New Law Will Shut Down TorrentFreak, Music Industry Expert Says


TorrentFreak will soon cease to exist because of new legislation being considered by the Obama administration, a prominent music industry expert has announced. But we're in good company. Music streaming service Grooveshark and the RIAA-approved iMesh will have to go too, and news sites like Wired, Techdirt and Slashdot will have to change their tune drastically so as not to upset the battered music industry.

100 Domains On Movie and Music Industry Website Blocking Wishlist

As UK communications watchdog Ofcom considers if website blocking is actually feasible, an insider at government meetings has said that the mechanism is the favored approach to dealing with illicit file-sharing. In the hope that the plans get the go ahead, the entertainment industries have already prepared a list of 100 sites that they would like to see blocked by ISPs.

Anime Distributor Dubs Using ‘Pirated’ Subs

In an attempt to crack down on pirating anime fans, American anime distributor Funimation announced lawsuits against 1337 alleged BitTorrent downloaders two months ago. An unusual move, and perhaps even a tad bit hypocritical, as behind the scenes footage from the Funimation dubbing room has now revealed that they themselves are using 'pirated' subtitles.

South Park’s Matt Stone On MPAA’s Power Abuse and Censorship

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Aside from their anti-piracy efforts, the MPAA is famous for their film ratings system in the United States. Through their ratings the MPAA can hurt the potential profitability of a film, and the ratings process itself is often a frustrating endeavor for filmmakers. In the video below, South Park’s Matt Stone shares his thoughts on […]

What.CD Founder Quits World’s Largest Music Torrent Site

One of the founders of the world's largest music-dedicated private torrent site has quit. WhatMan, sysop at What.CD, the spiritual successor to the now-defunct and legendary OiNK BitTorrent tracker, says that having spare time is a luxury of the past. With some major achievements behind him, he will long be remembered in the BitTorrent community.

Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent


The top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent, 'Season of the Witch' tops the chart this week, followed by 'TRON: Legacy'. 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' completes the top three.

Pirate Bay User Database Compromised and Exploited, Again

In recent weeks many Pirate Bay users have received an email, allegedly sent by The Pirate Bay team, encouraging them to download a course on how to make money from the site. The email is clearly sent by spammers, but since this is not the first time the Pirate Bay user database has been exploited, users are starting to worry how it's possible that their personal info is leaking out again.