Iconic Pirate Bay Ship Logo Hijacked By Private Company

Seen by millions of people worldwide, the ship design used by The Pirate Bay is one of the most recognizable logos on the Internet today. But after discovering that the iconic emblem had not been officially registered, a Swedish company has hijacked the trademark as their own, with an eye on commercial exploitation.

Leaked Documents Reveal Anti-Piracy Cash Operation

A source inside lawyers Davenport Lyons and their partner DigiProtect has leaked sensitive documents detailing how the companies generated profit from porn. They show how the pair extracted money from alleged file-sharers, how the revenue was split and how individuals were ranked to decide who to chase and who to leave alone.

HttpTorrents: Download Torrents Without BitTorrent

Launched in early 2009, KickassTorrents is one of the fastest growing torrent sites on the Internet. The site has already conquered the hearts of many BitTorrent fans thanks to its user-friendliness, and just recently it partnered with httpTorrents to offer the option to download files over http.

Swedish Internet Traffic Recovers After Initial IPRED Scare

When Sweden's IPRED legislation came into force on April 1st this year, the country saw a massive 30% drop in Internet traffic. Many attributed this to Internet user fears associated with increased powers of anti-piracy groups. Now, 8 months later, traffic is completely back to normal and on track to exceed pre-IPRED levels.

Warner Bros. Thinks P2P Gets Unfairly Vilified

At a recent roundtable discussion, Warner Bros. technology director Ethan Applen commented on BitTorrent and P2P's bad reputation in the entertainment industry. Applen said that P2P is not the bad guy some Hollywood insiders claim it to be, but actually a great way to transfer TV-episodes and entire seasons.

AFACT v iiNet: Safe Harbor Protection Intact, Says iiNet

iiNet's chief barrister told the court today that the only proven 'infringer' in the case was AFACT's own investigator, which secured iiNet's protection under Safe Harbor provisions. He added that the number of claimed infringements were inflated and iiNet had complied fully with privacy aspects of the Telecoms Act.

Demonoid Rewrites Code, Comeback is Imminent

It's been more than two months since the popular semi-private BitTorrent tracker Demonoid went offline due to hardware problems, but the site's full return is now imminent. Demonoid’s tracker is already up and running again and according to an update from the site's staff, the site will follow soon.