Pirate Bay Appeal Postponed Till Summer 2010

This April, four people received harsh sentences for their involvement with The Pirate Bay. The four soon announced that they would appeal the verdict. Initially the appeal was scheduled to take place in November, but due to controversies surrounding some of the judges, the case has now been delayed till summer next year.

70% of British Public Oppose Disconnecting File-Sharers

The results of a new poll reveal the extent of opposition to Lord Mandelson's proposals for tough sanctions against alleged file-sharers. The survey, commissioned by the Open Rights Group, shows that not only is the public in favor of due process, but a third would be much less likely to vote for political parties supporting these proposals.

uTorrent Userbase Grows, Vuze takes a Dive

Fresh data on the market share of BitTorrent clients shows that uTorrent remains the client of choice for over 60% of all BitTorrent users. Vuze is in second place, but its market share has dropped to 14%. Transmission, on the other hand, continues to gain ground, with the client’s market share increasing by 23% in the last two months.

TV Boss Set To Drop A File-Sharing Bomb On Digital Britain

The Commissioning Editor for Education at the UK's Channel 4 will publish an essay tomorrow that is guaranteed to cause controversy. Noting that people will never go back to paying for music, Alice Taylor vehemently opposes plans to disconnect Internet users on a simple accusation, labeling the entities calling for it as "dying behemoths".

MPAA Fires Three Anti Piracy Bosses

The MPAA is currently involved in legal battles against several BitTorrent sites. Last year Hollywood's lobby organization booked a victory in court when they managed to shut TorrentSpy down, but despite these efforts the studio bosses are still not satisfied. Three of the MPAA's anti-piracy leaders have now been fired.

Parliamentary Comms Group Says ‘No’ to UK 3-Strikes

An increasing death-knell is sounding for Lord Mandelson's proposals for 3-strikes Internet disconnections. The latest blow comes from the All Party Parliamentary Communications Group. After a consultation earlier this year, they have now published their response, and it's not one favorable to 'Darth Mandy' and his plans.

Leading UK Cinema Implements MPAA Laptop Ban

Cineworld, the UK's second largest multiplex cinema chain, says it provides an environment that makes cinema going a pleasurable experience, "which in turn encourages frequent return visits." However, they have just alienated an award winning TV and radio broadcaster by refusing him entry because he had his laptop with him.