uTorrent Launches Remote Control for iPhone

BitTorrent Inc. has made the remote access 'web' feature of its Falcon client iPhone compatible. uTorrent users can now remotely control their downloads from wherever they are with their iPhone. Torrents can be added, paused and removed using an interface with a look and feel identical to that of the uTorrent application.

ISP Attempt To Block File-Sharing Ends in Epic Failure

In response to the country's "3 strikes" Hadopi legislation, last week a French ISP began offering a service to block file-sharing on customer connections for 'just' 2 euros per month. It didn't take long for awful vulnerabilities in the system to be found which breached not only the privacy of subscribers, but exposed them to new security threats.

The World’s 5 Largest Public BitTorrent Trackers

In the fall of last year The Pirate Bay took its tracker offline. Luckily, for the stability of the BitTorrent ecosystem several new trackers emerged to take its place. Time for us to provide an overview of the largest public BitTorrent trackers currently around.

Director Sam Bozzo On BitTorrent and the Movie Industry

Last month an early cut of the unreleased movie Hackers Wanted found its way to BitTorrent. As the director's cut of the movie also leaked out last night, TorrentFreak caught up with director Sam Bozzo who through the prism of 15 years in movie making gives his opinion on how leaks, BitTorrent and file-sharing affects the industry.

Hundreds More BitTorrent Lawsuits In The Making

If the U.S. Copyright Group (USCG) is to be believed, tens of thousands of BitTorrent users are at risk of receiving a settlement letter in the mail if they have shared films without authorization. The group behind the 'Hurt Locker' case says it is tracking hundreds of other films for various movie companies.

Hurt Locker BitTorrent Targets Get Offers of Representation

Thousands of individuals receiving settlement offers from US lawyers following allegations that they shared movies such as Hurt Locker are being offered other opportunities to deal with the problem. Today the EFF launched its 'Subpoena Defense List' which shows lawyers across the States prepared to defend letter recipients. Another company is even suggesting it can reduce settlement amounts.

BitTorrent Live Stream Brings Film Festival to Gaza

BitTorrent is the most effective way to share large files online, but it can also be used to stream live events. In some cases it's the only way for people to access cultural events. After a Palestinian filmmaker was denied a visa to visit a film festival in Norway where one of his films is to be screened, the festival's organizers are turning to BitTorrent to stream the festival live to Gaza.