NowTorrents Domain Hijacked by Hacker

With more than million searches each day NowTorrents is one of the larger torrent search engines on the Internet. The site has grown steadily during recent months, and everything was looking great until a few hours ago, when the owner lost its domain. The domain was hijacked and parked on…

Fake aXXo Lures Users to Private Torrent Site

Drama has struck parts of the BitTorrent community recently as the popular DVD ripper aXXo hasn't uploaded any torrents for several weeks. Recently a rumor surfaced that aXXo went to join a private BitTorrent tracker and continued to share his work there exclusively. But is this really the case?

Tweet Your Favorite Torrents With TorrentTwitter

The micro-blogging service Twitter continues to increase in popularity but while it's great to hear about what that B-grade celebrity had for breakfast or where your best friend woke up this morning, readers of TorrentFreak will probably prefer hearing about torrents. That's where TorrentTwitter steps in.

How Pirates Shook European Politics

With 7.1 percent of the vote, the Swedish Pirate Party has shocked its critics and secured a seat in the European Parliament. The Pirates received more votes from those under 30 than any other party in the European elections yesterday, and this was celebrated with pints of rum and loads…

Pirate Party Wins and Enters The European Parliament

The Pirate Party has won a huge victory in the Swedish elections and is marching on to Brussels. After months of campaigning against well established parties, the Pirate Party has gathered enough votes to be guaranteed a seat in the European Parliament.

Pirate Bay Nemesis Has Name Changed By Pranksters

Antipiratbyrån lawyer Henrik Pontén, one of the Pirate Bay's arch rivals, had quite a surprise recently when he received an unexpected piece of mail. The letter from the Swedish tax authority informed him that his request for a name change had been accepted and from now on, he would be…

Z-Cult FM Comic BitTorrent Tracker Turns The Final Page

Back in 2007, the Z-Cult FM comic book tracker experienced difficulties when it came under legal pressure from Marvel and DC Comics to remove torrents linking to their copyright works. The site complied and extended this service to other publishers but in the end, this courtesy ended up draining the…