Hackers Go After Pirate Bay Investigator

A police IT forensics specialist has had some of his personal details leak via The Pirate Bay. Jim Keyzer, who led the investigation into the popular tracker, has just discovered that his girlfriend's email account was compromised by hackers, who obtained several passwords and other personal documents.

EU Rejects ‘3 Strikes’ for File-Sharers

The European Parliament has approved a report which goes against the French plan to implement a '3 strikes' regime for alleged P2P copyright infringers. The proposals to increase security and ensure freedom on the Internet were accepted, but disconnecting users from the Internet was ruled out.

MediaDefender Founders Leave Sinking Ship

After suffering humiliation at the hands of a hacker in 2007, the future of anti-piracy company MediaDefender is in serious doubt. The stock price of its parent company has plunged, and the two founders of MediaDefender have now left the sinking ship.

TorrentBoy, Free Kids Book on the TorrentSphere

MCM, a writer and artist from Victoria, Canada, has released the first book of his TorrentBoy series. 'TorrentBoy: Zombie World!' deals with a kid named Wesley, who's on a quest to save the world while battling zombies and giant leeches. The book can be downloaded for free.

BarTor Enters BitTorrent Barcode Scanning Market

A few weeks ago we introduced Torrent Droid, an application for Android-based phones that allows users to take a photo of a barcode and lookup torrents for the associated product. While Torrent Droid is still being developed, a similar app is now on the market and available for download.

File-Sharers Face ‘3 Thanks’ for Excessive Downloading

The term '3 strikes' is well known in file-sharing circles - infringe on copyrights and face Internet disconnection. But every coin has two sides, day can eclipse night and evil can be countered by good. Free music service Jamendo continues the theme by shunning '3 Strikes' and embracing '3 Thanks'…

ISP Refuses to Admit Customers Are BitTorrent Pirates

Last year seven Hollywood studios teamed up to sue iiNet, Australia’s third largest ISP. iiNet is accused of authorizing its customers to infringe copyright, but in court today it refused to accept that was the case. iiNet has yet to decide if it will admit that its customers engaged in…

TorrentSpy, One Year After the Shutdown

Exactly a year ago one of the largest torrent sites shut down for good, and a month later the owner was ordered to pay a 110 million dollar fine. We catch up with TorrentSpy owner Justin Bunnell, who’s still in court fighting the MPAA, to see how he views the…