Hollywood Gets Injunction To Disconnect The Pirate Bay

Last month it became apparent that several Hollywood movie studios had threatened to take legal action against the owner of ISP CyberBunker, the current bandwidth provider for The Pirate Bay. Now, according to fresh information from a reliable source, the studios have come good on their threats.

Supreme Court Rules Pirate Bay Appeal Judges Are Unbiased

Today Sweden's Supreme Court has ruled that two of the judges set to hear the appeal of the four convicted Pirate Bay operators are unbiased. It had been feared that their membership in pro-copyright organizations would affect their judgment, but that eventuality was ruled out today by the Court.

Did Rockstar Use Pirate Game Code For Steam Max Payne 2?

According to an eagle-eyed game buyer, Rockstar could have caused themselves quite a bit of embarrassment when they made Max Payne 2 available on Steam. A close examination of the game's executable reveals that it contains the ASCII text logo of game piracy group Myth.

Hurt Locker Makers To Sue Thousands of BitTorrent Users

The makers of the Oscar-winning movie Hurt Locker have joined a very lucrative 'pay up or else' scheme that will target tens of thousands of U.S. BitTorrent users. The massive lawsuit is expected to be filed in the coming days and if ISPs cooperate, suspected downloaders will receive a settlement letter in the weeks to come.

isoHunt Triples Its Torrent Index In a Year

IsoHunt has been one of the leading BitTorrent search engines since 2004. Despite facing legal battles with the MPAA and CRIA, isoHunt keeps on expanding and adding more torrents to its index. It now lists nearly 5 million unique torrents, tripling in size compared to last year.

ACS:Law Anti-Piracy Scheme Cited In Sex Shop Closure Row

A sex shop company owned by one of Britain's richest men has been revealed as a client of controversial anti-piracy lawyers ACS:Law. Following an objection against a license renewal for one of its premises, the owning company complained that it was the target of a national campaign, and later withdrew its application and closed down the shop.

Sports Streaming / Torrent Links Site Victorious in Court

The hugely popular sports streaming and download site Rojadirecta has been declared legal by a Spanish court. The appeal of sports rights holder Audiovisual Sport has been dismissed, putting an end to a legal battle that started three years ago. The site continues to operate without having to face the threat of being shut down.

Piracy: When Even a Penny Is Too Much

The MPAA, RIAA and other entertainment industry groups want people to believe that piracy is the result of people's greed and refusal to pay. A recent experiment by Wolfire Games sheds another light on this argument, as they found out that even a penny can be too much.