PayPal, IFPI and Police Collaborate To Strangle Pirate Music Sites

According to an announcement by IFPI, online payment provider PayPal has agreed to help strangle the finances of sites offering unauthorized music. While it appears that the initial targets are Russian and Ukrainian MP3 services, the deal will also be of concern to torrent sites that rely on PayPal to accept site donations.

“Appalling” $1.5m File-Sharing Verdict Slashed To $54,000

A federal court has slashed the verdict in an infamous file-sharing case from $1.5 million to 'just' $54,000. U.S. District Judge Michael Davis branded an earlier jury decision in favor of the RIAA and against Jammie Thomas-Rasset as "appalling." Judge Davis has now overruled a jury three times in this case. The RIAA are reportedly unhappy with the verdict and are considering their options.

Anti-Piracy Lawyers Find Cheaper Way To Identify BitTorrent Users

Since 2010 close to 200,000 people in the U.S. have been sued for sharing movies via BitTorrent. For the copyright holders and lawyers these cases are already highly profitable. However, some are testing a new and potentially more effective tactic to pursue alleged copyright infringers which could signal the beginning of a new avalanche of settlements.

Judge: Pirate Party Name-Ban Decision Stands

Back in March the Russian Justice Ministry turned down the Pirate Party's attempt to officially register. The decision was made because the authorities feel that the word 'pirate' could be connected with criminal acts. Now a Moscow judge has backed that decision, leading the party to decide on a new name.

Artists Share 50,000 Free Music Albums on BitTorrent

With more than 300,000 tracks and 50,000 albums published since its inception, the music publishing website Jamendo holds one the greatest libraries of free music online. A great success story that is in part powered by BitTorrent. From the start the site embraced P2P downloads to save resources and because artists and fans appreciated it.

UPDATED: Indian Government Blocks Leading File-Sharing Services

According to growing reports coming out of India, users of several large Internet service providers can no longer access some of the world's largest file-hosting sites. On apparent order from the Indian government, RapidShare, MegaUpload, MediaFile, HotFile and many more are all being blocked at the ISP level.

Appeal Punishes File-Sharer, Fine Increased 6x Over

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A man caught sharing dozens of music tracks on the Internet who initially collected a tiny fine had his case go to appeal. The end result was a bad one. The 26 year-old from Sweden had previously been monitored sharing 44 tracks via a Direct Connect sharing hub during the summer of 2009. He later […]

Music Piracy Row Escalates Between Label and Magazine

A London-based music label and a German music magazine are having an escalating high-profile row over two leaked albums. Ninja Tunes have publicly accused Backspin magazine of leaking promos sent to them earlier this month, accusations the magazine aggressively denies. So who leaked what and when? TorrentFreak takes a look.