Oh No… Kaspersky Blocks TorrentFreak

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Censorship, gotta love it. Apparently Kaspersky’s parental police thinks TorrentFreak is illegal software. Strange, especially since actual BitTorrent software (which isn’t illegal either) such as uTorrent can be accessed just fine. Tip: http://torrentfreak.com

MPAA Anti-Piracy Lobbying Targets FBI, DOJ, ICE, DHS and Biden

According to a disclosure report, the MPAA spent $400,000 lobbying a wide range of US government departments in the first quarter of 2011 including the FBI, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, ICE and the Vice President's Office. Issues on the table include so-called "rogue sites" including RapidShare, streaming, graduated response (3 strikes) and domain seizures.

Open Wi-Fi Is Not a Crime, BitTorrent Case Judge Hears

Defending the right to run an open wireless network, an accused BitTorrent user has written to a court explaining that his actions do not constitute a crime. The Doe further highlighted how mass-BitTorrent lawsuits are used to harass Internet users based on shoddy evidence. The anti-piracy lawyers in question suspect foul play, and claim the letter was not sent by one of the Does, but by a pro-piracy organization.

Ireland Set To Force ISPs To Disconnect Pirates

Following last year's failed High Court bid to force an ISP to adopt a 3 strikes-style regime to deal with pirates, the Big Four record labels are set to get their way through a change in the law. If adopted, proposals published yesterday by the Irish government would allow copyright holders to hold ISPs liable for infringements and take out injunctions against them.

YouTube Embed Royalty Results In Public Outrage

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Music royalty collection agencies are known for going to extremes to claim money on behalf of artists and music composers. They target schools and kids’ community centers, charge charities for the singing of Christmas carols without a license, and even crash weddings if they have to. In the last years some music royalty collection agencies […]

E-book Piracy Can Boost Sales, Publisher Claims

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The music industry has made it quite clear that the Internet is a scary place full of pirates. These same fears have spread into the minds of some book publishers, but not all. According to a recent column in the Chronicle of Higher Education there are publishers that see piracy as a promotional vehicle. At […]

Warner Music Director Profited From Piracy

The copyright infringement lawsuit filed by FilmOn founder Alki David against CNET’s Download.com has brought to light an interesting fact. In their complaint, plaintiffs allege that CNET profited from copyright infringement as the site was the main distributer of LimeWire. Although CNET's liability is far from proven, it is certainly worth noting that Warner Music director Shelby Bonnie was also CNET's CEO at the time LimeWire got sued.

Zombie Game Taken Offline Because Pirates Didn’t Use BitTorrent

A popular indie zombie-style RPG game has been taken offline due to an unofficial feature made available in a cracked copy. The developers of the game say that they usually turn a blind eye to piracy since it could have benefits for their project, but when pirates keep using their servers to get updates instead of using BitTorrent, they had to make a stand.