Sceners Threaten to Destroy BitTorrent, “One Step at a Time”

SuperTorrents recently fell victim to an attack by alleged 'Scene' members who revealed the site owner's identity. Further action was promised against torrent sites and today another tracker admin's life has been turned upside down. The attacker's message: "Destroying The P2P's, One Step at a Time"

How To Share Torrents With BitTorrent Illiterates

Every now and then I want to share a torrent with colleagues or family members who have never even heard of BitTorrent. For them even the easiest tutorials look like advanced algebra. That leaves me with two options, BitComet Lite and Bitlet. For the complete novice, sharing on BitTorrent doesn't…

Oscars Veteran Resigns Over DVD Screener Piracy Threat

Academy member: Sign this legal document. By breaking this seal you agree to our terms. If any unauthorized copies are traced back to you, you risk civil and criminal penalties. FBI. Prison. Interpol. A 17 year veteran of the Academy has had enough of being treated like a criminal. Enough…

When Pirates Pay, They Pay Good


Last week we reported on the release of Steal This Film 2, a documentary about the past, present and future of filesharing. The film is free to download, but people are encouraged to donate some money if they want to support future projects. Surprisingly, the pirates who decided to donate…

YouTorrent: Great New BitTorrent Search Engine


New BitTorrent sites are launched every day, but only a few stand out or have something new to offer. YouTorrent is such a new site; feature-wise it's just a meta-search engine, but the design and user interface make it one of the best I've seen.

US Pirate Party Endorses Barack Obama

The US Pirate Party has no candidate for the upcoming elections, but who do the pirates vote for? Barack Obama, and the party strongly urges all its members to support his campaign, and vote for him in the primaries, and later this year in November.

BitTorrent DNA Vulnerable to Remote Hijack

A recent reports suggests that the BitTorrent DNA, which is bundled with the mainline client, is an "exploitable" version of uTorrent without the user interface. It is suggested that it is possible for any websites to offload content to the btdna.exe, without the user's consent.