Tackling College Piracy: MPAA and RIAA’s Favorite

In part one of our look into the anti-piracy efforts at universities, we saw that Missouri S&T used a simple home grown system, ignoring the favorites of the entertainment industry. In part two, we look at Ohio University, Texas A&M University, Tulane University and others that do use one of…

Usniff, Torrent Search Made Easy

BitTorrent's popularity is increasing with new sites seemingly launched every day. Usniff is one such site, offering a fast real-time torrent search engine where users can search four of the most popular BitTorrent sites.

Legal P2P Music Service Doomed to Fail

If you can't beat pirates, join them. This is Playlouder's philosophy, a music download service that allows subscribers to download music from BitTorrent and other filesharing networks, while reimbursing the copyright owners. The concept sure is interesting, but the current setup is naive, flawed and doomed to fail.

U2 Tracks Leak After Bono Plays Stereo Too Loudly

U2 manager Paul McGuinness, who wants file-sharers to be disconnected from the Internet, has something else to complain about today. Four songs from U2's upcoming album 'No Line On The Horizon' have been leaked online after Bono played them too loudly on his stereo - and a fan recorded them.

IFPI Hijacks Pirate Bay Traffic

Last Friday, Italian ISPs started to prevent their customers from accessing the Pirate Bay. Strangely enough, Pirate Bay traffic is not redirected to Italian authorities, but to the IFPI, the infamous anti-piracy lobby of the music industry. Pirate Bay's Peter Sunde is not happy, and says it's a scandal.

The Pirate Bay Sees Boost in Italian Traffic Following ‘Block’

Following the decision in Italy to block access to The Pirate Bay comes the inevitable announcement. Has the world's largest BitTorrent tracker faded away in the face of media industry pressure? Hardly. Traffic from Italy to the 'bay has actually increased this week and the site has jumped 10 places…

RIAA Pays $107,951 to Alleged Filesharer

It has been something of a David and Goliath battle, but the first skirmishes in the war on file sharing are over. While the RIAA jubilantly claimed success last year, it is another case that has has now silenced the RIAA, as it avoids drawing attention to the case it…

Sharing 2999 Songs, 199 Movies Becomes ‘Safe’ in Germany

Prosecutors in a German state have announced they will refuse to entertain the majority of file-sharing lawsuits in future. It appears that only commercial-scale copyright infringers will be pursued, with those sharing under 3000 music tracks and 200 movies dropping under the prosecution radar.