Recording Industry Wants Another ‘Pirate’ Site Blocked

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In a memo dated May 30th, SKMM – the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission – ordered the country’s ISPs to block several sites linked to file-sharing activity. The usual suspects were on the list including Pirate Bay, MegaUpload, MegaVideo, DepostFiles and PutLocker. The government of Malaysia had previously warned that the sites infringe copyright law. […]

TVShack Admin Fights Extradition To U.S. On Movie Piracy Charges

Three weeks ago the 23-year-old UK-based administrator of a TV show and movie links site was arrested by police. The site, referred to only as TVShack, could be one of three domains of which two are already controlled by the US government after their seizure as part of Operation in Our Sites. Following his detention in the UK's largest prison, the admin is now fighting his extradition to the U.S. with the help of Gary McKinnon's lawyer.

File-Sharers An Easy Prey To Anti-Piracy Lawyers

In the last year thousands of alleged copyright infringers have fallen prey to the dubious litigation practices of a handful of lawyers. Many of the accused are not guilty, but the cleverly constructed scheme leads them to believe that they have no other option than to pay up. One desperate defendant is now threatened with a $150,00 fine for allegedly downloading an adult film concealed as classical music.

Anonymous Targets Malaysia Over File-Sharing Censorship

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As reported in our earlier article, the Internet industries regulator in Malaysia has ordered the country’s ISPs to block a range of file-sharing related sites. In a memo dated May 30th, SKMM – the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission – listed several sites to be censored including Pirate Bay, MegaUpload, DepostFiles and PutLocker. The government […]

Streaming Site Rolls Out Lawyers To Fight Domain Seizure

Prominent sports streaming site Rojadirecta has asked a U.S. judge to return its domain names. The company behind the site, Puerto 80, said that its property was wrongfully taken during the third phase of ICE and Homeland Security's 'Operation in Our Sites', an action which has severely damaged its legitimate business.

Google Censorship Initiative Thwarted by ‘Gee! No Evil!’ Add-On

Earlier this year Google launched a piracy blacklist and began filtering keywords from its Instant and Autocomplete services. A necessary measure to counter online copyright infringement according to the search giant, but not everyone agrees. To partially undo Google's censorship efforts, the “MAFIAA Fire” team has now released the "Gee! No evil!" Firefox add-on.

Aussie Anti-Piracy Group Backflips On 3 Strikes Backflip

Last Monday, Sydney Morning Herald published an article in which they quoted Australian anti-piracy group MIPI saying that although they support "mitigation measures" for dealing with alleged file-sharers, "such measures would not include termination of internet accounts." In a new press release, MIPI have accused Sydney Morning Herald of publishing misleading information. Not so, say SMH.