Apple Boots BitTorrent App From iPhone Store

Just a few days ago we broke the news that the first BitTorrent app had been allowed into Apple's App Store. The developer managed to get it approved despite Apple's hatred towards BitTorrent. Unfortunately, the fun was soon over as Apple has already kicked the App from the store. The developer is not giving up that easily and hopes to convince Apple they're wrong.

Pirate Bay Appeal Day 5: Screenshots Prove Nothing

It’s Day 5 of The Pirate Bay appeal and in the morning the Court showed video of the previously recorded interrogations of Carl Lundstrom, one of the four defendants. In addition the prosecution brought in simple screenshots as evidence, which painfully exposed their technical incompetence.

IMDb Relents And Allows BitTorrent Movie The Tunnel a Listing

The creators of the BitTorrent-only movie The Tunnel are celebrating today. After being refused an IMDb listing on several occasions, the makers wrote an open letter to the Amazon-owned company which was featured in dozens of news articles. Today, the horror movie, which was funded by people buying individual frames of the production, has been accepted into the IMDb databases.

UK ISPs Successfully Resist File-Sharing Data Handover

In the High Court today, UK ISPs BT and Plusnet refused to hand over subscriber data to lawyers acting for independent record label, Ministry of Sound. Their objections followed the catastrophic subscriber data leak from ACS:Law two weeks ago. The hearing was adjourned until January 2011.

ACS:Law’s Anti-Piracy Downfall Sends Hitler Crazy

In recent times, people on the Internet have used a scene from the World War II movie Downfall to help relive difficult events in a light-hearted way. A new clip has just surfaced on the subject of the ACS:Law email leaks and as usual features a power-hungry individual hell-bent on intimidation. Traditionalists need not be disappointed though, as Adolf Hitler makes an appearance too.

The Pirate Bay Appeal Day 4: It’s Fun to Run

It’s Day 4 of The Pirate Bay appeal and almost the entire morning was devoted to the interrogations of Fredrik Neij, one of the four defendants and the only one being asked to answer additional questions. Fredrik talked about how he got involved in The Pirate Bay and what his motivations were to work on the site.

Ministry of Sound Silenced By Huge DDoS Attack

Today, lawyers Gallant Macmillan will attend the High Court in London in an attempt to persuade a senior judge to order the handover of hundreds more identities of people accused of file-sharing. To mark this occasion, Operation Payback decided to hit the London law firm but after they tried to nullify the planned DDoS attack, Anonymous hit their client instead. Many hours later, Ministry of Sound is still out of business online.