How Tracy Morgan Justifies His Piracy Habit

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The American actor and comedian Tracy Morgan can be hilarious at times, and in the process he also talks sense every now and then. At least on the surface. Here’s what the Twitter addict came up with today… He leaves out that 95% of all musicians can barely pay their rent, but still.

Google, MPAA and isoHunt Clash in Court

Last year the BitTorrent search engine isoHunt filed an appeal in their case with the MPAA. With the appeal isoHunt hopes to overturn a District Court ruling that obligates the site to operate an MPAA-approved censorship filter. The case is still ongoing and the Appeal Court has now granted Google the opportunity to chime in as well, leading to critical comments from both the MPAA and isoHunt.

Yay! The Internet Passport Is Coming

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The end of the Internet as we know it is near. It might take three years, five, or maybe ten, but then everyone will have an Internet passport. Why? Well, to protect the children from all sorts of dangers and to track down terrorists of course. At least that’s what the public will be led […]

Not Even The Threat Of Prison Deters Information Sharing

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This week the UK’s High Court rejected complaints from two of the country’s largest ISPs that the Digital Economy Act might be unlawful. This means that the controversial legislation will go ahead. Errant Internet subscribers will be sent scary letters informing them that they – or someone who has used their connection – have been […]

Confessions Of a BitTorrent Pirate Chasing Lawyer

Over the last year a handful of lawyers have sued well over one hundred thousand alleged BitTorrent users in the United States. Usually, when these lawyers respond to the press, if they even choose to do so at all, we are given only generic comments. Until now. In a quite revealing interview, Texas lawyer Evan Stone becomes the first of his kind to open the book on the motivations which see him going after "smarmy entitled little brats."

Dr Who Bends Time and Space To Beat TV Pirates

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Dr Who fans on both sides of the Atlantic have something to celebrate today. In a move designed to limit piracy of the long-running sci-fi drama, the new series will air today in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada. Interestingly, a source at Twitter cited this same day release strategy as an example of […]

Clue To The Massive Playstation Network Shutdown?

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Earlier this week, in our post Anonymous Silenced By Youtube, we noted that the group may not yet be done punishing Sony. As we write this post, Sony’s Playstation Network has been down for 2 days, with no real sign of it returning. While some have speculated that this may be down to a cyber […]

Google Censors Alternate Domain of Seized Streaming Site, By Mistake

Google has removed the homepage of, the alternate domain of the sports streaming site that had its .com domain seized by the US authorities earlier this year. Google's decision will be welcomed by Major League Baseball (MLB) who sent the complaint, but those who look closely will see that the removal is the result of several misunderstandings and mistakes.