P2P Is Scary Kids, Don’t Use It!

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This is a message to all computer users, children in particular. Stay away from the peer-to-peers, they can steal your bank account information and passwords The U.S. Government has even issues a National Cyber Alert for this widespread threat. “File-sharing technology is a popular way for users to exchange, or “share,” files. However, using this […]

FrostWire ‘Kills’ Gnutella to Go All BitTorrent

After LimeWire was shut down last year FrostWire took over as the leading file-sharing application on the Gnutella network. But this didn't last long. Today FrostWire announces that it will leave Gnutella entirely and focus on BitTorrent instead. This decision may very well signal the end of the once-mighty Gnutella network, while existing BitTorrent networks will only grow stronger.

Hollywood Force ISP To Use Child Abuse Filter Against File-Sharing Site

Last year Hollywood's Motion Picture Association (MPA) went to court seeking an injunction against UK ISP BT in order to force them to block Newzbin2, the resurrected version of the original Newzbin Usenet indexer. This week the MPA are back at the High Court again as they attempt to force BT to use their child abuse filter to block Newzbin2.

Google Boots Transdroid Torrent Manager From Android Market

Google has pulled one of the most popular torrent download managers from the Android Market because of policy violations. Before Google booted the application, Transdroid had been available for two years and amassed 400,000 users during that time. Thus far Google hasn't specified what the exact nature of Transdoid's violations are, but it's not unlikely that they relate to copyright infringement.

The Red Flag Act of 1865


There is nothing new under the sun. When incumbent industries are threatened by a new and disruptive technology, they will use any justification imaginable to kill it in its infancy, trying to convince legislators that their particular special interest is a public interest. It always ends badly.

LulzSec / Anonymous Scare Aussie ISP into Rethinking Internet Filter

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Starting next week two of Australia’s largest ISPs, Telstra and Optus, will voluntarily implement an Internet filter that censors some 500 websites. At least, that was the plan. It now appears that the recent accomplishments of LulzSec and Anonymous have changed the minds of Telstra’s top executives. With the threat of becoming the prime target […]

EZTV Down Due to DNS Problems

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The popular TV-torrent index EZTV is currently offline due to DNS problems. At the moment there’s no indication how long the outage will last. As always, however, the EZTV.it crew will do all it can to solve the issues as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the leading TV-torrent distribution group continues to post torrents on The […]