Third of Home Insurers Fail to Cover Music Downloads

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Music fans are at risk of losing thousands of pounds worth of digital music because their household insurer does not protect downloaded material, according to Which?. Research by the consumer champion found that a third of leading home insurers’ standard policies fail to offer any form of digital information cover, even though over 100m tracks […]

Major Record Labels to Compete With iTunes, Spotify and Pirates

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The world’s major record labels, are starting their own music streaming service in the U.S. this quarter that will challenge Apple Inc.’s iTunes, after years of letting start-ups license their artists. “Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity,” which Sony unveiled in September, started in the U.K. and Ireland in December and in France, Germany, Italy and […]

The Pirate Bay Adopts New Torrent RSS Standard

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Just a few hours after we covered the new BitTorrent RSS standard EZTV has developed, several sites already switched their feeds. The Pirate Bay and BT-Chat are currently using the new spec on their sites, and according to EZTV’s NovaKing others will follow suit. BitSnoop is one of the major sites that also promised to […]

Leading Chinese File-Sharing Site Disables Illicit Music and Movie Downloads

One of China's leading file-sharing sites permanently disabled access to many music and movie downloads this weekend. Citing copyright concerns and tightening legislation, the boss of VeryCD said that after 7 years hard work since the creation of his company, times are changing. In the face of a massively disappointed userbase, VeryCD will now concentrate on directing users to licensed content.

EZTV Introduces BitTorrent RSS Standard, With Magnets

For years RSS feeds have been published on nearly every torrent site, large and small. But despite the good fit between the two technologies, there's never been a standardized format for BitTorrent feeds. This prompted RSS inventor Dave Winer to encourage torrent site admins to come up with a BitTorrent RSS standard, and the first spec has now been published by EZTV.

BitTorrent Sites Hacked By Secret Government Unit? Not So Fast..

In the early hours of Saturday morning, panic set in on two large European BitTorrent trackers. ArenaBG and Zamunda, a pair of sites with a history of being targeted by the Bulgarian authorities, were reported down. According to several mainstream media reports, they had been taken offline by the country's anti-mafia unit and/or hacked by a secret government department. Big news or crazy rumor?

Did Wikileaks Get Some Leaks on KaZaA and LimeWire?

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P2P intelligence company Tiversa is claiming to have evidence which proves that Wikileaks got some of their materials of file-sharing networks such as KaZaA and LimeWire. “WikiLeaks is doing searches themselves on file-sharing networks,” Chief Executive Officer Robert Boback told Bloomberg. Tiversa says it spotted several searches on P2P networks that were specifically targeted at […]