BitTorrent Tracker Loses Lengthy Legal Battle

More than two years have passed since a coalition of anti-piracy organizations forced, the largest BitTorrent site in Iceland, to go offline. In the years that followed, the BitTorrent tracker won in court more than once, but at the end of the road there was a negative verdict for the site's owner.

Police Skip Millions Of BitTorrent Users On Evidence Issues

Since early February there have been nine raids against file-sharers across Sweden. Those in the spotlight were targeted because they shared relatively large amounts of music on small file-sharing networks. But were these people really a major threat to the music industry or are the millions sharing on BitTorrent proving too hard a target?

UGA Security Analyst Fired For Extorting File-Sharer

Receiving a warning letter from the RIAA for alleged copyright infringement can be a frightening experience for students, considering the damage they might bring along. A 37 year-old employee of the University of Georgia abused this fear to extort a student, demanding money in return for covering up the accusation.

Court Rejects IFPI Appeal For ISP To Block The Pirate Bay

After the IFPI and several movie studios lost their case to force ISP Telenor to block The Pirate Bay, they appealed the decision on the basis the lower court had ruled incorrectly. In yet another blow to the entertainment industry in their battle to force ISPs to take responsibility for their users, the Court of Appeal has rejected the request.

Twitter Uses BitTorrent For Server Deployment

Twitter is calling in the help of BitTorrent to deploy files across its many servers in a more efficient way. The project dubbed 'Murder' is based on the Open Source BitTornado BitTorrent client. Aside from assisting Twitter it is available to other developers at no cost.

European Court Of Justice Reviews P2P Filtering Case

In a landmark case the music copyright group SABAM has been chasing a local Internet provider in court, trying to force the company to filter P2P traffic, thus far without result. The Brussels Court of Appeal has now referred the case to the European Court Of Justice where it will be thoroughly examined once again.

Wii Super Mario Bros. Pirate Settles for $1.3 Million

A man who uploaded Super Mario Bros. for the Wii before its commercial release has agreed to settle with Nintendo. The 24 year-old, who uploaded the game to the Internet in November 2009, has agreed to pay the games giant $1.3m in damages.

NBC Plots Crackdown On Olympic Pirates

In 2008 Olympic torrents were hugely popular. The opening ceremony was downloaded more than 2 million times in the first week, outraging the International Olympic Committee. With Vancouver 2010 starting later this week, several broadcasters have declared war on Olympic pirates.