ISP Wrongfully Sent 300 “First Strike” Letters To Innocents

According to a report which has flown almost completely under the radar, last year an ISP sent out around 300 "first strike" warning letters wrongfully accusing innocent subscribers of Internet piracy. ISP Eircom implemented the scheme in partnership with the recording industry and is now being investigated by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner.

Spotify: A Massive P2P Network, Blessed by Record Labels

For years the music industry has seen P2P technology as the single biggest threat, claiming that file-sharers are responsible for billions of dollars in losses. However, P2P technology is also part of the music industry's future. One of the major revelations in the music business, the streaming service Spotify, is actually one of the largest file-sharing networks on the Internet. Set TorrentFreak Straight

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Two days ago we covered the news that a U.S. court ordered a Canadian man to pay $60,000 in damages to the adult entertainment studio Corbin Fisher. In this article we referenced the original complaint, which clearly stated that shared personal information of the uploader with the studio. Those in the know realized that […]

Lady Gaga Music-Leaking Hackers Sentenced

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A pair of hackers were convicted in Germany yesterday for hacking and copyright infringement offenses. The pair, aged 18 and 23, used Trojan horse software to gain unauthorized access to the computers of high-profile artists’ managers in 2009 and 2010. Their booty included unreleased tracks by Maria Carey, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Leona Lewis and […]

Bitstorm: The World’s Most Simple BitTorrent Tracker

Have you always wanted to be a BitTorrent tracker admin, but never got the chance because you lack the technical expertise? Then this is your lucky day. With Bitstorm everyone can set up a BitTorrent tracker in just a few seconds since the only requirement is a PHP-enabled hosting account. Just upload a single file to the web server and your very own BitTorrent tracker is fully operational.

Torrent Site Throws In The Towel Fearing Arrests, formerly one of Sweden's largest private BitTorrent communities, has shut down fearing the authorities may come after them. The abrupt decision comes a few weeks after police in Sweden and Germany raided the BitTorrent tracker and arrested two of the alleged operators of the site.

An Open Letter to Modern Day Pirates

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Porn star and lobbyist Kayden Kross just couldn’t take it anymore. Piracy is hitting her hard, so she decided to write an open letter to those who dare to steal her work. The 25-year old American, with Swedish blood, first published her thoughts in Xbiz but we felt compelled to help her spread it. Please […]

Canadian BitTorrent User Fined $60,000 By U.S. Court

A new dimension was just added to the ongoing stream of BitTorrent lawsuits in the U.S. A Canadian BitTorrent user has been ordered to pay $60,000 by a U.S. District Court judge. The Calgary resident, who did not defend himself, was ordered to pay the damages for sharing two films on an adult-oriented BitTorrent tracker.