Survey Shows Huge Demand for Legal P2P

A recent study on the music consumption habits of today's youth shows that most of them download music illegally. However, music is more popular than ever and 80 percent of the participants indicate that they would pay for a legal filesharing service, if only one was available.

BitTorrent Users Refuse To Pay Copyright Fines

During the last couple of years, hundreds of people have received letters from lawyers demanding compensation for the alleged uploading of copyright works. Their demands state that if you don't pay up, you will be taken to court and dealt with severely. However, when people refuse to pay - nothing…

MediaDefender Goes Forward with P2P Marketing

Most people recognize MediaDefender for their clumsy anti-piracy efforts, but there is much more to them than that. In fact, they are warming up advertisers and record labels to use LimeWire and other file-sharing software to distribute millions of legitimate, but branded, MP3s.

Pirate Tax Funds Pirate Album

For every blank CDr bought, a few cents "pirate tax" are added to compensate artists for loss of revenue when people share their albums. However, not every artist agrees that sharing is wrong so as a statement, the Swedish artist Mr.Suitcase has used his "pirate tax" income to make a…

Canada Proposes Draconian Anti-Piracy Law

Canada, one of the shining lights in the copyright and intellectual property world, has a shadow approaching that may dim that for all. The name of that shadow? Bill c-61, which was formally introduced by Industry minister Jim Prentice an hour or two ago. One of the 'highlights' is the…

Police Chief Faces High Court Anti-Piracy Action

After the police arrest citizens for minor copyright infringements that allegedly took place on OiNK, they now face their own anti-piracy woes. Chief Constable Steve Finnigan is accused by the music industry of copyright infringement and now faces High Court action. Police pirates - who would have imagined it?

BitTorrent Trio Hit a Billion Pageviews a Month

Following Mininova and The Pirate Bay, isoHunt is now the third BitTorrent site to enter the list of top 100 most visited websites on the Internet. Together the three sites generate more than a billion pageviews a month and they continue to grow.