Sharing 2999 Songs, 199 Movies Becomes ‘Safe’ in Germany

Prosecutors in a German state have announced they will refuse to entertain the majority of file-sharing lawsuits in future. It appears that only commercial-scale copyright infringers will be pursued, with those sharing under 3000 music tracks and 200 movies dropping under the prosecution radar.

EA Choose BitTorrent for Warhammer Online Distribution

Electronic Arts, the publisher of the upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, has chosen BitTorrent for the distribution of the closed Beta client. Included in the documentation is a recommendation to use a TorrentFreak 'speed up' guide.

TorrentPrivacy Review: Download Torrents Anonymously

Privacy has always been a major concern for BitTorrent users and there are only a few ways to remain anonymous. By using a secure connection, as the new TorrentPrivacy tool offers, you can bypass almost every firewall or traffic shaping application, while making sure that nobody can see what you're…

Critical Vulnerability Discovered in uTorrent

A vulnerability described as 'critical' has been discovered in versions of uTorrent and the official BitTorrent client. The 'buffer overflow' vulnerability can be exploited to compromise a user's computer for the execution of arbitrary code. It is suggested that users should immediately update to uTorrent version 1.8 RC7 or higher.…

Millions Download Olympics Opening Ceremony via BitTorrent

The opening ceremony of the 2008 summer Olympics, co-directed by Zhang Yimou, was a truly spectacular event. Not everyone had the chance to watch it live, but that's where BitTorrent comes in. The broadcast of the Olympics opening ceremony has been downloaded more than a million times already, and the…

Tackling College Piracy: The P2P Quiz

Under the College Opportunity and Affordability Act, colleges and universities that get federal funding have to come up with ways to deal with "Campus-based Digital Theft Prevention". The bill doesn't give specific methods, and universities can come up with their own methods, as Missouri S&T has done with their P2P…

Prototype Anti-Piracy Tool Revealed and Taken Offline

The existence of a prototype management system for anti-piracy company 'Logistep' was revealed at the weekend. The online system called 'Logistep Data Management Tool', was located at but since the revelations the site has been taken down. It is still available in limited form via Google's cache.