Anti-Piracy Law is ‘Reasonable’ Says Kiwi Music Chief

The proposed anti-filesharing legislation in New Zealand has got more than its fair share of press recently but unfortunately for the music industry, most of it has been bad. However, the head of New Zealand's answer to the RIAA says everyone has it wrong, insisting Section 92A is a "reasonable"…

Norwegian State TV Launches BitTorrent Tracker

The government-owned Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) has set up its very own BitTorrent tracker to distribute their TV-shows. After a successful test last year they plan to release more DRM-free TV-shows via BitTorrent, using the same tracker software currently in use at The Pirate Bay.

TorrentFreak TV Episode 6

After a two month break, TorrentFreak TV returns with a brand new episode and a new host. This week's episode includes a recap of of the Pirate Bay trial, Vuze's secret and some BitTorrent speed tips.

Mininova Hit By Massive DDoS Attack

Mininova, one of the leading BitTorrent sites, has been suffering from a massive DDoS attack over the past few days. Originating from a botnet spanning three continents, the attacks vary in strength and are causing the site to be completely inaccessible at times. The Mininova team is working on a…

Fansubbers Are Not Thieves, But Avid Consumers

Last month the Legendas fansub site was taken down by anti-piracy action, only to return a short time later. Now, another prominent subbing community has closed its doors - and has launched a campaign to show the movie industry that they are not thieves, but avid consumers.

Large Pirate Topsite Raided in Sweden

Swedish police have busted a server belonging to one of the largest topsites in the country. It was part of a ring of servers totaling 65 terabytes of pirated material data. Several well known 'scene' groups used the site. The Swedish anti-piracy bureau assisted in the investigation and says that…

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich ‘Pirates’ His Own Album

It's been nearly nine years since Lars Ulrich became one of the most vocal opponents of Napster and the generation of file-sharers it spawned. Not one to speak about something he has no experience of, Ulrich has just admitted downloading his own album, Death Magnetic, and it was "bizarre".