Cinemas Must Warn Visitors Of ‘Anti-Pirate’ Goggles

Dozens of movie theaters worldwide have equipped their employees with night vision goggles to spy on customers, hoping to spot illegal recording devices. Following complaints alleging invasion of privacy, in Germany the local authorities ruled that theaters have to warn their customers if they use such equipment, rendering their piracy trap useless.

UK 3-Strikes MP Ignorant on File-Sharing

The UK has been consulting over proposals to deal with file-sharing, but it appears to have been an empty gesture. Speaking the day after the consultation closed, the MP in charge is already keen to move against P2P, noting the necessity of it during interview. If only his reasons for for doing so were based in truth.

Chased From Sweden, Pirate Bay Sails To Ukraine

In August the bandwidth supplier to The Pirate Bay was ordered by a court to disconnect the world's largest BitTorrent tracker from the Internet. Within hours the site had relocated to a new host which immediately received similar entertainment industry threats. Now it seems the Bay has left Sweden, setting sail for Ukraine.

Google Removes Pirate Bay Frontpage From Search Results

A few hours ago Internet search mogul Google removed the Pirate Bay frontpage from its search results. According to the company this action was taken after it received a DMCA takedown request, which is odd since there are no torrents to be found on the homepage of The Pirate Bay.

Supreme Court Opens Door For Pirate Bay Block

Following an order from a prosecutor, last year Italian ISPs started to block subscriber access to the Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay was not planning to go down without a fight though - the decision was appealed and TPB won. Now, several months later, this victory has been nullified by the Supreme Court.

Many Swedes Undeterred By New Anti-Piracy Law

On April 1st 2009, Sweden implemented its controversial IPRED law which promised to make it easier to track down those sharing illicit media via the Internet. Now, exactly 6 months on, what has been achieved with this legislation and what effect has it had on the country's file-sharers?

The Pirate Bay Will Not Be Sold ‘Yet’

Little over a month ago, Global Gaming Factory (GGF) announced that its shareholders had agreed to buy The Pirate Bay - the only thing that stood in their path was the actual money transfer. Today the deadline to transfer the money passed silently, putting an end to the deal and three turbulent months.

Anti-Piracy Group Drops Ridiculous Claim Against ISP

With just days to go before the BitTorrent piracy case involving Aussie ISP iiNet goes to court, anti-piracy group AFACT has made a second significant legal retreat. The group, which represents Hollywood movie studios, has now dropped its claims that iiNet engaged in primary acts of copyright infringement.