Metallica’s Lars Ulrich ‘Pirates’ His Own Album

It's been nearly nine years since Lars Ulrich became one of the most vocal opponents of Napster and the generation of file-sharers it spawned. Not one to speak about something he has no experience of, Ulrich has just admitted downloading his own album, Death Magnetic, and it was "bizarre".

Audio Watermarks Locate Camcording Pirates

Camcording pirates pose a serious threat to the profits of Hollywood, according to the MPAA at least. In order to stop the cammers in their tracks, theater owners have been equipped with night-vision goggles. That's not all though, the latest Hollywood blockbusters may soon come with watermarked audio that can…

MPAA Study Links Piracy to Gangs and Terrorists

A new study by the RAND corporation has attempted to put the focus on 'movie piracy' squarely on the shoulders of terrorist groups and criminal gangs. The report, which claims to have been 'peer reviewed', seems to show that no matter which gang, thug, or terrorist – they all pirate…

The Pirate Bay – Innocent or Guilty?

After two weeks of live broadcasted hearings on the Internet, the 'Spectrial' is coming to an end. This week both parties presented their closing statements to the court. Time for us to weigh up developments so far and look forward to the verdict.

The Final Day of The Pirate Bay Trial

Today, The Pirate Bay trial will probably come to an end, but not before the defendants' lawyers have their final say. All four lawyers call for their clients to be acquitted on various grounds, while offering caution to the court to ignore the politic aspects of the trial.

Telenor Wont Block The Pirate Bay

Two weeks ago the music industry, headed by the IFPI, gave Norway’s largest Internet provider 'Telenor' an ultimatum; block access to The Pirate Bay within 14 days or we will take you to court. The ISP has now announced that it wont give in to IFPI's demands, lawsuit or not.

Pirates Jump on Slumdog Millionaire


With eight Oscars, including Best Motion Picture, Slumdog Millionaire was the absolute winner of last week's Academy Awards show. As was to be expected, Hollywood's praise bumped up the download numbers of the film on BitTorrent. Hundreds and thousands of people have downloaded the film this week.