Sweden to Finally Get a Second Pirate MEP?

The EU election last June was a surprise for many, as the Piratpartiet got a seat with over 7% of the votes. Then when the Lisbon Treaty passed and they were awarded a second seat in the European Parliament. However, it wasn't without drawbacks as the second seat has yet to be filled. That may happen soon.

Pirate Bay The Movie To Be Funded By Peers

TPB-AFK, the upcoming documentary about The Pirate Bay and its founders, is expected to be released during the fall of 2011. To complete the project, Swedish filmmaker Simon Klose is starting a campaign tomorrow through which he hopes to crowdsource the funding. True to BitTorrent's nature, peers are asked to contribute to the project.

uTorrent Quickly Patches Windows DLL Vulnerability

A critical Windows DLL vulnerability that makes several widely used programs targets for remote hijacks surfaced in the news this week. Among the affected applications are Firefox, Adobe Photoshop and uTorrent. Since the news broke dozens of exploits have already surfaced. Luckily uTorrent was one of the first to fix the vulnerability and now all users are encouraged to update their client.

Joel Tenenbaum To Appeal 90% Reduced File-Sharing Penalty

Last month the judge in the case of Boston University student Joel Tenenbaum versus four of the world's most powerful music labels decided that his original $675,000 penalty was unconstitutional. Even though the jury-awarded damages were subsequently reduced by 90%, Tenenbaum is clear - he has no means to pay the amount. As expected the case will go to appeal, as neither he nor the RIAA are happy.

Pirate Bay Receives Notice To Keep a Torrent

The founder of the small software company Coding Robots was shocked when he found out that one of his works had been cracked and shared on The Pirate Bay. However, instead of asking The Pirate Bay to remove the torrent the company's founder did quite the opposite. He sent a 'Notice of Ridiculous Activity' because the crack didn't live up to his expectations.

Anti-Piracy Campaigns Fail, People Keep Downloading

For as long as Internet file-sharing has been considered a problem, copyright holders and their respective anti-piracy groups have been mobilizing with campaigns they hope can reduce the phenomenon. Despite the efforts, downloading continues unabated. Against the law? One in four in Denmark certainly don't.

Iranian Government Runs Public Warez Server

The Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology is directly connected to the Iranian Government. Aside from evaluating and advising policy makers on science and technology issues, the largest research outfit in the country also provides a warez server where Photoshop, MS Office and many other applications can be downloaded for free, totally legal thanks to Iran's lenient copyright policy.

Steam Gamers Are Avid BitTorrent Users

With an interesting addition to its survey of customer hardware, Valve has now published its first set of stats detailing which software is installed on the computers of those using its Steam client. While Flash, Acrobat and Firefox dominate the listings, BitTorrent clients also make a significant appearance. uTorrent is installed on almost as many systems as iTunes.