Take.fm Pushes Movie Torrents To The Next Level

Take.fm is a new movie torrent indexer that is a step above the plain old torrent indexes most BitTorrent users have become used to. The site, which only lists verified and high quality releases, combines a pleasant and great looking user interface with all the functionality needed to find the best films.

StarCraft 2 and Blizzard’s BitTorrent Paradox

With hundreds of thousands of unauthorized downloads, StarCraft 2 is the most pirated game of 2010 thus far. Although Blizzard Entertainment is probably not too excited by this honorary title, the company also benefits from BitTorrent. In fact, StarCraft 2 is probably the most legally downloaded game on BitTorrent too.

Despite Confusion, Village Still Wants Torrent Site Investment

This weekend the operators of BitTorrent site TorrentReactor announced they had bought a Russian village and renamed it after themselves. As the site is known for its earlier pranks the news was rightly taken with a grain of salt, but despite reports that the scheme needs presidential approval it seems the villagers are still really quite warm to the idea and are welcoming the prospect of investment.

Ex-Torrent Site Admin To Face ‘Copyright Crime’ Charges

After years of doing comparatively little to protect copyright, in recent months authorities in Bulgaria came down hard on file-sharing sites. While two of the country's biggest BitTorrent sites continue to function, the previous owner of one - Zamunda.net - will face court this year charged with crimes against copyright. The authorities are hoping for Pirate Bay-style levels of punishment.

TorrentReactor Buys and Renames Russian Town

TorrentReactor, listed among the five most popular torrent sites on the Internet, has surprised friends and foes by acquiring a small town in central Russia. The town formerly known as Gar has reportedly been bought for the equivalent of $148,000 and was quickly renamed after the Russian-based torrent site.

After Epic Battle, Anti-Piracy Lawyers Finally Get Their Man

After an epic journey through the legal system, much of it shrouded in secrecy, an anti-piracy group has finally tracked down an individual it said uploaded a first-run movie. In the end the IP address evidence didn't identify the correct person, a confession did. But were there ulterior motives behind this witch hunt?

uTorrent Wants Torrent Sites to Adopt Torrent Tweet

BitTorrent Inc. has released a new App for uTorrent that allows users to find out what others people are saying about a torrent they're downloading. Users can also join the discussion and use uTorrent to tweet about torrents. With the new App, BitTorrent Inc. hopes to streamline discussions about torrents on Twitter, and encourage torrent sites to adopt the new standard to make it a success.