Defiant, BitTorrent and NZB Sites Fight Back Against ‘Intimidation’

Last week TorrentFreak reported that South Africa's answer to the RIAA had taken down the country's largest torrent site and an affiliated Usenet NZB site. According to the lawyer representing the sites for free, the recording industry had no standing to make a complaint. Furthermore, the actions of the sites'…

isoHunt Founder Gary Fung on Copyfight

In 2006, isoHunt was one of the first BitTorrent sites to get caught up in a legal battle with the MPAA. In a guest post for TorrentFreak, Fung gives his view on this copyfight, the right and wrong of the current copyright system, and how it's abused by lobbyists for…

Piracy Leads to Less Crap says BitTorrent Co-founder

Ashwin Navin, former president and co-founder of BitTorrent Inc. has left the company after four years. Thus far, the company hasn't been a great success, but the BitTorrent protocol is more alive than ever. Now he can talk more freely, we ask Ashwin about his view on the future of…

China Hijacks Popular BitTorrent Sites

China is not new to censoring the Internet, but up until now, BitTorrent sites have never been blocked. Recently however, several reports came in from China, indicating that popular BitTorrent sites such as Mininova, isoHunt and The Pirate Bay had been hijacked. The sites became inaccessible, instead redirecting to the…

Online Piracy Becomes a ‘National Sport’ in France

Edging ever closer to becoming law, France's "three-strikes" proposals have received support in the French Senate which voted overwhelmingly in favor for these draconian measures to deal with piracy. Now, a new report suggests that online piracy has become something of a 'national sport' in France.

Obama’s Victory Speech Does Well on BitTorrent

Within 24 hours of president-elect Barack Obama delivering his victory speech to the hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Chicago, another hundred thousand gathered in a BitTorrent swarm, to download a copy of the historic event.

Recording Industry Takes Down BitTorrent & NZB Sites

Although many stories about anti-piracy activity seem to come out of the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia, operations are certainly not limited to these countries. Today, news is filtering through that South Africa's biggest BitTorrent and Usenet NZB sites have been taken down by the recording industry.