Internet Villain Mulls 3 Strikes For Australian Pirates

Senator Stephen Conroy is a man on a mission. Undeterred that his absurd plans to filter the Internet have earned him the dubious title of Internet Villain of the Year, he is now promising to find a solution to the file-sharing 'problem' by bringing parties together who are already at… Converts Torrents into PNG Images is a new web-based service that allows users to hide .torrent files inside PNG images. This means that users can easily upload hidden torrent files to their favorite image hosting service and forums, or use it as an avatar on social networking sites without being censored.

Modified 3 Strikes Back on Agenda For New Zealand Pirates

After the previous Labour government failed in its attempts to set up an ISP code of practice to deal with copyright infringements via section 92a of the Copyright Act, today sees new proposals revealed. ISPs won't be expected to police their networks, but instead decisions - including 3 strikes -…

MPAA Will Hunt Down isoHunt Founder for Life

After a win against TorrentSpy the MPAA is determined to silence isoHunt and bankrupt its founder Gary Fung. MAFIAA lawyer Steven Fabrizio guarantees that if they win the case, the movie industry will relentlessly hunt down any damages owed to them for the rest of Fung's life.

Stephen Fry Admits He’s a BitTorrent Pirate


Stephen Fry, a highly respected actor, comedian, writer, presenter and author yesterday admitted to downloading TV shows for free using BitTorrent. Speaking at the iTunes Festival in London last night, Fry told the audience that he's grabbed episodes of 24 and the series finale of House, starring his former comedy…

PublicBT Tracker Set To Patch BitTorrent’s Achilles’ Heel

Along with the lingering uncertainty surrounding the future of The Pirate Bay comes an increasingly urgent demand for alternative public BitTorrent trackers. PublicBitTorrent, operated by the people behind some of today's most prominent torrent sites, is one of these much needed alternatives.

Pirate Bay Buyer’s Stock Back to Square One

After Global Gaming Factory (GGF) announced that it intends to buy The Pirate Bay for $7.8 million, shares in the company quickly doubled. The financial faith in the company's plans for the world's most prominent tracker were short lived though, as the share price is back to square one two…