Anti-Pirates Scare Kids with Propagandistic Comic Book


The Motion Picture Association has sent one of its big shot lobbyists to New Zealand to advocate tougher anti-piracy legislation, and to promote a propagandistic comic book set be handed out to thousands of local kids. Interestingly, the comic doesn't touch the subject of copyright. Instead it uses false threats to scare children and parents about the dangers of file-sharing.

IFPI: 2.8 Million File-Sharers Break Law Daily In Sweden

According to new research carried out by music group IFPI, around 40% of Swedes between 15 and 74 illegally share files every single day. The research, carried out through a web survey, reveals that there are 2.8 million sharers in the group, an increase compared to earlier surveys.

AFACT v iiNet: Day 5 – Anti-Piracy Tech is Secret

Day five of the copyright infringement trial between anti-piracy group AFACT and Aussie ISP iiNet was marked by the cross examination of anti-piracy tracking firm DtecNet, partly in private. The company also made some very unusual claims about the habits of "ordinary" BitTorrent users, who apparently regularly filter who they connect to.

Fabricated Anti Pirate Bay Evidence Leaks Onto….

This week three Pirate Bay crew members appealed the negative verdict in their controversial case against Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN. The defendants' lawyer claimed that the evidence presented by BREIN was faked in an attempt to mislead the court. Now these faked documents, including proof that they are, have now leaked onto The Pirate Bay.

The Pirate Bay Shows Love to Nasty Old People

The Pirate Bay has been portrayed by Hollywood as the enemy of everything that's creative. They say the site is the death knell of the entertainment industry, causing hundreds and thousands of people to lose their jobs. Meanwhile, The Pirate Bay is helping out yet another indie artist to promote her work.

Download Clean and Fast Torrents with BitSnoop

BitSnoop is a brand new torrent indexing site with a clean interface and some pretty unique features. Like most other search engines BitSnoop allows its users to search through a database of more than a million torrents. However, the site also ensures that the torrents they host have backup trackers included, but no duplicates.

Court of Appeal Says ‘No’ Thrice To The Pirate Bay

The Swedish Court of Appeal has denied three requests put forward by the defendants in the Pirate Bay case. They had hoped that a ruling from the European Court would be forthcoming in advance of the appeal to indicate the Bay is a legitimate search engine. That, and other requests asking for changes in locations and dates for the appeal, have been denied.