Xbox 360 Update Stumps Black Ops and Modern Warfare Pirates

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Seems like that innocent little Xbox 360 update yesterday wasn’t just to restore the option to boot the console straight to a disc. It also contained secret pirate-fighting juice. Now that it’s been mentioned, it did seem a little strange that the update came out of nowhere. And for such a tiny fix clocked in […]

RIAA Thinks .Music Domains Will Be Piracy Havens

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The RIAA is lowering it’s horns and taking the .music initiative head-on. Even though the .music domain extension hasn’t seen the light of day yet, the RIAA is already challenging ICANN to ensure that, if approved, this top-level domain won’t be used to encourage music piracy. The RIAA would like to work closely with ICANN […]

Thorny Bleeder Records Give Away Yet More Free Music

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Brian Thompson, Managing Partner of Thorny Bleeder Records contacted TorrentFreak with some news this morning. In addition to a shiny new website, Thorny Bleeder are offering a new free music album to download. The album, Get Thorny 3, features 24 songs from 24 different artists. Thorny Bleeder also released additional free album downloads from Billy […]

PlayStation 3 Hacker Case Delayed

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Sony’s court case against PlayStation 3 hacker George Hotz is facing delays as confusion reigns over what state the case should be held in. The company argues that because the information about the hack was shared via California-based companies Twitter and YouTube, as well as the fact that donations were received via PayPal, the case […]

How ‘Cyberlockers’ Became The Biggest Problem In Piracy

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Since Napster exploded into the public consciousness when it was founded 12 years ago, the world of digital piracy has been associated with a particular type of software—“peer-to-peer” download services. (Sometimes fairly, sometimes not.) Either way, 2011 is likely to be the year when P2P is finally eclipsed by “cyberlockers,” a wildly popular type of […]

BitTorrent Inventor Demos New P2P Live Streaming Protocol

Bram Cohen, the inventor of the BitTorrent protocol that revolutionized file-sharing, is finalizing the code for his new P2P-live streaming protocol. With his efforts he aims to develop a piece of code superior to all other streaming solutions on the market today. The release of the application is still a few months away, but Cohen has shown a demo exclusively to TorrentFreak.

US Official Speaks Untruths About Torrent-Finder Domain Seizure

Two months ago the United States Government seized more than 80 domains that were allegedly involved in copyright related offenses. Among these sites was the relatively unknown BitTorrent meta-search engine Torrent-Finder. From the start there has been a lot of critique, but the director of ICE has now come out to defend their actions. Unfortunately, his ignorance and hugely misleading comments add yet more black marks to the track record of his office.

Vuze 4.6, Instant Gratification, Faster Downloads

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The popular BitTorrent client Vuze just released version 4.6. “Vuze 4.6 has arrived! The release includes a brand new Play Now feature, faster downloads, and a completely redesigned Sidebar. At the end of the day, each of these features enhances your ability to quickly download and watch. Here at Vuze, we’re all about instant gratification.” […]