3-Strikes For Pirates Makes European Comeback Tour

In a great blow for consumers everywhere, the prospect of 3-strikes for copyright infringers has returned with a vengeance, as both the EU Council and French Constitutional court pushed forward with their respective legislation. HADOPI is alive, and the EU has shredded requirements for judicial oversight.

Demonoid: An Interview With Their Ukranian Host

Demonoid is one of the largest BitTorrent trackers on the planet and, unfortunately for those interested in the site, also one of the most secretive. With the site currently out of action with little indication when it will return, there are certainly plenty of questions. An interview with Demonoid's Ukranian host certainly proves to be of great interest.

Court Orders The Pirate Bay To Delete Torrents

The Amsterdam court today ruled that The Pirate Bay must remove a list of copyrighted torrents from their website within three months. In addition they have to block Dutch users' access to parts of the site where copyrighted torrent can be downloaded. If not, the three 'operators' will have to pay penalties of 5,000 euros ($7,500) per person, per day.

Music Pirates are Immoral Cheapskates, Or Are They?

Millions of people are downloading copyrighted music every day, using file-sharing software such as BitTorrent and LimeWire. Some argue that the music industry has brought on this behavior by refusing to innovate. Others, including the RIAA and some lone researchers beg to differ, and see other reasons for this deviant behavior. So who's right?

Copyright Threats Against Compulsive Singer Withdrawn

A shop assistant has received an apology from the UK's Performing Rights Society. The PRS had threatened the 56 year-old grandmother with a "four figure" bill for singing in her shop to customers, but has now backed down from its initial big-sticked aggressive stance, and is now brandishing a big bunch of flowers.

YourBittorrent Continues Where MyBittorrent Left Off

MyBittorrent is familiar name to most in the BitTorrent community, so it came as a surprise when the site shut down this summer. After a dispute concerning the site's future, the two founders agreed to go their separate ways and close the site. One of them has now returned with a brand new torrent search engine.

Anti-Piracy Group Aims For Huge BitTorrent Site Purge

BitTorrent sites are continuing to frustrate anti-piracy groups in Spain. They are not illegal under current law, but with a 3 strikes-style regime ruled out in the country, the entertainment industry feels it has no choice but to go after them. They are now placing their bets on thawing US relations and a subsequent change in the law.

TorrentFreak TV S02E02

Another brand new episode of TorrentFreak TV. This week’s episode covers BREIN's false evidence against The Pirate Bay, Kazaa's creators working on new project, MySpace not allowing a copyright owner upload his own song, VODO the new P2P distribution platform and we review a few VPN services.