Fastpasstv Shuts Down After U.K. Arrest

The popular video streaming site "Fast Pass TV" shut down earlier this week following the arrest of one of the site's alleged operators. The site itself didn't host any copyrighted content but indexed videos hosted on third-party sites. The operator has been released on bail pending inquiries.

It Is Everyone’s Duty To Defy Unjust Laws


I sometimes hear people claim that laws exist to be followed. These people are the most dangerous people who exist in a society. Tyranny is never upheld through law; it is upheld through thousands of bureaucrats that follow the letter of the law just because they believe in rules and law.

Torrent-Finder Owner Appears on NBC News

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Waleed Gadelkareem, the owner of Torrent-Finder who had its domain name seized by the US Government last year was interviewed by NBC News. “The USA government is trying to shut it down,” Gadelkareem said, “for the sake of a group of rich businessmen. That’s what I think. That’s (what) everybody thinks.” His American lawyer, David […] Down, Back Soon

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Approximately 24 hours ago the popular TV-torrent site EZTV went down. The downtime is caused by routing issues TorrentFreak was told by the EZTV team, and they’re currently working on a fix. Sister site ezRSS is not affected by the downtime and new releases are still being posted. On Twitter EZTV confirmed that they’re looking […]

SceneTorrents: The Untold Story of Raids and Arrests

In the dying days of November 2009, a shockwave rippled through the private BitTorrent tracker community. One of the scene's most successful sites, SceneTorrents, was shutting down for good, with the site's operators citing "legal issues". Now, 18 months later, here is the full story of raids and arrests, followed up by an all-too-familiar deafening silence.

Experts Point Out Uselessness of Anti-Piracy DNS Filter

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There’s been a lot of talk about the PROTECT IP Act and domain seizures this week. Lawmakers and the entertainment industries praise the anti-piracy initiatives, but not everyone is convinced. A group of DNS experts has now joined the opposition with a new whitepaper. In it, they discuss how DNS filtering is not only very […]