Sharing That Music Subscription Login Could Put You In Jail

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes more pro-entertainment industry legislation that leaves you picking your jaw up from the floor. Starting July 1st, it will be illegal in Tennessee to share your online subscription service logins (such as those for Netflix or Rhapsody) with your friends. The legislation, which has just […]

UN: Disconnecting File-Sharers Breaches Human Rights

According to a report set to be adopted today by the UN’s Human Rights Council, anti-filesharing provisions such as those outlined in the UK's Digital Economy Act are disproportionate and should be repealed. The provisions, which include disconnecting Internet users for violating the rights of the music and movie industries, breach human rights, the report concludes.

Skype Reverse-Engineered And Dumped on Pirate Bay

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“Skype protocol reverse engineered, source available for download,” reads an interesting torrent comment on The Pirate Bay. The rest of the post, which comes from freelance researcher Efim Bushmanov, explains his aim of making Skype open source. “While ‘Wall Street Journal’ makes politics and Skype today’s trend, I want to publish my research on this,” […]

BitComet Adds Support for “Anonymous” Downloads

In a time where BitTorrent users are increasingly concerned about their privacy, BitComet has added a long-awaited feature to its BitTorrent client. Originally intended to speed up downloads of users with limited upload capacity, BitComet's VIP service now adds support for fully anonymous downloads to prevent outsiders from monitoring users' transfers.

‘Torrent’ Becomes A Dirty Word As Site Admin Fined $29,000

A French Court of Appeal has just upheld the sentencing of an administrator of two BitTorrent-related sites. Despite no evidence being presented that money was made from the sites through advertising as claimed - or even that any infringements had occurred - the admin now faces a $29,000 payout. Bizarrely, the Court decided that having the word 'torrent' in his sites' URLs showed that he knew about infringements.

‘IP Man’ BitTorrent Users Targeted in New Lawsuit

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Anti-filesharing lawyer Evan Stone has filed yet another lawsuit on behalf of anime company Funimation. According to court documents, Stone’s new targets will be individuals who downloaded and shared the movie The Legend Is Born: IP Man. The law suit, which lists 1,427 John Does, was filed in the Eastern District of Texas Court and […]

U.S. P2P Lawsuit Shows Signs of a ‘Pirate Honeypot’

Starting last year U.S. courts have been bombarded with lawsuits against tens of thousands of file-sharers. Among the copyright holders claiming damages are a few well-known names, but the vast majority of the cases concern more obscure content. As time passes by more and more copyright trolls join in, and in some cases copyright holders are now suing people for files that were deliberately mislabeled, lulling unsuspecting individuals in.

Video: iiNet Talks About AFACT Piracy Case

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Following two unsuccessful attempts at making Aussie ISP iiNet responsible for the copyright infringing activities of their users, AFACT – the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft – is taking its case to the High Court. ZDNet caught up with iiNet’s chief regulatory officer Steve Dalby at CeBIT, where among other things he spoke about the […]