Torrent Sites Get Feedback from RSS Inventor

RSS and BitTorrent are a great match, but despite the good fit between the two technologies there is no standardized format for BitTorrent feeds. Much to the surprise of many torrent site owners, RSS inventor Dave Winer has offered a helping hand to fix this problem.

Anti-Piracy Group Calls in Debt Agency To Collect ‘Fines’

DigiProtect, the anti-piracy company that makes money from threatening alleged file-sharers with court unless they pay up a 'fine', has a worrying new tactic. Hoping to scare letter recipients even more than they already do, the company is now sending more threats via a debt collection agency.

Mininova Traffic Plummets After Going ‘Legal’

Roughly a week ago, Mininova was still the largest torrent site on the Internet, but this quickly changed after the site's founders removed of millions of torrents to avoid having to pay millions of dollars in fines. In the days that followed, traffic to the site dropped 66%, while the number of daily downloads are less than 4% of what they used to be.

Thunder Blasts uTorrent’s Market Share Away

Contrary to what previous reports have shown, the popular uTorrent application may very well not be the most used BitTorrent client. According to data collected from more than 357 million unique peers IDs, the Chinese BitTorrent client 'Thunder' is actually the most used BitTorrent client.

Court Orders ISP To Hand Over Torrent Site Operator Details

Today a Swedish court has ruled that the ISP TeliaSonera must hand over the identity of the Swetorrents BitTorrent tracker operator to anti-piracy group, Antipiratbyrån, which is working on behalf of four movie studios. The case is the second brought under the controversial IPRED legislation.

Pirate Bay Founders Granted Appeal Against Operating Ban

In October the Stockholm District Court banned two of The Pirate Bay's founders from operating the site. If they continue to work on The Pirate Bay, both will have to pay fines of $71,000. The two founders immediately decided to challenge the verdict and the Appeal Court has now announced that it will grant the appeal.

Hacktivists Deface Spanish Anti-Piracy Group Website

Earier this week the Spanish Government announced plans to reform its copyright legislation so it can shut down file-sharing sites more easily. In a response to this announcement, hackers have now defaced the website of the country's leading anti-piracy outfit, Promusicae, replacing it with a manifesto on the rights of Internet users.

Anti-Piracy Group To DRM Breaker: OK To Break The Law

A consumer who reported himself to an anti-piracy group to try to force a change in copyright law has finally received a response. Denmark's Antipiratgruppen acknowledges that the man broke the law when he circumvented DRM, but have told him that since it was for personal use with no further distribution, there is no desire to sue him.