Senior Judge Slams File-Sharing Law Firm, Orders Costs Payout

Today, Judge Birss QC authorized UK law firm ACS:Law to be pursued for "wasted costs" in connection with their controversial attempts to squeeze cash settlements from alleged file-sharers. The judge slammed the firm, describing owner Andrew Crossley of engaging in improper conduct that has brought the legal profession into disrepute.

Geohot Gives Leftover Legal Funds To EFF

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Last week news broke that hacker George Hotz had settled his legal dispute with Sony. Hotz had been a very, very naughty boy and had found ways around Sony’s PS3 security and put details on the Internet. Sony were very angry indeed and decided to teach Hotz a lesson by getting a whole bunch of […]

The Pirate Bay Plugs Hybrid File-Sharing Platform

In recent years the file-sharing world has become more diverse than ever before. Torrents, streaming and cyberlockers have all entered the mainstream with millions of users. Tube+ is a newly launched website that brings most of these sharing platforms together. Backed by The Pirate Bay, there is little doubt that this file-sharing platform will not only pique the interest of many Internet users, but that of Hollywood too.

RapidShare Goes Unlimited

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Swiss based file-hosting service RapidShare has yet again reinvented itself in an attempt not to lose too much ground to the dozens of competing cyberlockers that have popped up recently. “As a pioneer in One Click File Hosting, RapidShare has often ventured into unknown territory, to find the best product for its customers. Now it’s […]

Pirate Blockbuster Hobo With a Shotgun Blasts Into iMDb Top 10

Just two weeks ago, Hobo With a Shotgun was a relatively unknown Grindhouse-style movie but within a matter of days was riding high on BitTorrent networks and even broke into The Pirate Bay's Top 10. Now it's blasted into the iMDb's weekly chart at No.9 - that's up from No.252 in just a week.

Domain Seizure Advocates Eat Their Own Medicine

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As we reported last evening, the US Government has seized a number of online Poker related domains. Three of the largest sites – PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker – all had their domains seized and 11 people connected to the gambling outfits were charged with bank fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling offenses. […]