European Parliament Says No to Three-Strikes Law

The European Parliament has voted in favor of an amendment that will prevent member states from implementing three-stikes laws. Disconnecting alleged file-sharers based on evidence from anti-piracy lobby groups restricts the rights and freedoms of Internet users, according to the amendment.

‘Heroes’ Causes BitTorrent Boom

Two fresh episodes of the US hit series 'Heroes' were released Monday night. In the day that followed each episode was downloaded well over a million times by BitTorrent users all over the world, making it the busiest day ever on many torrent sites.

OiNK Six Appear in Court, Faced By Pirating Police

Today, Alan Ellis the admin of OiNK, will appear in court along with five users accused of uploading music via the BitTorrent tracker. The six will appear before magistrates to learn if their cases will be sent on to a Crown Court. They are joined by Cleveland police, who face…

Slacker Uprising’s Torrent Available Worldwide, by Accident

Michael Moore's new film about the run up to the 2004 US election was released online today, only for US and Canada residents. In order to maximize capacity, they've even embraced BitTorrent, and the official download is using the Pirate Bay tracker. To the dismay of their lawyers, however, this…

Mininova Breaks Download Records

Mininova, the most visited BitTorrent site, broke two download records today. Since its inception, the site has served 6 billion torrent downloads and today reached an all time record of more than 10 million downloads served in a single day. Has today been BitTorrent's busiest day ever?

ISP: It’s Impossible For Us to Stop Illegal P2P

An ISP which was ordered by a court to stop illegal file-sharing on its network, says it simply can not. The Belgian ISP Scarlet says the court's verdict is unworkable and after trying to slow traffic and also filter it, it says it's not possible to stop the flow of…

uTorrent’s Mac Client Leaked

An early Alpha release of the long awaited Mac version of the popular BitTorrent client uTorrent has leaked to the public. The application is still in development, but most features seem to work just fine. As expected, the application looks very Mac-like, and better than its Windows counterpart.

Uganda Sued for Pirating its National Anthem

The Ugandan government has been sued by the 83 year old composer of its national anthem "Oh Uganda, Land of Beauty." Prof. George Wilberforce Kakoma seeks compensation for the continuous infringement of his work on national festivities, for which he received no royalties.