France Passes New 3 Strikes Anti-Piracy Bill

After its initial adoption in May, the original version of the "3 strikes" Hadopi anti-piracy legislation was struck down by France’s highest legal authority after declaring the proposals unconstitutional. A modified version of the bill was accepted in July by the Senate and today it was passed in the National Assembly.

ISP Appeals Decision Forcing it to Disconnect Pirate Bay

The ISP that until recently was the bandwidth supplier to The Pirate Bay, is set to appeal the court ruling which forced it to take the world's largest BitTorrent tracker offline. Supported by various politicians, Black Internet says the issue reaches far beyond The Pirate Bay and that fighting the ruling is important for all ISPs.

Kiosk of Piracy: An Offline Copy of The Pirate Bay

In the past weeks the Pirate Bay has been ripped, copied and rebuilt by avid file-sharers, guaranteeing that the site's legacy will be preserved no matter what. The people behind the Kiosk of Piracy take this trend to a whole new level as they have created an offline copy of the site which is open to the public.

Retailer Must Compensate Sony Anti-Piracy Rootkit Victim

In 2005 there was a huge scandal when it was revealed that Sony's attempts to crack down on music piracy had got out of control. The company included a rootkit (XCP) on many of its music CDs which was installed on the user's PC without permission. Now a court has ordered compensation to be paid to an XCP victim.

It’s Time To Sink The Pirate Bay, and Replace It

In just a few weeks time The Pirate Bay as we know it will be no more. There is no doubt that its demise will signal the end of an era, however, it will also mark the start of a new one. Or to use the words of Pirate Bay insider Rasmus Fleischer, "It’s time to sink the ship and move on!"

Israeli MPAA Goes After Premier Subtitling Site

ALIS, Israel's answer to the MPAA, has moved aggressively against a site which provides translated subtitles for movies and TV shows. Three individuals who work to provide free subtitles on Qsubs, one of Israel's most prominent subtitle providers, have been ordered by ALIS to pay $264,000 each in damages and issue a public apology.

Trackhub Offers a Solution for Failing BitTorrent Trackers

Trackers are the Achilles’ heel of BitTorrent. Tens of thousands of downloads will slow down or stop working entirely when some of the bigger trackers go offline. Trackhub is a new service that addresses this problem by distributing downloaders to a working tracker in case the main tracker fails.