Ex-Supplier of Pirate Bay Bandwidth Given Leave to Appeal

Black Internet, the ISP that was previously a supplier of bandwidth to The Pirate Bay, was threatened with large fines earlier this year if it did not disconnect the world's largest tracker from the Internet. Now the ISP has been given leave to take the case to the Court of Appeal.

Anti-Piracy Group Reports Torrent Site Users to the Police

Lithuanian anti-piracy outfit LANVA has reported the IP-addresses of 106 users of the country's largest BitTorrent site to the police, on allegations of sharing a copy of Windows 7. The site's owner has said he will do everything he can to help the users if legal action is taken, and in turn has reported the anti-piracy outfit to the police.

COFEE Forensic Tool Leaks To What.cd, Admins Ban It

Microsoft's much sought-after COFEE law-enforcement forensic tool has leaked onto the Internet. One user uploaded it to private tracker What.cd to collect a huge 1.6tb bounty. However, in a sensible move, the admins of the site took action to remove the link and ban further sharing of the tool via the site.

Anti-Piracy Group Responds to Media, Not DRM Breaker

This week a man reported himself to an anti-piracy group, confessing to breaking the DRM on more than one hundred movies and TV shows, in an attempt to draw attention to unhelpful copyright laws. Now the anti-piracy group has taken the time to respond, not yet to the man in question, but to the press.

Anti-Piracy Group Throws in the Towel, Pirates Walk Free

Following several legal setbacks, a Danish anti-piracy group which represents the music and movie industry, has announced that it will stop going after illegal file-sharers. The outfit came to this decision after it lost several court cases against alleged copyright infringers.

Game Developer Promotes Game on Torrent Sites

Game developer RedLynx has been exploring a novel marketing technique for its products. Instead of trying to get all its titles removed from torrent sites, the company itself is distributing 'hacked' copies of the games, hoping to convert torrent site users into paying customers.

IFPI Loses: Telenor Will Not Block The Pirate Bay

Earlier this year, the IFPI gave Norwegian ISP Telenor an ultimatum – block access to The Pirate Bay within days or get taken to court. Telenor refused, IFPI followed through with its threat and the case was heard earlier this month. The decision was announced today. IFPI lost the case and Telenor will not have to block The Pirate Bay.