Evil Pirates: Movie Industry Tops $30 Billion Box Office Record


The movie industry certainly had something to celebrate when it announced 2010's box office revenues. For the first time in history box office grosses worldwide have surpassed the magic $30 billion mark and revenues are up 8 percent compared to 2009. But it's not all positive news. Despite their achievements, in a surreal plot twist the MPAA is still calling for tougher legislation and strict enforcement to deal with the ever-looming piracy ghost.

iiNet Fights Off Hollywood, ISP Not Responsible For Online Piracy

The Federal Court of Australia has dismissed the movie industry's appeal against a 2010 ruling which found that Internet service provider iiNet is not responsible for copyright infringements carried out by its file-sharing customers. iiNet boss Michael Malone described the decision as a relief while AFACT boss Neil Gane said "it cannot be right" that the ISP takes no responsibility.

BTDigg, The First ‘Trackerless’ Torrent Search Engine

The Internet is filled with thousands of BitTorrent sites which all search through databases containing millions of torrent files. Today these sites are joined by a new one - BTDigg. However, unlike more traditional torrent search engines, BTDigg searches through files that are found on BitTorrent's DHT network, which is rather unique. According to the site's founders this is a much needed step to further decentralize BitTorrent.

Landmark ISP Piracy Liability Court Ruling Due Tomorrow

Tomorrow the Federal Court of Australia will hand down a landmark ruling in the trial between Hollywood-backed anti-piracy group AFACT and ISP iiNet. An earlier ruling by Justice Cowdroy went in iiNet's favor when he decided that Internet service providers could not be held liable for the activities of their customers. Copyright holders, ISPs and subscribers around the world all have their eyes on this one.

Following PS3 Hack, Sony Beefs Up Anti-Piracy Legal Team

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Hot on the heels of the very public dissection of their Playstation 3 hardware by hacker Geohot and friends, Sony is looking to boost up its anti-piracy arsenal. Two new legal positions are being offered at the company. Both jobs are listed below, descriptions are from Sony. Position 1: Senior Corporate Counsel, Anti-Piracy and Brand […]

Does The ACS:Law Debacle Mean No More Disclosure Orders For File-Sharing?

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TorrentFreak readers will already be familiar with the chaos which surrounded the demise of both lawfirm ACS:Law, MediaCAT and their ‘Speculative Invoicing’ campaign against UK citizens accused of illicit file-sharing. Now legal publication The Lawyer has looked a little closer at the future of the procedure used by the companies to gain access to Internet […]

Why uTorrent Collects Info From Its Users

uTorrent parent company BitTorrent Inc. has revealed that it's working on putting together an overview of ISP performances worldwide. Data collected from millions of users will be used to rank Internet providers based on the speed of their network, and will possibly expose those that throttle. Valuable data that's for sure, but also a situation that triggers worries among paranoid BitTorrent users.

BREIN Seizes Warez Servers, Owners Seize Them Back, May Sue

Last month, Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN targeted one of the Internet's largest warez piracy topsites. The site, known as Swan, was taken down by hosting provider WorldStream and without judicial process BREIN seized its servers. Now the owners of the servers have retaliated by seizing them back and, in a delicious twist, may sue BREIN for breach of privacy and property rights.