RIAA Labels Spain and Canada As Piracy Havens

Together with their partners at the International Intellectual Property Alliance, the RIAA has submitted their 'piracy watchlist' recommendations to the Office of the US Trade Representative. Canada and Spain are listed as two piracy havens that require urgent attention from the US Government, even though the latter just adopted a US inspired anti-piracy law.

Flawed Movie Piracy Report Slammed by Critics

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Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) has criticized a recent report, commissioned by the pro-copyright group AFACT, which shows that the Aussie economy is suffering badly from movie piracy. ARN reports: “A damning report commissioned by the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) on movie theft’s impact on the economy will do little to discourage film piracy […]

“Piracy Has All But Dismantled Our Recorded Music Industry”

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Yesterday there was a Senate Judiciary Committee about COICA, the controversial legislation that would make it even easier to seize domain names of sites that are deemed to be promoting copyright infringement. One of the testimonies came from Authors Guild president and best-selling thriller author Scott Turow, who told Congress: “BitTorrent is to stealing movies, […]

File-Sharers Start Handing Over $1,000 Each in Bizarre Amnesty Program

Ten individuals have freely and bizarrely handed over $1,000 each to movie studio Liberty Media in piracy settlements, despite the company having absolutely no idea who they are or if they did anything wrong. Now Liberty have a new amnesty and are offering BitTorrent users the chance to hand themselves in or risk being involved in 36,000 upcoming lawsuits.

CBS Takes Down CBS Video On CBS Website

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Yes, copyright can be a tricky thing. Apparently the take-down team at the major US television network CBS have taken drastic measures to take infringing videos offline, including a video on the CBS website. WTF? … check. FAIL? … check.

Jailbroken PS3 Consoles Set To Be Banned From Online Play

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Following in the steps of Microsoft who routinely ban modified consoles from Xbox Live, Sony are set to do the equivalent to users of jailbroken Playstation 3 systems. According to a statement posted yesterday by Sony Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein, “consumers using circumvention devices or running unauthorized or pirated software will have access to […]

Top MPAA Pirate Fighter Leaves for Viacom

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Daniel Mandil, the MPAA’s chief anti-piracy officer, is off to pastures new. Mandil, who joined the MPAA in 2009 from Sony BMG, will leave the movie lobby group to join Viacom. From April 1st he will oversee their litigation efforts. According to THR, Mandil had earlier backed Viacom in its $1 billion copyright litigation with […]

Cases Against Thousands of Alleged BitTorrent Pirates Dismissed

Last year, Larry Flynt Publications filed lawsuits against several thousand "John Does" the company accused of illegally sharing its movie "This Ain't Avatar XXX". Now, following on from problems it had gaining identities of Does from ISP Time Warner, thousands of cases have been dismissed by a senior judge. The road to gaining settlements from allegedly infringing individuals has just become massively more costly, and the profitable future for these type of projects in general now appears to be in…