Pirate Bay Plea: Stop Hacking the Music Industry!

Indicating support for The Pirate Bay team, hackers have attacked several of the IFPI's websites, defacing one of them with a message for the trial prosecution. However, Peter Sunde feels the attack is misguided and says such actions don't help their cause. He is pleading with the hackers to stop.

U2’s New Album Leaks Early Despite ‘Private Hearings’

A few months ago, four tracks from the upcoming U2 album 'No Line on the Horizon' leaked onto the Internet. In order to prevent the full album from leaking before launch, U2 organized "private hearings" for the press, but these failed. Today, ten hours after the album leaked, downloads on…

BitTorrent Still King of P2P Traffic

A recent analysis of the latest P2P trends wordwide shows that BitTorrent is still the most popular filesharing protocol. P2P traffic in general shows a slight decline, but BitTorrent traffic is still on the rise. It is responsible for more than 45-78% of all P2P traffic, roughly 27-55% of all…

Day 3 – The Pirate Bay’s ‘King Kong’ Defense

The Pirate Bay trial is moving forward rapidly and again the day in court has ended early. On the third day the prosecution presented the amended charges. The defendants all called for acquittal while Carl Lundström's lawyer scored points with the already legendary 'King Kong' defense.

Download Steal This Film – Spectrial Edition

The League of Noble Peers just released a 'trial edition' of their Steal This Film documentary series. It features Pirate Bay co-founders Peter Sunde and Fredrik Neij preparing for their trial. In addition, the two reenact the police interrogations that took place after the raid.

Drive-in ‘Scene’ Movie Cammer Arrested

Australian officials desperate to reduce film 'camming' have arrested and charged a man in Sydney with 18 counts of copyright infringement. Unusually, he wasn't caught in the act, and the cinema was a drive-in. The man is allegedly a member of the well known scene group PreVail.

50% of Charges Against Pirate Bay Dropped

There has been high drama on the second day of the Pirate Bay trial. Due to serious shortcomings in the prosecution evidence, around 50% of the charges in the case are going to have to be withdrawn. The defense describes it as a 'sensation', seeing half of the charges being…

Court Tweets, Pirate Flags and Free Candy

As The Pirate Bay trial got underway, dozens of supporters gathered around the Court waving skull-and-crossbone flags as the parties entered the court house. Pro-piracy forces in Sweden had vowed to play along in the theater of the trial. The opening act was a spectacle; in court, on the streets…