Saudi Airlines Shows Pirated Film to Passengers

Saudi Airlines has been caught showing pirated film during a flight this week, a Blu-Ray rip of Killers to be exact. Whether the airline makes a habit of pirating its in-flight entertainment is unclear, but the "Killers 2010 BDRiP AC3 XViD-ILOVE" reference is a clear indication that showing a pirated copy is sometimes preferred over the material provided by official distributers.

US Government’s ‘Pirate’ Domain Seizures Failed Miserably

The seizure of file-sharing related domain names by the US Government in recent months have stirred up a lot of controversy. Despite heavy critique from various sides, the responsible authorities justified their actions and claimed that it is an effective tool to clamp down on Internet piracy. However, those who take a good look at the end result soon notice that reality paints a different picture.

TV Site Sued For Linking To Completely Legal Videos

There are thousands of sites that link to video on the Internet and it's becoming increasingly common for them to be threatened by rightsholders when they link to unauthorized content. However, things have gone a stage further as a site is now being sued by a copyright group for linking to completely legal content provided by official sources.

Why Is It Rocket Science That Laws Should Apply Online Too?


One of the primary demands of the Pirate Party has been that the same laws that apply offline should also apply online. I think it's an entirely reasonable thing to demand; the Internet is not a special case, but part of reality. The problems appear when an obsolete but powerful industry realizes that this just and equal application of laws means they can't enforce a distribution monopoly any longer.

isoHunt Recruits Anti-Piracy Programmer

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We should have posted this announcement yesterday, but better late than never. The Canadian BitTorrent search engine isoHunt, the one that’s been battling the MPAA, has just posted a new job offer. To protect the interest of big media isoHunt owner Gary Fung is looking to hire an anti-piracy programmer. It is about time, as […]

Exploit Turns Anti-Piracy Agency Site Into The Pirate Bay

Hadopi, the French agency charged with handling file-sharers’ copyright digressions, has once again been shamed by a copyright-related blunder. The agency which mandates that all citizens secure their networks to keep out freeloading pirates, has a surprisingly unsecure site itself. Ironically enough, the vulnerability allowed outsiders to change the search engine of the Hadopi site into that of The Pirate Bay.

No Fools: 300 Feds Wipe Out 50% Of US Music Piracy Overnight

According to a report in the New York Times, more than 300 FBI agents have carried out raids which have "wiped out 50 percent" of the illicit recording industry in the United States. The move follows scathing criticism of music piracy from one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, who in support of calls for new legislation compared it to counterfeiting $100 bills or rustling cattle.

UK Film Critic’s Common Sense Solution To Piracy

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Mark Kermode is a UK film critic, a member of the British Academy and a presenter and blogger for the BBC. He also has some great ideas on how to deal with the issue of movie piracy. In an often complex debate, his simple and common sense approach is really refreshing. No more introduction needed. […]