uTorrent Mac Beta, Now With RSS Feeds

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Just a few minutes after BitTorrent Inc released a new BitTorrent client for Windows, Mac users are welcomed by one of the biggest upgrades to ‘their’ uTorrent beta. Now available for download. µTorrent for Mac Beta – New Features: * µTorrent Remote: Simple, secure access to µTorrent from anywhere. No complicated network configuration required. Add […]

BitTorrent Inc. Releases Dummy Proof Download Client

To make BitTorrent appeal to an even wider audience, uTorrent parent company BitTorrent Inc. has released a brand new BitTorrent client today. Codenamed Chrysalis, the new piece of software is aimed at novice BitTorrent users who are generally overwhelmed by the traditional interface of uTorrent and the mainline client. In the months to come Chrysalis will replace BitTorrent’s mainline client.

Piracy is Theft? Ridiculous. Lost Sales? They Don’t Exist, Says Minecraft Creator

The "piracy is stealing" argument raises its head in the media every week and is on the lips of anti-piracy outfits and copyright holders every day. To them, every unauthorized copy is a lost sale and another small dent in the company spreadsheet which, when added to a million others, will destroy it bit by bit. To the maker of Minecraft, however, its an opportunity. Piracy is theft? You must be kidding. Lost sales? They don't exist.

I-Blocklist Down Due to DDoS Attack

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I-Blocklist, the provider of blocklists to PeerBlock, PeerGuardian, Moblock, and other IP-blocking software has been suffering downtime due to a DDoS attack. The following message was posted on the Iblocklist website a few hours ago. I-Blocklist is currently under a DOS attack. There is no risk to our users or data however I-Blocklist may be […]

Portuguese Government Creates Honeypot To Combat Piracy

Rights holders often take extreme measures to combat piracy, but that a Government institution creates a 'pirate' honeypot is quite exceptional. In Portugal, a collaboration between a Ministry of Culture affiliated organization and the local music industry has resulted in a protocol that calls for such a honeypot, in order to shame, scare and threaten those who download music without authorization.

New Anti-Piracy Service Drives Itself Deep Undergound

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News of a fresh anti-piracy startup has hit the press again over the past few days which claims, as so many do these days, to crawl the Internet looking for pirate music with the plan of having it removed. The Australian-based service, known as TuneSecure, can apparently track sharing on P2P networks and hosting services. […]

Anti-Piracy Outfit Suffers Huge DDoS Attack, Blames Usenet Users

Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN has been subjected to a major DDoS attack which has taken its website offline. The Hollywood-backed group has been making a number of enemies with its actions in The Netherlands so the range of culprits is quite large. Nevertheless, BREIN chief Tim Kuik says he thinks he knows who is behind it.

TinySubs The First Real-Time Subtitles Search Engine

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In 2008 a trend was set by launching real-time torrent search engines. These sites became quite popular as they were able to search the well trusted torrent sources in real-time. Now, a few years later the idea has been picked up again, and used for another download related project; subtitles. BitTorrent users often try and […]