Anti-Piracy Outfit Unplugs Warez Topsite ‘Swan’

Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN managed to pull one of the largest warez scene topsites offline yesterday. The servers of Swan, formerly known as ATS, were unplugged by their hosting provider WorldStream. The provider acted based on evidence provided by BREIN, and also handed over the servers to this private outfit. The police were not involved in the takedown, but instead it was the result of information allegedly provided to BREIN by a rogue member.

Bob’s Burgers Animator Helps Seeding The Show’s Torrent

Bob's Burgers is a new animated sitcom which first aired on Fox last weekend. With nearly 10 million viewers and the highest rated premiere of the season, the show had a pretty decent start. On BitTorrent there has been plenty of interest as well, even from someone who's actively involved in the production. In fact, one of the show's animators has been proudly seeding the first episode on the semi-private BitTorrent tracker Demonoid.

Empornium and PureTNA Permanently Shut Down

Two of the Internet's biggest adult entertainment BitTorrent trackers have today confirmed to TorrentFreak that they have permanently closed down. With comfortably more than 2.5 million members between them, the closure of Empornium and PureTNA leaves a sizeable number of porn fans both empty handed and with nowhere to put their seeds.

MegaUpload Fights Back Against MPAA and RIAA Propaganda

As the Internet's cyberlocker companies come under sustained verbal attack from Hollywood and the music industry, the major players are fighting back. By retaining Google's lobbying company, leading file-hoster RapidShare has clearly signalled its intent not to go quietly and now its number one competitor, MegaUpload, has responded to what it calls MPAA and RIAA propaganda.

RapidShare Accuses ‘Piracy Report’ Publisher of Defamation, Might Sue

A widely published research report from the brand protection company MarkMonitor has outraged the Swiss based cyberlocker RapidShare, who might sue for defamation. The research branded RapidShare as the leading digital piracy site with 13 billion page visits a year, while the site's management has gone to extreme lengths to emphasize its legitimacy, both in and outside court.

Chinese Crackdown On Piracy Enters The Digital Domain

Since late last year there have been rumblings that China would soon carry out another crackdown on piracy. During the last week reports suggested that the country's actions were mainly in the physical domain but now, alongside reports that 4,000 people have been arrested, it seems China is conducting both a music and video piracy purge. More than 200 sites are under orders to remove music and some of the country's leading video sites are deleting illicit content and cuddling…

Cyberlockers Take Over File-Sharing Lead From BitTorrent Sites

In terms of visitor traffic Cyberlockers have taken over the file-sharing lead from BitTorrent sites. This trend has been developing over the last few years and has accelerated in recent months to a position where the number of one-click hosting sites that are larger than The Pirate Bay in terms of traffic has grown to five. All signs indicate that file-storage services are becoming the new sharing standard.