5 Torrent Files That Broke Mind Boggling Records

BitTorrent was first released by Bram Cohen back in 2001, but it took two years before the new file-sharing protocol gained a notable audience. In the years that followed millions of torrent files were downloaded and shared billions of times. In this article we will discuss five memorable torrent files that each broke a unique record, from the largest in size to the oldest that's still alive today.

Which Torrent Sites Get Releases The Fastest (and why it’s not a secret)

While BitTorrent veterans will have their own tried and tested methods of finding out when the latest releases land and where to go to get their hands on them first, many of these require the taming of an often off-putting learning curve. Thanks to a rather nifty web interface, that information is now at everyone's fingertips. While some will complain, it's just another natural development in the increasingly public and widespread file-sharing scene.

RapidShare.com Takes Out Rapidshare.net, But Loses Lead

In recent months Rapidshare has aggressively targeted search engines and indexers that abused the company's trademark and facilitated copyright infringement. These actions are part of their campaign to create goodwill with the entertainment industry, but by doing so RapidShare is also shooting itself in the foot. As a result of the domain seizures the site is no longer the leading file-hoster.

Anti-Piracy Group Seeks ISP Level Block of Movie Streaming Portal

The Hollywood-backed anti-piracy outfit VAP has announced that it will apply for a court injunction to force a major Internet service provider to block a popular movie streaming portal. UPC, the ISP that has refused to cave into 3 strikes demands from the music industry in Ireland, says it will not block the site Kino.to on behalf of the movie industry. VAP says it hopes the test case will pave the way for further site blockades.

RIAA Wins Big Against File-Sharer, $1.5M for 24 Songs

Jammie Thomas-Rasset has lost her re-retrial against the RIAA and is now ordered to pay $1.5 million for 24 songs she shared via Kazaa. The jury found her guilty of infringing the rights of Capitol Records and found a $62,500 fine per shared song to be an appropriate punishment. If recouped, the money will be invested in new anti-piracy campaigns.

First Jail Sentence For Romanian BitTorrent Site Operator

The owner of a Romanian BitTorrent tracker has been the first person in the country to receive a jail sentence for his actions. Following complaints from the Business Software Alliance, Kartel.ro was closed in 2007 but it has taken three years for the case to come to a conclusion. The outcome is a 6 month suspended sentence and an unspecified fine.

Anonymous DDoS Takes Down The United States Copyright Office

As part of its ongoing punishment of any institute or company that defends copyright, Anonymous has now taken down the website of The United States Copyright Office. The group managed to take copyright.gov offline for half an hour. After that the website started to respond again slowly, with occasional outages.

Ministry of Sound Forced To Suspend File-Sharing Shakedown

World famous nightclub and independent music label Ministry of Sound have been forced to suspend their planned shakedown of tens of thousands of alleged file-sharers. The company had planned to send 25,000 letters demanding hundreds of pounds in compensation to customers of Internet service provider, BT. However, BT has deleted more than 20,000 of those records which now makes the identification of the account holders impossible.