3 Strikes Still On Agenda, But Only If Kiwis Keep On Pirating

New Zealand's Parliament Commerce Committee has reported back on the Copyright Infringing File Sharing Bill and it will now move to parliament for its second reading. The controversial 3 strikes provision is still included, but will now only be implemented if a letter writing scheme to educate citizens fails, and people continue to share illicit files during the next two years.

Anti-Piracy Tool For Cinemas Will Recognize Emotions

For most people going to a cinema is a good night out. Only a few realize that they are often subjecting themselves to extreme and privacy invading security measures that most airports could only dream of. Filmgoers are already being carefully watched for suspicious behavior by Big Brother's cameras, but soon this technology will be upgraded with sophisticated emotion recognition software.

File-Sharers To Receive Warning Letters, But No 3 Strikes

In an effort to reduce illicit file-sharing, draft legislation was passed in Finland last week which will require Internet service providers to send letters to customers suspected of unauthorized sharing. The warnings will be initiated by copyright owners, but at no stage will Internet subscribers' identities be compromised. A three strikes-style regime is not on the agenda.

Law Professor Defends Alleged Hurt Locker Pirates

In recent months thousands of US BitTorrent users have been sued for allegedly sharing movies such as The Hurt Locker. Among the victims are several people who have never even downloaded a single torrent file, but nevertheless have fallen prey to the infamous pay-up-or-else scheme. San Fransisco Law professor Robert Talbot and his students are now stepping up for two dozen of these wrongfully accused individuals.

The Paranoid Anti-Piracy Group With No Employees

Antipiratbyrån (Anti-Piracy Bureau, APB) regularly makes headlines for its work against file-sharers in Sweden. Now, APB lawyer Sara Lindbäck has given an interview where she speaks about piracy, the MPAA, The Pirate Bay, and the level of secrecy APB adopts to protect those working for it. This group manages to conduct its business with zero turnover and not a single employee (or snitch) on the books.

LimeWire Alternatives See Huge Increase in Downloads

A few days after LimeWire shut down nearly all alternative file-sharing applications report a massive increase in downloads, most likely from LimeWire refugees. On the one hand the developers of LimeWire's competitors are pleased with the additional users, but some of them are also slightly worried about what the RIAA's next move will be.

EZTV App Arrives on Android, TV Torrents Go Mobile

The first dedicated EZTV app has arrived in the Android Market this week. EZTV Droid is a free Android app that enables users to check for the latest TV-torrents and send the ones they wish to download to uTorrent. EZTV is excited about EZTV Droid and other similar apps and has announced that it will release an API for 3rd party developers in the near future.