Pirate Bay Users Outside Italy Suffer Collateral Damage

In mid-February an Italian court ruled that the country's ISPs must censor their networks and prevent subscribers from accessing The Pirate Bay. While millions of Italians are now barred from accessing the site, it seems that BiTorrent users in another country nearby have become collateral damage, since they can't access the site either.

Ubisoft’s Uber DRM Cracked Within a Day

Last month the gaming giant Ubisoft announced their new über-DRM which requires customers to be continuously online in order to play purchased games. Of course, this DRM was circumvented in a few hours and while downplaying this blunder, Ubisoft fails to see that they've only increased piracy.

Newzbin vs MPA Usenet ‘Filtering’ Trial Concludes

After a fairly bumpy ride, the High Court trial between Newzbin and the MPA has reached its conclusion. While the site's owners are claiming that the site will remain open no matter what, a negative result could result in hefty damages and an obligation to make changes to the site, including the implementation of a Mininova-style filter.

After iiNet Victory, Where Now For Anti-Piracy Down Under?

After failing to bring ISP iiNet into line with some extremely lengthy and expensive legal action, Hollywood has been left short on options in Australia. Of course, AFACT won't give in. It is appealing the case and has resorted to sending out messages to scare Internet file-sharers. But does another organization have a different approach up its sleeve?

Pirate Bay Buyer Offered Millions to Mininova

Global Gaming Factory's planned acquisition of The Pirate Bay last summer surprised BitTorrent's friends and foes alike. But The Pirate Bay was not the only site the company was after. It also put in a massive 20 million euro offer for fellow BitTorrent site Mininova.

Anti-Piracy Lawyers “An Embarrassment To Creative Rights Industry”

After mountains of controversy built up in the wake of the 'pay up or else' letters sent to thousands of alleged file-sharers, one would think other lawyers might be put off following the same track, but not so. Tilly Bailey & Irvine are the new kids on the block and have just been labeled by a Lord as an "embarrassment to the rest of the creative rights industry."

Google Removes BTJunkie From Search Results

Following a DMCA takedown request from Fox regarding an Avatar torrent, Google has removed the BTJunkie homepage from its search results. A few months ago Google erroneously banned The Pirate Bay homepage for which it later apologized. Whether or not the BTJunkie ban is also a mistake is unclear.

The Pirate Bay Torrents Remain Online Despite Court Order

Last October the Amsterdam Court ruled that three former Pirate Bay operators had to remove a list of ‘infringing’ torrents from the website and block access to Dutch users. The Pirate Bay trio had to comply with the Court's demands before today, but nothing has changed and it's unlikely that the Dutch will be shut out of the site in the near future.