Record Labels Fear Virgin’s Piracy Solution

In order to combat piracy the UK Internet provider Virgin Media has has teamed up with Universal to offer their customers unlimited DRM-free music at a fixed monthly rate. However, as with every innovative music service, some major labels fear that Virgin's all you can eat plan will cannibalize their existing digital sales.

Anti-Piracy Group Objects To Friend of the Court Application

As the legal machinery continues to grind in the case of anti-piracy group AFACT versus ISP iiNet, Australia's Internet Industry Association (IIA) feels it has something to offer the proceedings. IIA has applied to be amicus curiae, a ‘friend of the court’, but AFACT has objected, insisting the group would not be impartial and would favor iiNet.

Tip-off Sees Bailiffs Sail Off In Pirate Bay Buyer’s Boat

The CEO of Global Gaming Factory, the company aiming to buy the Pirate Bay, has suffered yet another embarrassment. After losing a luxury car and a motorcycle to the tax authorities over an unpaid debt, the bailiffs - acting on an anonymous tip - have sailed off in Hans Pandeya's luxury boat.

IFPI Prepares IPRED Complaints Against File-Sharers

A new law designed to make it easier for copyright holders to go after file-sharers came into force in Sweden on April 1st. The feared IPRED legislation resulted in a major drop in Internet traffic but 6 months after its introduction, not a single complaint has been issued against music sharers. But IFPI says this is the calm before the storm.

Pirated Artist Orders Police Raid on Sony Music Office

A Sony Music office in Mexico has been raided after the label refused to hand over the recordings of one of Latin America's biggest artists, Alejandro Fernández. Police took over 6,000 CDs that Sony refused to return, even though Fernández' contract with the label had ended.

UK Lawyers Promise First Court Action Against File-Sharers

Since 2007, the UK has seen thousands of postal threats to take alleged file-sharers to court. But aside from getting default judgments against a handful easy targets who didn't try to defend themselves, the majority of threats have come to nothing. Lawyers ACS:Law are now promising to step up to the mark and bring their first court cases in Britain.