BitTorrent Tracker Becomes Official Movie Distributor

Lithuania's most popular torrent tracker Linkomanija has endured its fair share of copyright related troubles in the past, such as the multi-million dollar lawsuit launched by Microsoft last year. Nevertheless, there are also copyright holders with a more positive view towards the tracker. Today the local movie studio Iron Cat chose the site to become the official distributor of an upcoming movie.

Geohot: Don’t Blame Me For Sony Hack

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Geohot, the hacker who has had more than his fair share of trouble with the big guns at Sony, has denied having anything to do with the devastating attack which took the Playstation Network offline. “To anyone who thinks I was involved in any way with this, I’m not crazy, and would prefer to not […]

Police Raid Russia’s Largest Porn BitTorrent Site

In 2010, Russian authorities seized the domain of the country's biggest BitTorrent tracker,, in copyright related action. Now, just over a year later, police have swooped on its sister site, Pornolab - Russia's biggest porn tracker - and seized its servers. With the recent demise of two other huge adult trackers, it's possible that Pornolab was the largest adult torrent site in the world.

Anonymous Suspected of Taking Down Kiwi Gov Website

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The website of the New Zealand parliament is down after suffering unprecedented and excessive demand for its services. Or, to put it another way, someone flooded it with huge amounts of traffic rendering it completely useless. Earlier today, parliamentary service manager Geoff Thorn sent an email to MPs explaining that the site (which should be […]

US Govt. Uses Seized Domains for Anti-Piracy Video

The U.S. Government is celebrating the importance of intellectual property by educating visitors to the domain names it seized in previous months. These visitors are now redirected to an anti-piracy video instead. The viral video is running on 65 of the seized domains which have now become property of the Government, and shows how illegal downloads can financially ruin innocent workers.

Copyright Is Killing Science!

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Last week, Creative Commons Founder Lawrence Lessig gave a talk at CERN where he discusses the disastrous effects of copyright on creativity and science. Lessig starts off by making the distinction between creators and publishers of content (e.g. musician vs. label). “We need to recognize that there’s a place for sensible copyright policy. To protect […]

Netflix Is Killing BitTorrent in The US

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Something’s not right in the United States. Increasingly people start to pay for Netflix subscriptions so they can stream movies on demand. In the States Netflix nearly doubled the number of new subscribers in the first quarter of 2010, from 1.7 to 3.3 million. In total, Netflix now has 22.8 million paid subscribers in the […]

Where Are uTorrent’s Comments and Ratings Stored?

Last week uTorrent rolled out the first Beta version of their 3.0 release. Among other things, uTorrent 3.0 allows users to rate and comment on the torrents they're downloading. It's a feature that many people have requested, but for the more privacy conscious user, it also begs the question where these comments and ratings are stored.