MPAA Might Sue RapidShare, Megaupload or Dropbox Next

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Hollywood opened up a new front in its war against piracy Tuesday by taking the Florida-based file host to court. Hotfile facilitates copyright infringement “on a staggering scale,” the Motion Picture Association of America alleged, and “profits handsomely” from distributing unlicensed copies of major motion pictures and TV shows. This is the first time […]

Usenet Portal Loses Landmark Court Case Against BREIN

FTD, one of the largest Usenet communities on the Internet, has lost the legal proceedings it started against Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN. The case, through which FTD hoped to have its operations declared legal, today resulted in a verdict which prohibits community members from talking about 'locations' where copyright infringing material can be downloaded.

MPAA Sues Hotfile Cyberlocker Service

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After going quiet for quite some time, the MPAA has unleashed its lawyers on a file-sharing service for allegedly infringing copyright on its products. According to the MPAA, file storage service Hotfile has become of the world’s most popular sites as a direct result of it promoting “massive digital theft” of Hollywood movies Read More

Torrent Butler, Serving Movie Torrents With Class

It isn't often that a new torrent site comes along and actually manages to impress, but Torrent Butler is certainly one worthy of note. The site offers a wide range of movies, presented in a way that's quite refreshing and unique. Born out of frustration with "authorized" movie download sites, Torrent Butler may both frighten and inspire the MPAA's major movie studios.

ACS:Law Judgment Has Serious Implications for Digital Economy Act

Yesterday, Judge Birss QC at the Patents County Court delivered his judgment in the copyright infringement hearing which featured ACS:Law, copyright troll client MediaCAT and 27 alleged file-sharers. While Birss was damning of the process from start to finish, some of key issues he raised could have serious implications for the UK's Digital Economy Act.

Makers of ‘The Expendables’ Sue 6,500 BitTorrent Users

With worldwide box-office grosses totalling $274 million since its premiere in August of last year, The Expendables can be classified as a modest blockbuster. The film also did well on file-sharing networks such as BitTorrent, but thus far without any direct revenues. In an attempt to cash in on these unauthorized downloads, the makers of the film stood by an earlier warning and sued 6,500 BitTorrent users in the United States.

Slammed By Judge, ACS:Law Not Allowed To Drop File-Sharing Cases

Today, despite the apparent closure of both anti-piracy law firm ACS:Law and its copyright troll partner MediaCAT, the Patents Country Court began yet another hearing to announce how more than two dozen previously filed cases should be handled. Judge Birss QC slammed the scheme operated by the pair and denied them the opportunity to drop the cases.

Music Royalty Society Collects Money For Fake Artists, Bathroom Equipment and Food

Music royalty outfits are experts at not only gathering funds from anyone who dares to play music in public, but also at generating adverse publicity. Known for pressurizing anyone from charities to the police, their activities are often viewed with disbelief. Now a Belgian TV show has had a closer look at one of them, and ended up paying royalties for a whole host of artists that don't exist, bathroom equipment and chinese food.