Microsoft Bemoans Massive Software Piracy

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According to Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer, the company’s revenue in China this year will be just 5% of what it achieves from the United States, despite computer sales in both countries being comparable. In the US 71 million PC units are sold annually, versus 75 million in China. Despite this, Microsoft’s revenue in China […]

Draconian Anti-Piracy Censorship Bill Passes Senate Committee

The controversial PROTECT IP Act unanimously passed the Senate Judiciary Committee today. When the PROTECT IP Act becomes law U.S. authorities and copyright holders will have the power to seize domains, block websites and censor search engines to prevent copyright infringements. Introduced just two weeks ago, the bill now heads over to the Senate for further consideration and another vote.

Police Raid ‘Excellent’ Private BitTorrent Tracker, Admins Arrested

Police in two countries have coordinated to close down a 30,000 torrent private BitTorrent tracker. The operation, which spanned Sweden and Germany, closed down, a site which had risen through the ashes of other sites shut down by authorities in 2009. Police have arrested two suspected administrators and seized the site's server.

Hollywood Beefs Up Injunction Against Pirate Bay Founders

Several major entertainment industry companies including Columbia Pictures and Universal Music have updated the injunction against the founders of The Pirate Bay. The initial order prevented the founders from operating the BitTorrent site on pain of a 500,000 Swedish kronor fine, but it became unenforceable after The Pirate Bay removed its tracker.

Spotify Partners With Facebook

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The popular music streaming application Spotify will soon be integrated with Facebook. With Ludvig Strigeus, the creator of uTorrent, as one of the main engineers from the start Spotify has established itself as a major player in the music industry. Needless to say, a deal with Facebook can only boost its popularity even more. Forbes […]

Major Vulnerability Found in Leaked Anti-Piracy Software

Trident Media Guard, the company entrusted by the French government to monitor file-sharing networks for copyright infringement, recently had some of their tools leaked onto the Internet following a security breach. Now researchers have published an analysis, with claims that an auto-update feature makes TMG's servers vulnerable to remote code injection and execution.

Arrr, Spot The Bon Iver Pirates

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Last week Bon Iver’s latest album was allegedly leaked by iTunes. The self-titled album will be officially released on June 20 but is already widely available on file-sharing sites. Apple refused to comment on their part in the leak but according to the release notes posted on several sites iTunes accidentally made it available in […]

OneSwarm: The Privacy Aware BitTorrent Client

Developed at the University of Washington, OneSwarm is a BitTorrent client that allows users to share files "anonymously" or with a specific group of friends. These features give users more control over their privacy, while maintaining a decent download speed. The client operates from within an Internet browser and is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.