Court Orders ISP To Hand Over Torrent Site Operator Details

Today a Swedish court has ruled that the ISP TeliaSonera must hand over the identity of the Swetorrents BitTorrent tracker operator to anti-piracy group, Antipiratbyrån, which is working on behalf of four movie studios. The case is the second brought under the controversial IPRED legislation.

Pirate Bay Founders Granted Appeal Against Operating Ban

In October the Stockholm District Court banned two of The Pirate Bay's founders from operating the site. If they continue to work on The Pirate Bay, both will have to pay fines of $71,000. The two founders immediately decided to challenge the verdict and the Appeal Court has now announced that it will grant the appeal.

Hacktivists Deface Spanish Anti-Piracy Group Website

Earier this week the Spanish Government announced plans to reform its copyright legislation so it can shut down file-sharing sites more easily. In a response to this announcement, hackers have now defaced the website of the country's leading anti-piracy outfit, Promusicae, replacing it with a manifesto on the rights of Internet users.

Anti-Piracy Group To DRM Breaker: OK To Break The Law

A consumer who reported himself to an anti-piracy group to try to force a change in copyright law has finally received a response. Denmark's Antipiratgruppen acknowledges that the man broke the law when he circumvented DRM, but have told him that since it was for personal use with no further distribution, there is no desire to sue him.

BBC Trials BitTorrent Powered HD Video Streaming

The BBC has made a high definition video available for a BitTorrent streaming trial launched in partnership with the EU-funded P2P-Next project. With this technology the project takes another step in the direction of BitTorrent-powered Internet TV.

IFPI and Antipiratbyrån Face File-Sharing Data Scrutiny

Over the next few days, a public authority protecting citizens' data privacy will carry out checks on the offices of music industry group IFPI and anti-piracy group Antipiratbyrån. Lawyers and a security specialist will conduct an audit to ensure they are handling information they hold on suspected file-sharers in the correct manner.

Court Refuses To Order Shutdown of OpenBitTorrent

Last month, the Swedish ISP Portlane was sued by several Hollywood movie studios for hosting OpenBitTorrent, claiming that the tracker is a re-branded copy of one previously operated by The Pirate Bay. Now the Stockholm District Court has rejected calls to order the shutdown of the tracker.

Spain Mulls Legislation To Shutdown File-Sharing Sites

While there is less will to penalize file-sharers in Spain, the same cannot be said about the sites that facilitate their downloading. Under current law, file-sharing sites of all types have flourished in recent years, but new legislation being mulled could close loopholes and allow them to be disconnected, without the need for a court order.