Arrr!! Pirate Hard Drive Offers Infinite Capacity

While some might correctly argue that digital products are more or less identical to their official versions in almost every way, that's not always the case for the media they're stored on. Catering to the storage needs of every video and audio junkie, Chinese engineers have now come up with a counterfeit Samsung hard drive - with infinite capacity.

RIAA Lobbyist Turned Judge Backpedals On BitTorrent Cases

In the ongoing mass-BitTorrent lawsuits, last month U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell laid down a landmark verdict in favor of copyright holders. The verdict was widely publicized, but put in doubt after it was uncovered that the Judge was a former RIAA lobbyist. This critique appears to have had an effect. In two new orders in the same cases, Howell has now backpedaled on her earlier stance.

Proposal Suggests Browsers Should Block Users From BitTorrent Sites

As the United States heads off firmly down the domain seizures route, other countries around the world are also considering how best to deal with the issue of online piracy. Blocking sites via the web's DNS system has been high on the agenda but doubts exist over its effectiveness. A suggestion coming out of Europe this week would mean that malware filtering in web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome would do the dirty work.

Best Wishes to P2Pnet’s Jon Newton

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In late March, Jon Newton, owner of the p2pnet blog, announced that he hadn’t been well. A brief note posted to the site from his cellphone explained that he’d suffered two minor heart-attacks and that he’d probably be offline for a few days. However, it appears that an investigation into the attacks revealed that Jon […]

Hotfile Files To Dismiss In Pivotal MPAA vs Cyberlocker Lawsuit

As the entertainment industries eye the apparent emerging threat of so-called cyberlocker online storage sites, it was inevitable that at some point they would pick a fight with one of them. That unlucky target is Florida-based Hotfile and although it has chosen to settle lawsuits in the past, the company appears to be standing strong and has filed a motion to dismiss.

Saudi Airlines Responds to Piracy Debacle

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On Sunday we found out that Saudi Airlines was showing a pirated copy of “Killers” to their passengers, appropriately titled “Killers 2010 BDRiP AC3 XViD-ILOVE” At the time we could only guess what went wrong, but luckily the airline has now responded to the unfortunate event through their entertainment provider Onboard International. For those people […]

“Operation In Our Sites” Will Continue Seizing Domains

ICE director John Morton has confirmed that the seizure of domain names that are alleged to be promoting copyright infringement will continue in the coming years. In a statement before the U.S. House of Representatives, Morton said that "Operation In Our Sites" will continue through and beyond 2011. In addition and contrary to popular belief, Morton claimed that the seizures "respect free speech" and "provide due process."

Pirate Bay Users Blown Away By Hobo With A Shotgun

While it's Hope City by name, this is a town filled with degenerates, sadists and scum, so what better way to bring them into line? Have a hobo shoot them in the face with a shotgun of course. From out of nowhere, a movie with this unlikely story is currently a smash hit on BitTorrent and while few in Hope City have a moral compass, the director behind the Grindhouse flick Hobo With a Shotgun is hoping that this unexpected…