Copyright Cops Target Kids’ Schools and Community Centers

The Performing Rights Society, the UK outfit collecting royalties for the music industry, seems it will stop at nothing as it demands money from small businesses, charities, playschools, and now, kids' community centers, all so that they can listen to music without fear of prosecution.

Donate Your Piracy Savings to Reduce Poverty

If the MPAA and RIAA are to be believed, rather than buying media, file-sharers around the world are saving billions of dollars by downloading copyrighted material instead. For these people, we now have the ultimate solution to salve their 'guilt'. Donate a week in piracy 'savings' to reduce poverty among…

Norway Mulls Anti-Piracy ‘Complaint Board’ Proposal

Anti-piracy organizations send out thousands of infringement notices a year to alleged pirates. Strangely enough, these infringement notices are hardly ever backed up by solid evidence. The Norwegian Consumer Council is now proposing to create an independent committee to deal with copyright infringement disputes between alleged pirates and rights holders.

Bush Signs Draconian Anti-Piracy Law

Over in California, champagne corks are popping. In the offices of the MPAA and RIAA, lawyers turned lobbyists are dancing jigs. In houses all around the US however, people are left dumbfounded by the passage of a bill based on appeasement to big money, at a time when the country…

Vuze Reinvents Its BitTorrent Client

Vuze, formerly known as Azureus, will soon launch version 4.0 of their BitTorrent client. Inspired by feedback from users, the user interface has been completely revamped. The client itself seems to move towards an all-in-one solution, with built in search and a built in media player.

Artists See a Future With BitTorrent


The music industry is changing. While the record labels are desperately trying to protect the revenue stream from album sales, a new generation of artists is starting to realize that they are better off when they give away their music for free. By now, we're all familiar with the industry's…