Game Developer: I Used To Pirate Heavily

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In a recent interview, the founder of Amanita Design, the company behind the awarding winning 2009 PC game Machinarium, gave his candid views on piracy. Not only does Jakub Dvorsky oppose DRM, believing it to be “an annoying complication for paying customers”, but actually admits to being a pirate in his youth. “I don’t see […]

Judge Green Lights BitTorrent User Mass-Harassment Scheme

The mass lawsuits against alleged BitTorrent users in the United States that have been keeping the courts busy over the past several months are turning into a roller-coaster ride. Last week thousands of defendants celebrated a victory when they had their cases dropped, but just a few days later a judge ignored all procedural issues and gave the green light for the mass-lawsuits to continue.

Stop UK Website Blocking Say Open Rights Group

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As reported in our News Bits article earlier this week, the UK government is considering introducing a system to have websites which provide or facilitate access to copyright infringing material blocked by ISPs. The music and movie industries have already created a wishlist of 100 sites they would like blocked, which includes The Pirate Bay […]

Report: Despite Piracy, Music Is More Alive Than Ever Before

A new paper published by the American economist Joel Waldfogel shows that music piracy hasn't hurt the creation of new music as the RIAA, IFPI and other industry representatives have often claimed. Instead, music has democratized in recent years with the balance of power shifting from the monopoly of the major music labels to smaller, independent ones. Music itself may be more alive than ever before. Goes Down Too

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Following in the footsteps of The Pirate Bay, another major torrent site went down as well. H33t has been unresponsive for a few hours now. TorrentFreak contacted the owner of the site for more details on the situation, but he has yet to reply. As usual, we expect that the downtime is caused by a […]

The Pirate Bay Is Down…

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Yes, The Pirate Bay is down at the moment. No, there’s no reason to panic. Every time The Pirate Bay suffers a few minutes for downtime, thousands of people start to worry that something awful has happened to their beloved site. Luckily, this is usually not the case. The fear that The Pirate Bay may […]

Supreme Court Ruling Makes Chasing File-Sharers Hugely Expensive

A court ruling has not only sharply reduced the amount of compensation rightsholders can expect from Danish file-sharing cases, but has also drawn a line on evidential standards. To accurately claim their losses in future, rightsholders will have to gain physical access to an infringer's computer. A leading lawyer in the field says the costs will prove prohibitively expensive.