ISPs End Anti-Piracy Talks With Entertainment Industry

Internet service providers in Spain have now ended all government mandated talks with the music and movie industry after earlier refusing to disconnect alleged pirates. The talks were supposed to reduce online piracy but the ISPs say this is impossible if legal alternatives aren't provided.

Woman Hit With $1.92 Million Fine in RIAA Case

Jammie Thomas-Rasset has lost her retrial against the RIAA and was ordered to pay $1.92 million for 24 songs she shared via Kazaa. The defense had argued that it might have been her children who shared the files instead of Thomas-Rasset, but the jury didn't buy this and found her guilty.

European Countries Amp Up War on Piracy

The entertainment industry battle to decrease the use of file-sharing networks to share copyrighted content never seems to end. Just this week, four more European member states came out with initiatives to continue to crackdown on piracy, many of which are not only draconian, but also doomed to fail.

UK ISPs Unintentionally Block Torrent Sites

Customers of Be Broadband haven't been able to get access to their favorite torrent sites for several hours, causing a widespread panic among BitTorrent addicts. With the government pushing for tougher anti-piracy legislation many feared the worst. They are safe for now though.

Collecting IP Addresses Illegal in Sweden

The Swedish Supreme Administrative Court has ruled that collecting and storing IP addresses is in violation of the Personal Data Act. But as some celebrate this ruling as the death of the notorious IPRED anti-piracy legislation, the truth is a little more sobering.

Major Scene MP3 Pre-Release Group Busted By Police

A major online warez release group has been severely disrupted after a police and music industry investigation. A contender for the most prolific in its field, the group has suffered arrests, with the latest coming yesterday after police and the BPI conducted an early morning raid.

ISP Dragged to Court for Refusing to Block The Pirate Bay

After several victories in Danish courts, the entertainment industry is now trying to get The Pirate Bay blocked in Norway. The country's largest Internet provider ‘Telenor’ is now being dragged to court by IFPI, after it refused an earlier request to disable customer access to the world's most prominent tracker.