How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Copy

After years of reading intellectual property law blogs from some of the greatest legal minds, I’m finally ready to admit that I was wrong. The fight against illegal copying is one that cannot be won. I can no longer deny the simple truth that it is ultimately futile to try to create artificial scarcities in what would otherwise be non-scarce goods.

Lawyer Switches Tactics To Identify BitTorrent Users

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Readers will be familiar with the somewhat unorthodox Texas lawyer Evan Stone. “I eat, sleep, breathe, shit this stuff,” he said in a recent interview, referring to his relentless pursuit of alleged BitTorrent users and, crucially, payments from them to avoid costly court appearances. Stone hasn’t doing so well lately. A judge in Dallas left […]

Happy World Intellectual Property Day!!

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Today we celebrate the 11th World Intellectual Property Day, the day when we celebrate all the good that copyright has brought our society. In several countries World Intellectual Property Day is used by pro-copyright groups to educate the public that strong copyright protections are needed. In Australia, however, the local Pirate Party is doing something […]

Playstation Network Shut Down To End Piracy Free-For-All

Tomorrow a week will have passed since Sony took its Playstation Network completely offline. The company has given only the most token of updates in that time and in the meanwhile the rumor mill has been churning. However, new information has surfaced which points to Sony's action being prompted by an unprecedented piracy threat.

FBI Bust Hollywood Insider Over Pirate Bay Uploads

The FBI has raided the apartment of a Screen Actor’s Guild member suspected of uploading several pre-release screeners of Hollywood blockbusters to The Pirate Bay, including Oscar winner The King's Speech. In addition the feds believe the actor may be connected to the release group 'TiMPE'. No charges have been filed thus far.

Piracy Virus Kills Elvis, Hendrix, Marley, Mercury & Morrison

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Last month there was an art exhibition in Milan. Some of the exhibits, collectively called ‘Piracy’, depicted some of the most iconic musical stars of the 20th century, hand crafted from CDRs. The stars – Elvis, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Jim Morrison and Freddy Mercury – are pictured dying after being “injected with […]

BTjunkie Starts Proxy to Bypass Italian Blockade

A few days ago an Italian court ordered all ISPs to block subscriber access to BTjunkie, leaving hundreds of thousands of Italians with the task of finding a new torrent site. Or perhaps not? Just hours after the news was made public, a brand new and ad-free proxy site was launched. The site allows Italians to browse an uncensored web and access BTjunkie, as well as another popular blocked site, The Pirate Bay.

Leading Chinese Search Engine Hit Over Music Downloads

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A major search engine in China has been warned that it will be punished by the government for providing access to unauthorized MP3s. The huge Baidu company, which employs around 11,000 staff and has Li Yanhong – China’s richest man – as CEO, has had multiple run-ins with the Chinese authorities over copyright issues. Now, […]