BitTorrent Hydra: Anonymous Hidden Tracker Via Tor

It's been less than a month since many feared the BitTorrent world would collapse due to a $7.8m investment in The Pirate Bay. Since then OpenBitTorrent has come along to largely take its place, backed up by PublicBT to spread the load. Now comes Hidden Tracker, a brand new public tracker which hides itself using Tor.

BitTorrent Behind the Scenes: BTjunkie

Millions of people use torrent sites every day, but little is known about the people who operate these traffic moguls. This summer TorrentFreak will feature the workstations and offices belonging to some of the leading figures in the BitTorrent community, starting with the founder of BTjunkie.

Ireland’s Largest ISP Starts Throttling and Disconnections

Next month Ireland's largest ISP will begin an anti-piracy campaign against its own customers. After caving in entirely to the orders of the music industry, Eircom will first warn alleged copyright infringers, then slow their connection "to a snail's pace", all followed up by disconnection from the Internet.

One in Three Is A Music Pirate

A report just published by the market research firm Interpret has tapped into the downloading habits of a massive 64 million respondents. From this group, well over a third admitted to downloading music illegally through file-sharing networks and BitTorrent, but that doesn't mean they don't buy any music.

UK ISP Cuts Off Alleged Pirates

After having negotiated a deal with the entertainment industries, ISPs in the UK have agreed to send out warning letters to customers who are suspect of downloading copyrighted movies and music. However, one ISP has decided to take it one step further, by acutally disconnecting alleged copyright infringers.

Streaming and BitTorrent Sports Links Site Declared Legal

A site which carries links to both live streaming sporting events and BitTorrent downloads has had the case against it kicked out by a judge. was initially reported for copyright infringement by sports rights holder AudioVisual Sports back in 2007, but it's been decided they have no case to answer.

Crazy Copyright Law Set to Cause Chaos in S.Korea

Netizens of South Korea could find themselves at the mercy of a copyright infringement firestorm today, as a tough new copyright law takes effect. A prominent social networking site is sending warnings to its customers about their behavior, noting that far reaching penalties include 6 month Internet disconnections.

Pirate Bay Founders Sue BREIN for Slander and Abuse

This Tuesday Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN took The Pirate Bay's co-founders and spokesman to court in The Netherlands, aiming to close the site down to Dutch visitors. Now, three days later the three are striking back, suing the head of BREIN for defamation in Sweden and asking the Dutch court to impose damages against the outfit.