. But rather than send a cheeky takedown request as usual, Web Sheriff has launched an "intercontinental legal attack." It's the Cuban missile crisis all over again, but with sheriffs.

How The RIAA Screws Artists With Creative Accounting

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Yesterday we posted an article about the Swiss IFPI boss who quit following fraud allegations. In the U.S. the RIAA is not a stranger to creative accounting either, although they do stick within the boundaries of the law. In an excellent video titled “How To Sell 1 Million Albums and Owe $500,000” lawyer Martin Frascogna […]

Anti-Piracy Group Issues Veiled Threats To ISPs

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Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) has launched a campaign to try and bring Aussie Internet service providers on board in their fight against online file-sharing. AFACT is still engaged in ongoing legal proceedings against ISP iiNet, a case it lost and is now destined for an appeal court hearing later in the year. However, […]

RIAA Starts Going After BitTorrent Sites

For years BitTorrent sites have remained untouched by the RIAA's legal battles, but recent court filings indicate that this may change. After settling their dispute with LimeWire earlier this year the RIAA is now targeting several BitTorrent indexers. The record industry group has filed a complaint at the U.S. District Court of Columbia and has obtained subpoenas to reveal the identities of individuals behind three large torrent sites.