and Blacklisted as Pirate Sites by Major Advertiser

GroupM, one of the world's leading advertising companies, has compiled a blacklist of more than 2,000 URLs in an attempt to prevent its clients’ ads from appearing on pirate websites. The blacklist includes many of the usual suspects such as The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents, but it also features many perfectly legitimate websites including and BitTorrent Inc's site.

Richard Stallman Opts to Disobey Anti-Piracy Law

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In a recent interview the the Spanish newspaper El Pais, Richard Stallman says that the public should disobey Spain’s new anti-piracy law. “It is as unfair as Sarkozy and Berlusconi, and should be disobeyed by users,” Stallman says referring to The Sinde Act. “How many authors writing earn money to pay his expenses? A hundred, […]

Anti-Piracy Lawyers Found Guilty of Professional Misconduct

A pair of lawyers who were responsible for the introduction of so-called Speculative Invoicing into the UK, have both been found guilty of professional misconduct by a tribunal. Among other charges, the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal found that the pair from law firm Davenport Lyons knowingly targeted innocent people. They now face a range of sanctions from monetary penalties through to being disbarred.

Good News for 23,322 Alleged Expendables Downloaders

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For a short while the makers of The Expendables had the questionable honor of having started the biggest file-sharing lawsuit the world has ever witnessed. A massive list of 23,322 U.S. Internet users were targeted by the film studio NU Image, all suspected of downloading the Hollywood blockbuster on BitTorrent. Although the makers of The […]

Anti-Piracy Lawyers Defame TorrentFreak in Court

As copyright cases pile up at various U.S. courts, anti-piracy lawyers are getting more bold with their demands for money and information. In one case at the District Court of Northern California, copyright holders are demanding the personal details of all members of a video streaming site. In their defense, the website's owners referenced a recent TorrentFreak article, which the copyright holder's lawyer incorrectly characterized as a "myriad of lies."

Pirate Bay, MegaUpload & Others Blocked By Government Order

In what appears to be a memo sent to ISPs by the regulator of Internet industries in Malaysia, all service providers have been ordered to completely block various file-sharing sites including The Pirate Bay, MegaVideo and other hosting services. The move follows an April statement by the country's Prime Minister in which he promised his administration would never censor the Internet.

Record Labels Suspected of Anti-Competitive Practices

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The Swiss branch of the largest music industry trade group IFPI is under investigation for anti-competitive practices. The Swiss Competition Commission (Wettbewerbskommission) is looking into the IFPI and its members, mostly prominent record labels. A preliminary investigation started on 24 March 2011 and has revealed that IFPI Switzerland and its members hinder parallel CD imports. […]

Happy World IPv6 Day!

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In case you’ve missed it, it’s World IPv6 Day. A day to remind people that they should be prepared for the future of the Internet. TorrentFreak has been the proud owner of an IPv6 address for quite a while, which earned us a spot (#33) in the hall of fame. But today the big boys […]