EFF Takes On Mass BitTorrent Lawsuits In Court Tomorrow

As the US Copyright Group continues with its plans to force settlements from thousands of individuals who they claim illegally shared copyright movies using BitTorrent, opposition to their turn-piracy-into-profit scheme grows. Tomorrow the EFF steps up to the mark in a federal court to argue for the breaking up of the lawsuits. If successful they could strike a significant blow to this operation.

BitAudit: The Tool You Don’t Want Anti-Pirates To Have

BitAudit is by far the most elaborate tool to track communications between BitTorrent users we've seen to date. Although its creator built the application to give BitTorrent users insight into the inner workings of the protocol and the public nature of it, anti-piracy outfits might use it as inspiration to update their own tracking systems which are usually pretty weak.

Swedish ISP Blocks The Pirate Bay Following Injunction

Last month one of three injunctions obtained by Hollywood lawyers required that Swedish ISP Black Internet must stop providing access to the world's most famous BitTorrent site. The provider has just complied with the court order and in turn became the first in Sweden to cut their customers off from the site. Whether this opens the floodgates for other ISP blocks remains to be seen.

IsoHunt Tells Court That MPAA’s Filter is Needless Censorship

BitTorrent search engine isoHunt is fighting the permanent injunction the District Court of California issued in their case against the MPAA. According to isoHunt's owner, a site-wide filter based on a list of keywords provided by the movie industry is an unworkable solution that would impede freedom of speech and bring China-style censorship to the U.S.

Rival ISPs Team Up in Court To Fight Pirate Bay Block

After failing to shut down The Pirate Bay, the movie industry in The Netherlands has been trying to find other ways of limiting access to the site. Earlier they began threatening an ISP with court action unless it blocked access to the site. Now one of the ISP's rivals is joining the fight against anti-piracy group BREIN in the hope of avoiding an undemocratic precedent.

Facebook Uses BitTorrent, and They Love It

BitTorrent is the ideal way to transfer large files to thousands of locations in a short period of time. This doesn't only apply to movies and music that are downloaded by the average BitTorrent user, companies can benefit from it as well. With help from BitTorrent, Facebook can now push hundreds of megabytes of new code to all servers worldwide in just a minute.

‘No Evidence’ Anti-Piracy Group Hacked FTP Server

As soon as Sweden's IPRED legislation was passed, Antipiratbyrån working on behalf of several book publishers somehow managed to gain access to a private FTP server containing audio books. That copyright case involving ISP ePhone is with the Supreme Court but allegations that the anti-piracy group illegally hacked into the server to gather evidence persist in the background.