Demonoid To Be Resurrected Under New Admin

Deimos, the administrator of Demonoid has announced that he is stepping down for good due to his preoccupation with 'real-life' issues. For those tearing their hair out with dismay, you can stop now. The site will be resurrected under a trusted new admin and Deimos is asking the community to…

European Parliament Condemns Plans To Disconnect File-Sharers

Controversial plans to disconnect file-sharers from the internet were condemned in the European Parliament this morning when MEPs voted to avoid adopting measures "conflicting with civil liberties and human rights and with the principles of proportionality, effectiveness and dissuasiveness".

Vote for the Movie Screening Security Guards

Last week we published a post featuring 'The Movie Screening Security Guards' as they terrorized the movie-going public with their outrageous anti-piracy antics. After being delighted with the response, director Joe Russo got in touch asking for a little help from the TorrentFreak readers.

IFPI Erases Evidence Of Fascist Roots For 75th Anniversary

Any organization reaching a major anniversary would be proud of this fact, with press releases, interviews and celebration. The IFPI hasn't said anything about reaching its 75th birthday. Instead, one of their staff has edited their Wikipedia page to keep their roots a secret. So what exactly do they want…

BitComet Reaches Milestone with v1.00

Almost five years after the initial release went public, BitComet v1.00 has arrived. BitComet has come a long way, and despite its (unfounded) image as the BitTorrent bully, it remains popular among BitTorrent users.

Australian Police Caught Pirating Movies

A recent audit of computer systems belonging to the South Australia Police has found that hundreds are being used to "share" films. In a move smacking of hypocrisy though, officers involved will not be charged.