ISP Ordered to Reveal Identities of BitTorrent Anime Sharers

The High Court in Singapore has ordered an ISP to hand over the personal details of its customers who used BitTorrent to share Japanese anime titles, overturning a previous decision. The decision will likely pave the way to taking legal action against hundreds more BitTorrent users.

Rapidshare To Be Forced to Shut Down Following Court Defeat?

The music industry in Germany has secured a legal victory over the hugely popular file-hosting service, Rapidshare. According to the rights holders, Rapidshare is going to have to stop its users from downloading infringing music tracks from its servers, or face the prospect of being shut down.

How to Convert Millions of BitTorrent Users to Qtrax

If you're interested in file-sharing, you can't have failed to have heard about Qtrax, the 'new', 'legal' P2P platform for downloading as many music tracks as you like. Here's how to easily convert millions of BitTorrent users to Qtrax users in a few simple steps.

Torrentz Shuts Down Torrent’Em For Copyright Infringement, the largest and fastest BitTorrent meta-search engine has shut down Torrent'Em for alleged copyright infringement. It turns out that the flash based search engine we wrote about a few days ago, was using Torrentz' data, without permission.

uTorrent 1.7.7 Stable Fixes Security Issues

The uTorrent development team just released 1.7.7 stable. The new version is the latest 1.7 release, and fixes the vulnerability that allowed attackers to remotely crash the BitTorrent client.