MPAA Said To Be Close To Naming New Chairman

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After almost a year of searching, the MPAA is reported to be close to naming a new chairman to replace Dan Glickman. Although the MPAA have refused to comment on the news, former Democratic senator Chris Dodd is believed to be hot favorite for the position. Dodd campaigned to run for president in 2008 so […]

Google Gets Involved in BitTorrent Search Engine Lawsuit

Over the past several years many BitTorrent search engines have claimed in court that they're "just like Google", another search engine that allows users to find information scattered around the web. All this time Google itself remained silent on the issue, until now. The search giant has involved itself in the MPAA vs. isoHunt case recently, but not completely to the delight of isoHunt's owner.

File-Sharer Can’t Believe His Luck With $7 Per Track Fine

In a case that is likely to set guidelines for the punishment of file-sharers in the future, a 26 year-old man from Sweden has escaped his court hearing with little more than a tap on the wrist. After being tracked by the IFPI and accused of making available 44 music tracks on the Internet, the man was taken to court last week. His punishment was a 2000 kronor fine - just $311.

Hotfile Goes To War Against Copyright Infringers

Hotfile, one of the rising stars on the file-hosting scene, appears to be taking a tougher stance on copyright infringement. Perhaps with an eye on the litigation recently instigated by the MPAA, this week Hotfile has been deleting premium accounts - along with all their files - en masse. Furthermore, Hotfile are reportedly not paying out the money these accounts have earned in the site's rewards program.

BitComet – A Bittorrent Client Stuck Behind a Language Barrier

For more than 7 years BitComet has been one of the most used BitTorrent clients, but also a piece of software with a doubtful reputation among users of competing clients. Many wild claims have been made against BitComet, with nearly no official response in English from the Chinese development team. Today we play catch up and find out how BitComet came about, what went wrong, and where the client is heading in the future.

Nothing New Under The Copyright-Eclipsed Sun

The copyright industry has tried the same tricks and rhetoric for well over 500 years, and they are also keen on trying to rewrite history. But the tale of the history books differs sharply from what the copyright industry is trying to paint.