Telenor Wont Block The Pirate Bay

Two weeks ago the music industry, headed by the IFPI, gave Norway’s largest Internet provider 'Telenor' an ultimatum; block access to The Pirate Bay within 14 days or we will take you to court. The ISP has now announced that it wont give in to IFPI's demands, lawsuit or not.

Pirates Jump on Slumdog Millionaire


With eight Oscars, including Best Motion Picture, Slumdog Millionaire was the absolute winner of last week's Academy Awards show. As was to be expected, Hollywood's praise bumped up the download numbers of the film on BitTorrent. Hundreds and thousands of people have downloaded the film this week.

The Pirate Bay Down‚ But Not Out

A few hours ago The Pirate Bay website started to slow down, and eventually it became completely unresponsive. With the trial going on at the moment, the downtime instantly led to all kinds of rumors. However, there is nothing to worry about, the downtime is not related to the trial…

The Pirate Bay Trial Day 10: Calls for Jail Time

As we enter the final days of The Pirate Bay trial, today the prosecution has been giving the court its closing arguments. Håkan Roswall, Peter Danowsky, Henrik Pontén and Monique Wadsted all appeared, with Roswall calling on the judge to jail all four of the defendants.

Anti-Piracy Action Closes Yet More Fansub Sites

Once thought to be operating well under the radar, recent months have seen fresh efforts to silence sites that provide fan-created translations of movies and TV shows for their home countries. The latest targets for shutdown - Israel and France.

RIAA Sued for Fraud, Abuse and Legal Sham

It's been a rough week for the RIAA as massive layoffs are about to cost many employees their job. On top of that, the anti-piracy outfit is being sued for abusing the legal system for its war on piracy, civil conspiracy, deceptive trade practices, trespassing and computer fraud.

How To Turn Customers Into Pirates

In the past we've given plenty of examples of how DRM hurts paying customers instead of the people it is meant for. Still, many software companies prefer to see their customers as potential 'thieves' but what they don't realize, however, is that they are actually breeding pirates instead of stopping…

KTorrent Web Interface Vulnerable to Remote Takeover

Two vulnerabilities have been discovered in the web interface plugin for the KDE BitTorrent client, KTorrent. A malicious attacker sending specially crafted parameters to the interface could enable both remote code execution and arbitrary torrent uploads.