BitTorrent Sites Hacked By Secret Government Unit? Not So Fast..

In the early hours of Saturday morning, panic set in on two large European BitTorrent trackers. ArenaBG and Zamunda, a pair of sites with a history of being targeted by the Bulgarian authorities, were reported down. According to several mainstream media reports, they had been taken offline by the country's anti-mafia unit and/or hacked by a secret government department. Big news or crazy rumor?

Did Wikileaks Get Some Leaks on KaZaA and LimeWire?

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P2P intelligence company Tiversa is claiming to have evidence which proves that Wikileaks got some of their materials of file-sharing networks such as KaZaA and LimeWire. “WikiLeaks is doing searches themselves on file-sharing networks,” Chief Executive Officer Robert Boback told Bloomberg. Tiversa says it spotted several searches on P2P networks that were specifically targeted at […]

Not Everyone likes BitTorrent

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This is one of the weirdest arguments for broadband caps I’ve read in a long time. Essentially most ISPs use the very same reasons for throttling BitTorrent users on their network. Fair or not? “I managed my company’s network for more than seven years and we always had excellent Internet connection until some guys from […]

The Music Bay: Pirate Bay Crew Instill More Fear Into The Music Industry

For years The Pirate Bay has been a thorn in the side of the music industry, but things could be about to take a turn for the worse. Over the past days rumors of a new project titled "The Music Bay" have been circling, and now a Pirate Bay insider has just confirmed to TorrentFreak that the major record labels have good reason to be afraid, very afraid.

Spotify Paid Out $61 Million To Labels In 2010

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In 2010, Spotify grew from 250,000 paying users in March to 750,000 at the end of the year. During that time, the company paid out just over $61 million to rights holders and labels. Spotify has signed one deal with Sony Music. To come to the US, they will need another large label such as […]

Former Music Industry Bosses Handed Jail Sentences

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The former head of Europe’s biggest entertainment company has been found guilty of embezzlement and divulging misleading information, by a court in Paris. Former Vivendi chief executive Jean-Marie Messier was given a three-year sentence and a fine, both of which he said he would appeal. The court also handed the former Vice chairman Edgar Bronfman […]

UFC Files Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Justin.TV

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Owner of The Ultimate Fighting Championship, Zuffa announced Friday via press release that the company has filed a lawsuit against website for copyright and trademark infringement. The company, owned mostly by Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, filed its suit in United States District Court for the District of Nevada based on the website’s “repeated and […]

Six Years in Prison For Sharing 18 Songs

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Just a few days ago Russia’s Communications Minister announced that big web companies including Google and Russia’s Facebook equivalent Vkontakte are not responsible for the ‘infringements’ of their users. However, this doesn’t mean that copyright infringement of users goes unpunished, quite the contrary. “Russian prosecutors have filed criminal online copyright infringement charges against a 26-year-old […]