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MovieX BitTorrent Tracker VIP Donations ‘Stolen’

After two of its founders were arrested by Australian police, the 400,000 member MovieX tracker hasn't seen the end of its troubles. Although it survived the arrests, the site's vital uploaders have been jumping ship and now, with the site offline again, it appears its finances have been plundered too.

Windows 7 Beta Rollout Fails Without BitTorrent


Microsoft ran into major bandwidth problems when they released the latest Beta of Windows 7 to the public. The company decided to delay the release while they added some more servers, citing "very heavy traffic". If they had only used BitTorrent, this heavy traffic would have actually speeded up distribution,…

DRM Troubles Lead to FTC Discussion

Over the past three years, TorrentFreak has reported on various messes generated by DRM, and how that has impacted people all over the world. Now someone has decided it needs looking into, and so the Federal Trade Commission in the US has commissioned a Town Hall meeting on the subject.

Unfinished Dr. Dre, R.Kelly and 50 Cent Track Hits BitTorrent

An unreleased and unfinished track produced by Dr. Dre has hit BitTorrent. The track "It Could've Been You" featuring R.Kelly, 50 Cent and upcoming artist Bishop Lamont, is thought to be part of Dre's long-awaited 'Detox' album. It is just over four minutes long in 320k. Dre is said to…

BitTorrent as Marketing Tool, Nominated for an Interactive Award

Silence is Sexy, a Dutch band that previously released its album through Mininova's content distribution platform, has been picked as one of the nominees for the Interactive Award 2009. The award is given to the best concept which utilizes the Internet to promote music and engage fans.

Netlabel Shares Music on BitTorrent Sites, for Free

An increasing number of musicians are experimenting with giving away their music for free on BitTorrent. This trend has led to the formation of a new Netlabel, CXCR6, which specifically targets the BitTorrent community with new album releases. We got in touch with its founder about his motivation to promote…

Netgear Unveils its TV-Torrent Player

Netgear has just announced its Internet TV Player, a set-top box that allows users to play content from video streaming sites like YouTube, directly on their TV. Perhaps of more interest is the device's built-in BitTorrent client, which makes it an ideal TV-torrent player as well.