U.S. Government Recognizes Benefits of Piracy

A report released by the Government Accountability Office questions Hollywood's billion dollar losses claims, citing a lack of evidence as the main reason for the doubts. On the other hand, the Congress-commissioned report emphasizes that piracy may also benefit the entertainment industries and third parties.

IFPI Upset As Italian Minister Admits He’s A File-Sharer

An Italian minister has stirred up controversy by not only criticizing the efforts of the French to disconnect file-sharers from the Internet, but by also admitting he's a pirate himself. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, a musician in a band, believes the solution to online file-sharing lies in a compromise, where music is paid for by advertisers and sponsors

BREIN Cites Newzbin Defeat, Shuts Dutch Usenet Links Site

Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN has been flexing its metaphorical muscles again, this time to shut down a lesser-known Usenet site. MasterNZB offered .nzb files, the Usenet equivalent of .torrent files, but following pressure from the Hollywood funded group it folded to legal threats.

How File-Sharers Will Bypass UK’s Anti-Piracy Act

In an apparent attempt to stop piracy from bankrupting the music industry, the UK Government passed the Digital Economy Bill last week. Despite their good intentions, the lawmakers have come up with a legislative equivalent of DRM that will not have the slightest effect on seasoned file-sharers.

Malware Extorts Cash From BitTorrent Users

A new type of malware is riding the wave of file-sharing pre-settlement letters by infecting BitTorrent users' machines and then demanding payments in order to make imaginary lawsuits go away. ICPP Foundation try to give the impression they are RIAA and MPAA affiliated but the whole thing is a scam to extort cash and obtain credit card details.

Bad Publicity Forces Lawyers Out of Anti File-Sharing Cases

A British law firm, which only recently entered the file-sharing settlement letters business, has withdrawn due to masses of bad publicity. Tilly Bailey & Irvine, who tried to rewrite history on its Wikipedia page to remove its connection to this work, say that they fear the rest of their business could be damaged.

Anti-Piracy Group Gets Heavy Over Leaked Lady Gaga Itinerary

Music Industry Piracy Investigations group has made copyright threats to a music news site after they reported on a new Lady Gaga leak. Surprisingly, the leak in question wasn't a new track or album, but a revealing itinerary for Lady Gaga's activities in Australia this week.