New Moon Pirate Camming Farce Comes To An End

When a woman who filmed her sister's birthday party and minutes of a movie was arrested recently, it showed how far MPAA brainwashing had spread. Theater managers, knowing full well that the lady faced three years in jail, insisted on pressing charges. Today, prosecutors threw out the case against her.

Damned Pirates: Hollywood Sets $10 Billion Box Office Record

Claims by the MPAA that illegal downloads are killing the industry and causing billions in losses are once again being shredded. In 2009, the leading Hollywood studios made more films and generated more revenue than ever before, and for the first time in history the domestic box office grosses will surpass $10 billion.

Digital Economy Bill: Lords Want To Stamp Out Piracy Chasers

Members of the House of Lords recently voiced concerns over the UK government's Digital Economy Bill, stating that the problems facing the entertainment industry are largely of their own creation. There was also criticism of companies who demand cash from file-sharers in the UK, and ideas were put forward to end their scheme.

Anti-Piracy Group Wants To Ban You From Talking About Usenet

The first rule of Usenet is, you don’t talk about Usenet. This rule kept Usenet providers and users out of sight from anti-piracy organizations for years. Ironically, the Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN are now the first ones trying to enforce this rule in court.

IFPI Takes Telenor Pirate Bay Blocking Case To High Court

In early November, the IFPI backed by several movie studios lost its case to force ISP Telenor to block The Pirate Bay. Unsatisfied with this decision, the copyright holders are insisting that since the ISP is contributing to piracy, the court has ruled incorrectly. They will now take their case to the High Court.

Pirate Party MEP Proposes ‘Internet Bill of Rights’

The Pirate Party's Christian Engstrom is already making waves in the European Parliament. After his hard work on the Telecoms Package amendment he's now working to set up an Internet Bill of Rights, attempting to codify some of the core beliefs of the Pirate Party. To achieve this he wants your help.

Pirate Bay Allowed To Take Bias Claims To Supreme Court

Ever since the guilty verdict was handed down against the defendants in the Pirate Bay trial, what would happen next had been surrounded by uncertainty. Accusations of bias were leveled at both the original trial judge, and two of the judges set to handle the appeal. Today the Supreme Court handed down its decision - there will be no retrial.

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