Anonymous Silenced By YouTube

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Trying to keep up with the latest developments from Anonymous is proving a little tricky this month. Since the beginning of the year the group has been releasing videos to spread news and details of forthcoming operations. Many, if not all, Anonymous videos have been uploaded to YouTube but since the start of April the […]

Grooveshark Bites Back at the RIAA: We’re Completely Legal

Last month, Grooveshark's music app was removed from the Android Marketplace by Google at the request of the RIAA. Following claim and counterclaim about Grooveshark's legality or otherwise, the company has announced that if necessary they will take their fight to court and to Congress. "Let's set the record straight," they insist. "There is nothing illegal about what Grooveshark offers to consumers."

[Video] Aren’t All Songs Inspired By Others?

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TorrentFreak reader Toney Rome has put together a great video which explores the inspiration behind Jay-Z’s massive hit ‘New York State of Mind’. The track is the third single from Jay-Z’s 11th studio album The Blueprint 3 (2009) and sold a massive 8 million copies worldwide. But where did the song’s beautiful main piano hook […]

New Anti-Piracy Law Won’t Work Says Movie Producer

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Last week, New Zealand joined the growing club of countries that have introduced special legislation to deal with illicit file-sharing. Rushed through unexpectedly, the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill put in place a 3 strikes-style regime. Internet service providers will initially send warning letters to alleged infringers at the behest of rights holders. The […]

Torrent Turbo Search, A Chrome Extension For Your Torrenting Needs

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With 53,683 users and more than 5000 weekly installs Torrent Turbo Search is one of the most popular extensions for the Chrome web browser. The extension allows users to find torrents fast, with just a few keystrokes and without having to go to a torrent site. Torrent Turbo Search functions as a meta search engine […]

The Pirate Bay Joins Academic “Cybernorms” Research Group

The Pirate Bay has just launched a new survey in collaboration with the Cybernorms research group at Sweden's Lund University. As part of a sociology study they hope to find out more about the motivations people have to share files, with the ultimate goal of influencing and shaping more sensible laws regarding copyright issues and the Internet in general.

Warner Pulled in $4bn From TV Licensing in 2010

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It’s common knowledge that the big studios such as Warner, Fox, Universal, Disney, Sony, and Paramount make huge sums from the box office, rental and home markets, but how much money do they make from TV licensing? “In 2010, according to sources at Time Warner, Warner Bros. harvested over $4 billion from worldwide licensing to […]

Senior Judge Slams File-Sharing Law Firm, Orders Costs Payout

Today, Judge Birss QC authorized UK law firm ACS:Law to be pursued for "wasted costs" in connection with their controversial attempts to squeeze cash settlements from alleged file-sharers. The judge slammed the firm, describing owner Andrew Crossley of engaging in improper conduct that has brought the legal profession into disrepute.