The Famous Mongo56 Returns to BitTorrent

In 2005, Mongo56 was a household name in the BitTorrent community. Much to the disappointment of hundreds and thousands of users, the site collapsed under its own success and the DDoS attacks that accompanied it. But now, nearly 4 years later, the brand name has resurfaced.

Jamie Cullum Admits to Being an Ethical Music Pirate

English singer-songwriter Jamie Cullum has admitted that, like many of his fellow Brits, he is an avid music pirate. While noting that as many copies of his album have been downloaded illicitly as bought officially, Cullum says that punishing file-sharers is out of the question. Only cutting-edge legal services have the solution.

Comcast To Compensate Throttled BitTorrent Users

Comcast has decided to settle one of the lawsuits brought about over their use of the Sandvine BitTorrent throttling hardware to 'manage' their network. For those who were affected, there is the possibility of receiving a payment from a $16 million fund set up by the Internet service provider.

IFPI Settles With Cyberlocker Sites, Takes Over Domains

After taking legal action, IFPI has now reached a settlement with the operators of several cyberlocker hosting sites. Under the agreement, the owners of the sites will pay IFPI around $50,000 in compensation. They will also hand over their domain names to the music industry group so they cannot be used for infringement in future.

Avatar’s a BitTorrent Hit, But Fox Plays Down Piracy ‘Threat’

Avatar is doing great at the box office so it will come as no surprise that it is also very popular on BitTorrent. However, rather than the usual overreaction to piracy, Fox is playing down the leak and saying it will have a much smaller effect on profits. In the meantime, a lesser-known release blog is thrust into the spotlight.

After The Pirate Bay, Web Sheriff Takes On Jamie Oliver

Defending the rights of The Village People, the legendary Web Sheriff threatened The Pirate Bay's operators with legal action in an attempt to get compensation for the losses the six had suffered. The threats didn't lead to much unfortunately, so The Village People and the infamous Sheriff are now pointing the gun at Jamie Oliver instead.

Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of 2009

With 2009 nearing its end, we take a look at the most-pirated movie titles across various categories. Aside from the usual suspects such as Star Trek and Transformers, the list also includes a few surprising entries, and some notable absentees.