Major Opposition to New Swedish Copyright Law

A new law designed to make it easier for copyright holders to go after illicit file-sharers will come into force April 1st in Sweden. The IPRED legislation will also increase penalties and ultimately criminalize large scale infringement but according to a new poll, the majority of Swedes are against it.

Mininova Trial Due in Two Months

This year is an important one for the three largest BitTorrent sites. In common with The Pirate Bay and isoHunt, Mininova is also heading to court in a dispute with the entertainment industry. This May, the court will decide if the BitTorrent indexer has to actively filter content from the site.

Behind the Scenes at Mininova

Most BitTorrent sites operate in the shadows, with operators who rarely speak in public and guard their identities closely. Mininova is not one of those sites and in a new interview, company directors Erik Dubbelboer and Niek van der Maas reveal a little more about running one of the world's biggest BitTorrent sites.

The Pirate Bay User Pages Blocked by Google, Firefox

A few hours ago, certain sections of The Pirate Bay were flagged by Google as containing malware and were subsequently blocked. Similar warnings are being shown by Firefox, which states that the world's largest tracker is an "attack site". The Pirate Bay team are working on the problem now.

BitTorrent Freed Music, and Now It’s Yours


The Internet and file-sharing networks like BitTorrent have shifted music promotion from the labels to the people. Increasingly, record labels are losing control over what music the masses are listening to, and according to some musicians this is is actually a good thing.

Fake aXXo Torrents Bombard BitTorrent

Uploading fakes to BitTorrent is a growing phenomenon, as unscrupulous individuals try to abuse the networks for their own ends. Just lately, some people have even been offering users money to post suspect torrents and this morning, a flood of hundreds of fake aXXo torrents were uploaded to Mininova.

Piracy Has Become Mainstream, Studies Show

While the entertainment industries push for harsher copyright laws, public opinion steers in the opposite direction. Two recent studies from Canada and Spain found that half of the Internet users use p2p networks to download music, software and films. Less than 5% of the respondents believe that people who download copyrighted content are engaging in criminal behavior.