Free Download an iTunes Shot In The Arm For Moby

Released on June 30th, Wait for Me is Moby's ninth studio album. On April 15th fans got an early taster when Moby gave away "Shot in the Back of the Head" - a track from the album - for free. Now, according to Moby himself, that track is his best…

Streets of Blood Premieres Worldwide on BitTorrent


Streets of Blood, an action thriller featuring 50 Cent, Val Kilmer and Sharon Stone saw its worldwide DVD premiere last week on BitTorrent. In just a few days the film was downloaded by half a million people, good for a third place in this week's list of most downloaded movies.

The Pirate Bay’s Founders Sail On

For more than five years the largest BitTorrent tracker on the Internet has been been operated informally by a small group of friends. This will soon change as Global Gaming Factory takes over the ship to explore seas unknown. TorrentFreak caught up with Pirate Bay's Peter Sunde to review the…

OpenBitTorrent Tracker Muscles In On The Old Pirate Bay

On Friday Jamie King, director of the Steal This Film documentaries, speculated here on TorrentFreak that the brand new OpenBitTorrent tracker could prove to be a replacement for The Pirate Bay if certain conditions were met. Now, just 48 hours later - has that dream already become reality?

P2P Collection Costs Man Huge Fine, Suspended Sentence

A man who downloaded 12,591 music tracks, 426 movies and 16 full TV-series has been sentenced in France. The police searched the 55 year-old's house in connection with an unrelated matter and stumbled across his collection. The man was sentenced to 33,000 euros ($46,200) in damages and a 2 month…

Limewire Gets More Serious About BitTorrent

Despite BitTorrent being the leading file-sharing protocol for several years already, Limewire is still the most installed P2P application on the market. Even though most of Limewire's users only use the Gnutella network, the application has completely overhauled its BitTorrent implementation.

BREIN Demands $70,000 Per Day Penalty For Usenet Community

Earlier this year, anti-piracy outfit BREIN demanded the closure of Usenet community FTD. After negotiations between the pair came to nothing, BREIN declared FTD a criminal operation prompting FTD to take legal action against BREIN to clear their name. Now BREIN is counter-claiming against FTD, demanding $70,000 a day in…