Anti-Piracy Boss Denies DoS Attacks, Torrent Site Refutes Claim

Anti-piracy outfit AiPlex Software made the news last week when its boss was quoted in the press admitting that his company launched DoS attacks against uncooperative torrent sites. Although the reports and quotes were quite specific, the company is now trying to distance itself from the claims. However, correspondence obtained by TorrentFreak shows another side to these unorthodox Bollywood anti-piracy enforcers.

Privacy Ruling Won’t Save Large Scale File-Sharers

This week a ruling from Switzerland's Federal Court said that an anti-piracy company broke privacy laws when they monitored file-sharers and then used the collected data to extract payments from alleged infringers. While some may think this gives a green light to file-sharers, those sharing large amounts of media should think again - the police might just start showing an interest.

Vodafone Prohibits P2P Use for Broadband Customers

At a time where content producers are increasingly using peer-to-peer technology to distribute data, there are still Internet providers that wont allow such traffic on their networks. This type of discrimination is not limited to mobile or cellular networks either. In Ireland, Vodafone users are not permitted to use peer-to-peer services on their broadband connection.

The War Against Movie and TV Show Linking Websites

In June 2010, several well known websites that linked to movies and TV shows lost their domain names as the U.S. Government's 'Operation in Our Sites' bared its teeth. But the war against linking sites has been going on for some time, much of it off the mainstream radar, with site owners being hit by negative decisions and damages awards running to millions of dollars.

BitTorrent Apps Arrive, But What’s in Store?

Today, BitTorrent Inc. officially debuts the BitTorrent Apps platform in a non-Beta client. The company chose the smaller BitTorrent Mainline client over their leading brand uTorrent for the release, giving 14 million users access to their App platform. The question is, however, how big the demand for Apps among BitTorrent users will be.

How an Anti-Piracy Firm Became Banned In Its Own Country

A notorious Switzerland-based anti-piracy tracking company has to stop harvesting the IP addresses of citizens using P2P networks. The Swiss High Court ruled that IP addresses constitute personal information and when Logistep collected them without the owner's knowledge, that amounted to a breach of privacy laws. From its eDonkey Razorback beginnings, via France through to yesterday's conclusion, here is the full story.

Pirate Bay and Others Not Affected by Warez Raids

Earlier this week Europe's warez scene was shaken up by multiple raids in Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Great Britain and several other countries. In the reports that came out, dozens of news sources also linked some leading Bittorrent sites including The Pirate Bay and BTJunkie to the busts. Just to be absolutely clear, these sites were completely unaffected.