UFC Subpoenas Streaming Sites To Track Down Uploader

Following threats in recent months that it would begin targeting those who obtain or deliver their content without permission, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has announced they are targeting two popular streaming hangouts. UFC have subpoenaed Justin.tv and Ustream.tv to force them to reveal the identity of a single user who uploaded two UFC events earlier this year.

Mass BitTorrent Lawsuits Now Target Private Trackers

Mass lawsuits against alleged file-sharers, such as those from the US Copyright Group and lawyers ACS:Law and Gallant MacMillan in the UK, are generally accepted to have been generated from evidence gathered from big public BitTorrent sites. Now it appears that at least one other firm has jumped on the bandwagon, this time targeting a large private tracker.

Tech News Sites Tout Misleading BitTorrent Piracy Study

A new study has been making the rounds, concluding that only 0.3% of all files available on BitTorrent are confirmed to be 'legal'. The results of the study were promoted by anti-piracy outfit AFACT and have been picked up by several news outlets, including Ars Technica and ZDNet, who all failed to see that the report is bogus.

‘Yes Men’ Use BitTorrent To Avoid Censorship

The Yes Men are a culture jamming activist duo who expose the lies and social problems caused by governments and corporations. In their much awarded films they impersonate people in power to bring out the truth. Because the US Chamber of Commerce is suing their asses, they have now turned to BitTorrent to get their message out.

Busted Movie Site Pleads For Cash To Fight Feds

At the end of June this year, nine sites connected to movie streaming were targeted by the U.S. Government. The operator of one of those sites, NinjaVideo, has now issued a plea for funds to fight back against what is undoubtedly a formidable force. "We are looking at six to seven digits and it's going to be pure hell," she explains. "We have nothing. Nothing at all. They took... everything."

RapidShare Scores Another Win Against Movie Studio

RapidShare takes all reasonable measures to prevent movies from being distributed through its web-service, a German court ruled yesterday. The Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf overturned the earlier decision of a local district court in a second case brought by movie outfit Capelight Pictures.

Anti-Piracy Group Accused Of Blackmailing Teen File-Sharers

Anyone familiar with file-sharing operations and those who seek to disrupt them will be aware that there are many techniques used by both sides to thwart the other. While tracking solutions, fancy technology and sheer numbers perpetuate the fight, there are claims that a more traditional technique is in use against file-sharers - good old-fashioned blackmail. But that weapon can work both ways.