It’s Time To Sink The Pirate Bay, and Replace It

In just a few weeks time The Pirate Bay as we know it will be no more. There is no doubt that its demise will signal the end of an era, however, it will also mark the start of a new one. Or to use the words of Pirate Bay insider Rasmus Fleischer, "It’s time to sink the ship and move on!"

Israeli MPAA Goes After Premier Subtitling Site

ALIS, Israel's answer to the MPAA, has moved aggressively against a site which provides translated subtitles for movies and TV shows. Three individuals who work to provide free subtitles on Qsubs, one of Israel's most prominent subtitle providers, have been ordered by ALIS to pay $264,000 each in damages and issue a public apology.

Trackhub Offers a Solution for Failing BitTorrent Trackers

Trackers are the Achilles’ heel of BitTorrent. Tens of thousands of downloads will slow down or stop working entirely when some of the bigger trackers go offline. Trackhub is a new service that addresses this problem by distributing downloaders to a working tracker in case the main tracker fails.

Porn Studios Set To Target 65,000 Movie Uploaders

In July many adult movie studios filed a copyright complaint against 10,000 alleged porn uploaders. The producers wanted a large number of convictions but were disappointed when prosecutors went after just 10 individuals. The studios have responded by reporting another 65,000 file-sharers and demanding action.

Facebook Bans LimeWire’s Share Feature

The file-sharing application LimeWire recently introduced a new feature that allows users to share files with friends on Facebook. Many LimeWire users were enthusiastic about the Facebook integration, but Facebook itself wasn't too happy and asked LimeWire to either disable it, or have it done for them.

‘Label Executive’ Arrested in DV8 Music Piracy Investigation

Back in June, TorrentFreak reported that major online music release group DV8 had been severely disrupted after a police and music industry investigation led to arrests. Aside from an IFPI press release a few days later confirming our reports, little news has surfaced. Today we can report that there have been further arrests.

Run a Free BitTorrent Tracker on Google

With both the Pirate Bay and OpenBitTorrent trackers down at the moment, many people are unable to download torrents unless they enable DHT. Luckily there are a few backup trackers that people can use, and thanks to Google's free App Engine, everyone can setup a tracker of their own in a few minutes.

Pirate Bay Buyer Kicked Off Stock Exchange

Global Gaming Factory (GGF), the company that says it is set to buy The Pirate Bay, has been kicked off the Swedish stock market following several serious violations. Since half of the payment for The Pirate Bay acquisition would be in GGF shares, it is uncertain whether the deal will now go through.