BitTorrent Live Stream Brings Film Festival to Gaza

BitTorrent is the most effective way to share large files online, but it can also be used to stream live events. In some cases it's the only way for people to access cultural events. After a Palestinian filmmaker was denied a visa to visit a film festival in Norway where one of his films is to be screened, the festival's organizers are turning to BitTorrent to stream the festival live to Gaza.

Lawyers Warn WordPress Over File-Sharing News Blog

A law firm which previously sent threatening letters to alleged file-sharers in order to receive cash settlements has complained to WordPress over a hosted blog. According to the complaint, Automattic Inc. can be held liable for copyright infringement and defamation due to the fact it hosted a FaceBook-sourced picture of one of the firm's lawyers which had been Photoshopped into a 'Wanted' poster.

Cisco Expects P2P Traffic to Double by 2014

Forecasts from Cisco's Visual Networking Index reveal that P2P traffic is predicted to grow to more than 7 Petabytes per month by 2014. This is more than double the amount of data P2P traffic generated in 2009. The majority of the bandwidth consumption will be generated by BitTorrent, which is the dominant file-sharing protocol today.

WikiLeaks Embraces Torrent and Magnet Links

As it moves from one controversy to the next, Whistleblower site WikiLeaks is rarely out of the news lately. The site offers thousands of previously confidential documents to download from its own servers resulting in huge bills for bandwidth. Now in addition to these direct downloads, WikiLeaks is offering both torrent and magnet links.

IP-Addresses of First Hurt Locker Victims Revealed

Approximately 700 IP-addresses of BitTorrent users who allegedly shared a copy of 'The Hurt locker' have been submitted to the Washington D.C. District Court. The public court records show that nearly all IPs in the group were tracked from the last week of April until the first week of May.

Judges Liken P2P To The Ancient Practice of Lending Books

After raids in 2005, Spanish police arrested four people and dismantled a popular file-sharing site. The case has been dragging on ever since but now has finally been closed. Three judges decided that no offense had been committed and likened file-sharing to the ancient practice of sharing books.

Bias Claims Overshadow Landmark Anti-Piracy Ruling

The integrity of the judge who handed out a negative judgment to the Usenet community FTD has been called into doubt. After it became apparent that the lawyer representing the movie studio and the judge were giving copyright courses together, the Pirate Party is hinting at a corruption scandal.

Ex-MTV Executive A Suspect In Promo and Piracy Case

Today a federal court of appeals in the US will consider if selling so-called promo CDs is illegal. Over in the UK another investigation is running its course after James Hyman, a high-profile ex-MTV executive and radio DJ, became suspected of selling hundreds of discs on eBay, some of which are believed to have fallen into the hands of groups who later released them on the Internet.