Streaming Site Rolls Out Lawyers To Fight Domain Seizure

Prominent sports streaming site Rojadirecta has asked a U.S. judge to return its domain names. The company behind the site, Puerto 80, said that its property was wrongfully taken during the third phase of ICE and Homeland Security's 'Operation in Our Sites', an action which has severely damaged its legitimate business.

Google Censorship Initiative Thwarted by ‘Gee! No Evil!’ Add-On

Earlier this year Google launched a piracy blacklist and began filtering keywords from its Instant and Autocomplete services. A necessary measure to counter online copyright infringement according to the search giant, but not everyone agrees. To partially undo Google's censorship efforts, the “MAFIAA Fire” team has now released the "Gee! No evil!" Firefox add-on.

Aussie Anti-Piracy Group Backflips On 3 Strikes Backflip

Last Monday, Sydney Morning Herald published an article in which they quoted Australian anti-piracy group MIPI saying that although they support "mitigation measures" for dealing with alleged file-sharers, "such measures would not include termination of internet accounts." In a new press release, MIPI have accused Sydney Morning Herald of publishing misleading information. Not so, say SMH.

Camcorder Piracy Epidemic Forces Studios To Delay Screenings

While the rest of the world enjoys the latest theatrical releases, for the foreseeable future the Hungarian public will be subjected to a Hollywood-enforced time delay and a ban on midnight screenings. The action is in response to the discovery that a string of cammed blockbusters turning up on the Internet originated from cinemas in Hungary.

Who’s The Police And Who’s The Crook, Anyway?


The past few years has seen a development that may look like the tables have turned completely with respect for the law. The people who are upholding the law and guaranteeing our fundamental rights are hunted activists. They are defending our law-written rights against none other than law enforcement. Who's the police these days, anyway, and who's the crook?

133,242 BitTorrent Users Sued In the U.S.

News Bits

The mass-lawsuits against thousands of alleged P2P users in the U.S. continue to make headlines, even in mainstream news outlets. Yesterday, CNN wrote an excellent feature on the ongoing cases that some have described as extortion. Although the article itself provides a good overview, the title is a bit off. “50,000 BitTorrent users sued for […] Uploader Speaks Out, Cyberlockers Down, Anon DDoS

This week's raids against led to many arrests and the rapid disappearance of many cyberlocker services, including As an uploader to reveals how he worked with the site, Anonymous have added more chaos to the mix by DDoSing the Hollywood-backed anti-piracy group responsible for the raid.