Files Aren’t Private On Hosting Sites, Researchers Claim

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File-hosting sites – or cyberlockers as they are increasingly known – provide convenient places for Internet users to store all types of media, from audio and video to personal documents such as text files and family photographs. It’s presumed by users of these sites that by keeping the unique supplied URL of uploads secret, their […]

Artist Slays Louis Vuitton in Intellectual Property Dispute


In a move designed to draw attention to the genocide in Darfur, in 2008 a young art student took the decision to juxtapose an image of a starving child with a Louis Vuitton-inspired bag. The French fashion giant responded by sending in their lawyers in pursuit of crushing damages. This week, however, they lost not only the case, but the all-important PR battle.

MPAA Has Nothing On Us, isoHunt Tells Court

BitTorrent search engine isoHunt is fighting the injunction and summary judgment issued by the District Court of California last summer in their case against the MPAA. Yesterday, both parties clashed in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, with isoHunt claiming there is no evidence they can be held liable for copyright infringements that may have been committed by its users.

When P2P Came Along We Failed, Admit Label Bosses

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Having been destroyed by the world’s largest recording labels, the LimeWire file-sharing service is little more than a corpse at this stage. Nevertheless, its destruction and burial is not quite over. This week LimeWire has been facing off with the record labels before a jury in New York to decide how much in damages it […]

Anti-Piracy Lawyers Set To Face Formidable Prosecution

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Two lawyers accused of deliberately targeting innocent victims as part of an anti-piracy scheme will face a formidable opponent at their upcoming disciplinary hearing. Davenport Lyons partner David Gore and former partner Brian Miller will face the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal at the end of this month for their part in a so-called ‘speculative invoicing’ campaign […]

Leaked “ACTA” Lobby Letter Reveals Hollywood Pressure On EU

A letter sent on behalf of 21 pro-copyright outfits including the Motion Picture Association and IFPI shows how the European Parliament is being urged to sign the controversial ACTA anti-piracy agreement. The backroom lobbying effort document, which came into TorrentFreak's possession, reveals how the organizations ask Parliament not to wait for a response from the European Court of Justice but simply sign "with no further delays."

Pirate Party Sets Record In England Elections

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The Pirate Party UK achieved a moderate success at England’s local elections yesterday. Council candidate Graeme Lambert got 3.62% of the vote in Moorside, which the Party welcomed as a great result and a new record. “Thank you to all those who supported me, either by talking to me and my team, offering advice or […]