Facebook Shamed by Copyright Screwup

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Copyright can be complicated. In a response to copyright infringement claims Facebook accidentally deleted the pages of several well-known websites, including Ars Technica. A major screwup as it turns out, since the DMCA notices were bogus. The pages in question were gone for a few hours but eventually returned. Some pages lost a few followers […]

IFPI Seizes Control of LimeTorrents Hard Drives

When trying to obtain elusive evidence to help formulate a legal strategy, most organizations tend to go through the court system. IFPI, the international music industry group, has just done it rather differently. When they needed a torrent site's data recently they just called up their host, implied they might sue and then simply picked up the hard drives. Case in point, the Internet's 10th biggest torrent site, LimeTorrents.

Pirate Downloads Poor Guy’s Brain, Deletes Original

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Short films and PSAs which aim to discourage illegal downloading are becoming increasingly emotive. A new one by Toronto-based filmmakers Shawn Goldberg and Avi Zarum takes the intellectual property ‘idea’ to a whole new level. Sleep well folks – and watch out for thieves….. The Idea Thief from Shawn Goldberg on Vimeo.

Paulo Coelho Loves Pirates

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It’s no secret that Paulo Coelho, best-selling author of books such as “The Alchemist” and “The Witch of Portobello,” is a fan of sharing. When we interviewed him nearly three years ago he told us the following: “Since the dawn of time, human beings have felt the need to share – from food to art. […]

TorrentFreak Censored By Anti-Piracy IP Blocklist

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Here’s a story you don’t read very often. Most of you probably are aware of those handy blocklists that block IP-ranges of anti-piracy organizations. Well, TorrentFreak is now proudly listed on one of them, IpfilterX. IpfilterX users who attempt to access our site today are blocked, because we are “LameFreak”. Why you might ask? Well […]

BitTorrent Tracker Becomes Official Movie Distributor

Lithuania's most popular torrent tracker Linkomanija has endured its fair share of copyright related troubles in the past, such as the multi-million dollar lawsuit launched by Microsoft last year. Nevertheless, there are also copyright holders with a more positive view towards the tracker. Today the local movie studio Iron Cat chose the site to become the official distributor of an upcoming movie.

Geohot: Don’t Blame Me For Sony Hack

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Geohot, the hacker who has had more than his fair share of trouble with the big guns at Sony, has denied having anything to do with the devastating attack which took the Playstation Network offline. “To anyone who thinks I was involved in any way with this, I’m not crazy, and would prefer to not […]

Police Raid Russia’s Largest Porn BitTorrent Site

In 2010, Russian authorities seized the domain of the country's biggest BitTorrent tracker, Torrents.ru, in copyright related action. Now, just over a year later, police have swooped on its sister site, Pornolab - Russia's biggest porn tracker - and seized its servers. With the recent demise of two other huge adult trackers, it's possible that Pornolab was the largest adult torrent site in the world.