Hosting Company: Anti-Pirates Stole $138,000 In Kit & Hijacked Our Email

After seizing back equipment wrongfully seized by Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN, the owner of the servers which previously housed a huge warez topsite has spoken out. With claims that BREIN ruined his business, the man from Costa Rica says that the anti-piracy group stole $138,000 of his equipment and hijacked his email accounts. He will now pursue the matter with the police. Worlds First BitTorrent Magnet URL Shortener

When BitTorrent magnets were hyped to become the successor to the plain old .torrent file, the entire BitTorrent community made sure that is was magnet friendly. Despite these efforts, the rest of the web didn't take note and were left behind. Sharing magnet links with others has thus far been a dreadful experience, but solves this issue.

Pirate Bay Documentary Gets Government Funding

TPB-AFK is an upcoming documentary about The Pirate Bay and its founders, expected to be released later this year. To complete the project, Swedish filmmaker Simon Klose has now received over $30,000 in funding from the Swedish Government. This money will be added to the $50,000 that was already donated by peers through a successful Kickstarter project.

Research: Inside The Mind of a File-Sharer

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Although survey requests are usually ignored by TorrentFreak staff, we make an exception for Brett Caraway who previously assisted with two TorrentFreak articles. As a former PhD student I know how hard it can be to get respondents, so if anyone’s willing to help out, the pitch is posted below. — My name is Brett […]

BitTorrent Admin ‘Fined’, Despite Anti-Piracy Group Law-Breaking and Blunders

Despite an anti-piracy group blundering through an investigation and breaking the law in the process, the administrator of a BitTorrent site has been ordered to pay compensation to rights holders. Jonas Laeborg, the operator of the EliteBits private tracker, was found liable for contributory infringement and ordered to settle to the tune of $18,500.

Court Drops FileSoup BitTorrent Case, Administrators Walk Free

Two administrators of FileSoup – the longest standing BitTorrent community – had their case dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) today. The prosecution relied solely on one-sided evidence provided by the anti-piracy group FACT and was not able to build a case. Following the trial of OiNK BitTorrent tracker operator Alan Ellis, the FileSoup case marks the second where UK-based BitTorrent site operators have walked free.

Police and Sony Raid PS3 Hacker’s Home

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The home of a Playstation 3 hacker has been raided by the police in Germany. At the behest of Sony, yesterday the home of graf_chokolo – the operator of the PS3 Linux And Hypervisor Reverse Engineering Blog – became the latest target in the Sony jailbreaking saga. “Guys, SONY was today at my home with […]

Evil Pirates: Movie Industry Tops $30 Billion Box Office Record


The movie industry certainly had something to celebrate when it announced 2010's box office revenues. For the first time in history box office grosses worldwide have surpassed the magic $30 billion mark and revenues are up 8 percent compared to 2009. But it's not all positive news. Despite their achievements, in a surreal plot twist the MPAA is still calling for tougher legislation and strict enforcement to deal with the ever-looming piracy ghost.