U.S. Seizes Sports Streaming Sites in “Super Bowl Crackdown”

During the past 24 hours the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have seized several domains belonging to major sports streaming sites. While the authorities have not yet officially commented on the actions, there is little doubt that we're dealing with a "Super Bowl Crackdown". Whether the actions will have much effect has to be doubted, as the affected sites are continuing on other domains.

Warcraft III Documentary Arrives on BitTorrent

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For a global release to the file-sharing public, the makers of the Warcraft III documentary teamed up with VODO -the independent BitTorrent distribution platform – and BitTorrent Inc. Beyond the Game primarily revolves around Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, and prominently features world champion players Chinese Xiaofeng Li (Sky), Dutch Manuel Schenkhuizen (Grubby) & Swede […]

Megaupload Targeted In Multi Million Dollar Lawsuit

Adult media company Perfect 10 has come out all guns blazing in yet another lawsuit adventure. This time it has targeted cyberlocker Megaupload, with claims that the file-hosting giant infringed its copyrights, infringed and damaged its trademarks, and engaged in unfair competition. Perfect 10 demands a jury trial and damages and costs running to millions of dollars.

UK Government Reconsiders Web Blacklist

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In an attempt to crackdown on Internet piracy and ‘illicit’ file-sharing, the UK Government planned to force ISPs to block sites that facilitate copyright infringement. As part of the Digital Economy Act this legislation would introduce a commercial censorship policy, similar to those that were introduced in New Zealand and Australia last year. However, the […]

ISP BT off the Hook in ACS:Law Leaked Customer Details Case

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The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office has dropped its investigation into ISP BT after it sent unencrypted customer details to anti-piracy lawyers ACS:Law. As has been widely reported, those details along with thousands of others from ISPs including Sky, TalkTalk and BT Plusnet, leaked online after ACS:Law made a mess of bringing their site back online […]

U.S. Resume Controversial File-Sharing Domain Seizures (Updated)

US authorities have seized the domain of the hugely popular sports streaming and P2P download site Rojadirecta. The site, which is one of the most visited sites on the Internet, lost its .org domain which now redirects to a notice from DOJ/ICE. Rojadirecta is an unusual target because two courts in Spain have ruled that the site operates legally, and other than the .org domain the site has no links to the US.

Spotify Should Give Indies a Fair Deal on Royalties

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Last year, major labels Universal and Sony received more revenue from Spotify than any other Swedish music service or digital and physical record store, according to local newspaper reports. The news came as a surprise to many independent labels and to Swedish songwriters, as their royalty statements tell a very different story. It appears that […]

670 Alleged File-Sharers Off The Hook As BitTorrent Case Dismissed

Last year, an adult movie producer filed suit against 670 individuals who it claimed had infringed copyright on an obscure title. Now the entire case, which was presented by lawyer Evan Stone, has been dismissed. The plaintiffs were scathing about the court-appointed EFF attorneys, describing them as defenders of piracy. The case was dismissed with prejudice, which means that each of the John Doe defendants are completely off the hook.