The Pirate Bay Suffers Downtime

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The Pirate Bay is suffering from some downtime yet again today. We have no official confirmation on the reason for the outage, but it’s most likely a technical issue. The Pirate Bay is in the process of moving its servers to a new location in Southern Sweden. Once everything is in place at the new […]

Anti-Piracy Outfit Will Not Sue Hadopi ‘Hacker’

Exactly a week ago, French anti-piracy company Trident Media Guard experienced a security breach after they failed to properly secure their servers. As reports begin to surface that TMG intend to sue the alleged 'hacker', the target of their intentions informs TorrentFreak that having backed themselves into a corner, the company will not take legal action against him.

RIAA Targets Cloud Hosting Service, But Not Really

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A few interesting headlines have been floating around the Internet during the past few days. They all refer to the RIAA’s latest legal “target,” “RIAA Starts Going After Cloud Storage Sites?” was the Time headline today. The answer is no. The RIAA isn’t going after the site, but one of its users who […]

Pirate Party Servers Raided by German Police

This morning German police confiscated the servers of the Pirate Party, currently the sixth largest political party in Germany. Details of the raid are still scarce, but initial information indicates that the raid was targeted at a service running on the Party's servers. The timing is unfortunate with the Pirate Party participating in the upcoming election in Bremen this Sunday.

Police Arrest File-Sharer For Manga and PSP Upload

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On Tuesday, Japanese police arrested a man on suspicion of illicit file-sharing. The 33-year-old from Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture is believed to have shared a manga titles and a PSP game, which although illegal is hardly crime of the century. According to Anime New Network the man uploaded Square Enix’s Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling […]

Pirate Bay Heads Norwegian Domain Blocking List

Norway's Ministry of Culture has just proposed legislative changes designed to further crack down on illicit file-sharing. In addition to smoothing the way for Internet users to be monitored more easily by rightsholders, amendments have been tabled which would order file-sharing sites to be blocked at the ISP level. Top of the list, The Pirate Bay.

App Developer Fights Pirate With Politeness

Most major music and movie industry outfits go out guns blazing against those who dare to copy their content. They often label these people, who also make up a great portion of their legitimate customers, as thieves and criminals. App developer and owner of the website Word of the Day decided to take another route, and crushed a potential pirate with politeness instead.

Hollywood Forces ISP To Block Movie Links Site

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An Austrian ISP has been served with a preliminary injunction forcing it to block subscriber access to a popular site that offers links to unauthorized streaming movies. The injunction was initiated against the ISP UPC by Verein für Anti-Piraterie der österreichischen Film und Videobranche (VAP) – the anti-piracy association of the Austrian film and video […]