Torrentz Faces Hostile Domain Takeover, the largest BitTorrent meta-search engine on the Internet, is currently dealing with a hostile attempt to take over the site's domain name. The admin of Torrentz has posted a message to all its users to inform them about the situation, and is optimistic that the issue will be resolved…

RIAA CEO Backs John McCain

November 4, 2008, election day in the United States. As votes are cast right across America to determine who will become the 44th president, we take a look at where the sympathies of some of the key anti-piracy and filesharing figures lie, with a particular interest in RIAA CEO Mitch…

ShowInsider Ranks Pirated TV-Shows

BitTorrent is the main distribution method for TV-shows online. Despite the availability of legitimate streaming sites, millions of people prefer to download their favorite TV-shows using torrents instead. ShowInsider is a new project that reveals the latest TV piracy trends.

BitTorrent Sites Step Closer to Legality in Spain

In September a Spanish court decided that the eDonkey indexing site Sharemula operated legally, indicating that linking to copyright infringing material is permitted under the law. Now that decision has been reinforced as a court decides that a torrent site previously shutdown by the police, also operated legally.

VIPeers Intoduces Free BitTorrent Hosting

Today, VIPeers has launched a new and totally free BitTorrent hosting service. With VIPeers, everyone can easily share large files up to 5 GB with as many people as they wish, without having to seed it themselves. The service can be best described as a mashup between one-click hosting sites…

IFPI Abandons “3 Strikes” Model for Danish File-Sharers

Led by the IFPI, the music industry has continued its European tour to convince governments and ISPs to implement a '3 strikes' model to deal with alleged file-sharers. However, recently leaked comments from politicians indicate that chances for Denmark to adopt the scheme are now dead.