Crysis 2 Leak Fails To Result in Massive Download Fest

Next month the long-awaited Crysis 2 is due for release but perhaps inevitably it's already been leaked onto the Internet. Although it's a PC beta version which requires some coaxing to perform, publisher EA has already decried this unofficial release and some gaming blogs have gone into overdrive condemning 'evil pirates'. But hey, let's all cool down for a second. Just because people can pirate, doesn't mean they always do.

Is The President of Turkey a Movie Pirate?

Twitter is an excellent medium for world leaders to keep the people informed on their thoughts and actions, but it can also lead to awkward situations. Yesterday evening the Turkish President Abdullah Gül tweeted that he enjoyed watching the Oscar nominated movie 'The King's Speech' at home with his wife. An interesting status update, since the film has not premiered in Turkish theaters yet, nor is it available on DVD anywhere else.

Prime Minister Gets Bollywood Piracy Ear Bashing

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Bollywood movie producers headed by top filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt have had an audience with the Indian Prime Minister on the issue of piracy. The Prime Minister is said to have been sympathetic to their plight and is looking towards taking steps to “curb it”. Read More

Justin Bieber Movie Pirates Deserve At Least 3 Years In Jail

So, this week saw the VIP premiere of Justin Bieber's new 3D movie, Never Say Never. Unfortunately the glittering event appears to have been overshadowed by countless teenagers who have the nerve to describe themselves as hardcore fans, but are in fact little more than federal criminals who deserve at least 3 years in jail. I blame the parents, and I'm not the only one.

BitTorrent Partners With Khan Academy to Distribute Education

To the mainstream public BitTorrent is best known for its efficient distribution of entertainment, but BitTorrent Inc. and the Khan Academy are showing that it's an excellent tool to spread education too. The pair have launched an App for the millions of uTorrent and BitTorrent Mainline users that gives them instant access to free educational content. Wins Trademark Infringing .Com Domain, listed among the ten most popular torrent sites on the Internet, has won a WIPO domain dispute against the owner of The latter domain was owned by Craig Pratka, a New York resident who used the domain to drive up revenues at a 'dubious' affiliate program. The decision ends a long domain name battle that started back in 2008.

Hollywood Usenet Enemy #1 Never Gets DMCA Takedown Notices

Usenet indexer Newzbin has endured its fair share of ups and downs over the last few years, mainly as a result of its intense legal battle with the major Hollywood studios. Remarkably the site morphed and fought back and now finds itself in the unusual situation of never being asked to remove links to infringing content. Calm before the storm? If so, Newzbin are prepared.

Neil Gaiman Loves Piracy: “It’s Advertising”

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Bestselling author Neil Gaiman – author of awarded science fiction and fantasy short stories, novels, comic books and more – makes a case for piracy in a recent interview with ORG Zine. Initially Gaiman got annoyed by people who put his stuff online for free, but later he realized that it’s actually the best promotion […]