EU Rejects Three-Strikes Legislation, For Good

The European Parliament has cast its final vote in favor of an amendment that will prevent member states from implementing three-strikes laws. Disconnecting alleged file-sharers based on evidence from anti-piracy lobby groups restricts the rights and freedoms of Internet users, according to the amendment.

Pirate Party 3rd Largest Political Party in Sweden

Support for the Swedish Pirate Party surged following the Pirate Bay verdict and today it became the third largest political party in the country. When they are elected for the European Parliament next month, the party hopes to end the abuse of copyright by multi-billion dollar corporations.

Mininova Filters Copyright Infringing Torrents

Just a few days before their court appearance, Mininova, the largest BitTorrent site on the Internet, has started to filter content. The site is using a third party content recognition system that will detect and remove torrent files that link to copyright infringing files.

Download a Free Car from BitTorrent and P2P Sites

Just a few years ago downloading from the Internet was a relatively niche activity but now all kinds of big names are getting in on the action. In a new promotion about to launch, motor manufacturer Mitsubishi has hidden parts of its new Colt car on BitTorrent sites and other…

IFPI Goes After Torrent Site Hosting Providers

In the aftermath of the Pirate Bay verdict, Sweden has witnessed the demise of many other BitTorrent trackers. But not quite enough according to music industry lobby group IFPI, who are now threatening the hosting providers of torrent sites. The host of private BitTorrent tracker TorrentBytes appears to be one…

Major Source of Pirated iPhone Apps Closes Down

A site thought to be the source of up to 60% of cracked iPhone apps added to the Appulous app database has ceased its operations. The site, home to well known cracker 'kidmoneys', is believed to have made use of hacked iTunes gift cards to maintain the supply of apps,…

Bitlet Launches BitTorrent Video Streaming

Bitlet, the first web-based BitTorrent client, is known for its innovative services and ease of use. Bitlet's latest new feature allows users to stream video torrents directly in a web-browser - no additional software required.