Katz.cd Hacked and Redirected to ‘Scammy’ Pay Site

Katz.cd, one of the largest direct download and torrent link directories on the Internet, appears to have been taken over by hackers. As a result the site's visitors are now being redirected to a dubious pay-to-download site. How long the 'downtime' will last is unclear at the moment, but all signs suggest that something serious is going on.

Anti-Piracy Group Say Police Have Arrested “Elite Pirate”

Anti-piracy group Antipiratbyrån say police have arrested "an elite pirate" in Sweden. The man in his thirties is claimed to be an administrator of multiple 'Scene' servers carrying as many as 7,000 movies to which around 100 people had access. The man is said to have denied the charges but the prosecutor says his crimes could earn him a jail sentence.

LimeWire Settles With Record Labels, Still Faces $1 Billion Claim

After LimeWire was ordered to cease its operations, the legal troubles continued for the file-sharing company. Dozens of record labels still demanded hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to compensate for their claimed losses. One of these lawsuits involving all the major music publishers has now been settled, reducing the potential damages to just a billion dollars the record labels are claiming in another case.

Pirate Bay Founder ‘Disappears’, But Not With Malice

At the end of September 2010 three of the four defendants in the Pirate Bay case arrived at the Court of Appeal in Stockholm. The fourth defendant, Gottfrid Svartholm, was nowhere to be seen. The appeal continued without him, with his hearing and sentencing to be conducted at a later date. Now Swedish media are reporting that the Court cannot set a date for Gottfrid's hearing because he has disappeared.

US Copyright Czar Questioned On Domain Seizures

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Techdirt posted a great clip of U.S. Representative Zoe Lofgren questioning copyright Czar Victoria Espinel. Among other things the Czar is questioned about the necessity of spending tax dollars on shutting down blogs, and on the absence of due process. Below’s Lofgren’s statement in response to Espinel’s claims of due process, referencing the 84,000 innocent […]

Fear Mongering and Delusional Piracy Report Upsets Aussies

A new study commissioned by several entertainment industry outfits made the rounds in the Australian news yesterday. It claims that illicit movie, music and games downloads cost the industry $900 million a year as well as 8,000 jobs and that an increase in broadband adoption could propel the losses to a staggering $5.2 billion in the next five years. However, it looks like the public isn't buying it, figuratively speaking.

Fox DMCA Takedowns Order Google to Remove Fox DMCA Takedowns

Sending DMCA takedown notices in bulk has become increasingly fashionable during recent years but thanks to the database at Chilling Effects, we are able to see who is sending what to whom. As concerns mount over the amount of checking carried out before items are taken down, it appears that Fox has managed to get Google to delist DMCA complaints on Chilling Effects, which were originally sent by Fox themselves and submitted to Chilling Effects by Google.