DRM is ****, RIAA Says

For years the RIAA has defended the use of DRM, much to the dislike of millions of honest customers who actually paid for their music. Now, in a shocking turnaround, the outfit seems to have come to the realization that DRM does more harm than good and has officially declared its death.

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich is Proud of Napster’s Destruction

Just days after the BPI's Geoff Taylor said that the industry screwed up in its handling of Napster, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich indicates he has no such regrets, declaring his pride for his hand in the destruction of the file-sharing pioneer but giving credit to the Napster management for painting the band as greedy luddites.

PWN Last.fm Brings Torrents to Last.fm

Last.fm is a great service to discover new music and share listening habits with the rest of the Internet, but since its launch the site has lacked proper BitTorrent support. This shortcoming has now be fixed by PWN Last.fm, a well integrated Greasemonkey script that adds the latest torrents to artist pages on Last.fm.

RIAA’s Incompetent Pirate Snoopers Escape Prison

In an odd ruling, a Michigan state agency that deals with professional licensing has closed an investigation into RIAA's unlicensed pirate investigators MediaSentry, saying that without evidence of payment from the RIAA, there is no case. The investigation was prompted by Randy Kruger, father of one of the RIAA's targets.

Fleeing Bruno Cam Pirate Breaks Leg Colliding With Police

Two brothers have been charged by police after allegedly camming the new Bruno movie. The pair aged 21 and 23 were approached by detectives acting on a tipoff. The older brother managed to temporarily escape but the chase ended when his leg was broken after he "collided with a police vehicle".

New Pirate Bay Will Become a Pay Site

After Global Gaming Factory (GGF) announced its intention to buy The Pirate Bay, the public was left wondering what the site's future would look like. Today it was confirmed that sharing on the new site will come with a cost, as the new owners plan to charge the users of the site a monthly fee.

Ex-Grokster CEO Teams With New Pirate Bay Owners

Wayne Rosso, ex-CEO of Grokster and creator of Mashboxx, the 'revolutionary' world-first licensed P2P service that was due to hit the web by storm in 2005/2006 but never actually launched, is now working with Pirate Bay buyers GGF to "facilitate the model" and legalize the site. Major music industry players are "excited" at the prospect.

Swedish ISP Disputes Weak Piracy Evidence

After receiving massive support from its customers through an online survey, the Swedish ISP Ephone has decided to appeal an earlier court decision ordering it to hand over subscribers' details to a group of copyright holders. Ephone has labeled the evidence provided as 'weak' and has opted to protect the privacy of its customers.