80% of Movies Aired On Moldovan TV Are Pirated

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Here’s a case of massive piracy you don’t see reported very often. Vasile Nastase, the head of the association for cultural development and copyrights protection announced at a press conference that 80 percent of all movies aired by TV-networks on Moldova are ‘pirated’. The above doesn’t necessarily means that the movies came from an illegitimate […]

TorrentFreak TV: Google, MPAA and isoHunt

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Here’s a brand new episode of TorrentFreak TV, bringing you a recap of the latest torrent news. Made by the lovely people at Suprnova.org. As always, we’re looking forward to your commentary. For questions or suggestions, feel free to contact the crew at [email protected] We encourage contributions from viewers! If you want receive automatic updates […]

Tor Servers Bombarded With BitTorrent DMCA Notices

The Tor network is a great service for those who wish to browse the Internet anonymously and uncensored. Unfortunately, however, there are still people who abuse the network's resources by running their BitTorrent downloads over Tor servers. As a result, these servers are bombarded with DMCA notices, which in some cases may lead to them being disconnected.

Two 60-Year-Old Men Face Trial For Sharing 3000 Songs

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From being one of the safest places in Europe to share files a few years ago, Sweden continues to prove problematic for those who share large amounts of music. Following an investigation by the Swedish arm of IFPI, two men now stand accused of sharing around 3,000 tracks using Direct Connect. This method of sharing […]

Crazy Warnings and Hacking Webcams: Anti-Piracy, Indian Style

Last year anti-piracy company AiPlex Software hit the headlines after their threats to DDoS torrent sites led to them being DDoSd back by Anonymous. Now another pair of companies from India are tackling piracy in their own inimitable styles, one by delivering preemptive warnings to the FBI and dozens of torrent sites and another by hijacking file-sharers' webcams - and photographing them in the act.

BTjunkie Goes Down

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This morning many BTjunkie users noticed that their favorite BitTorrent site is unresponsive. Although it’s not clear what’s causing the current downtime, it is unrelated to the recent developments in Italy. Last week an Italian court ordered all ISPs to block subscriber access to BTjunkie, leaving hundreds of thousands of Italians with the task of […]

Wikileaks Reveals Massive U.S. Effort to Establish Canadian DMCA

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Previously Wikileaks cables already revealed that the U.S. Government was involved in Swedish anti-piracy efforts, and that the U.S. wrote much of Spain’s revamped copyright law. But there is more. Prof. Micheal Geist posted an excellent summary of the strong U.S. lobby for a Canadian DMCA, as revealed by leaked cables. He writes: “Wikileaks has […]