Paris Hilton Sex Tape Sharers Wanted For Pirate Russian Roulette

The copyright owners of the Paris Hilton sex tape 'One Night in Paris' filed a lawsuit in January against 843 individuals they accused of sharing the now-infamous movie via BitTorrent. Their lawyer has now been told that he may engage in "immediate discovery" in order to find out the identities of the John Doe defendants. Are you worried that your name might be on the list? How about a $500 game of lawsuit Russian roulette? Do you feel lucky? Well,…

Game Changing Study Puts Piracy in Perspective

To counter the many one-sided piracy studies that have been released by the entertainment industry in recent history, a group of dozens of academics have bundled their powers to write the most objective and elaborate piracy study to date. As many would have predicted, the results differ quite significantly from the message pro-copyright lobby groups have put out over the years.

Following AFACT v iiNet, Internet Industry Formulates Copyright Code of Conduct

In the wake of last month's win for ISP iiNet in its legal battle with Hollywood-backed anti-piracy group AFACT, the Internet Industry Association announced today it will begin work immediately on a code of conduct for ISPs and other Internet companies. The aim of the code will be to help clarify the legal rights and responsibilities of a connected range of providers including ISPs, search engines, hosts and social media sites.

ACS:Law Anti-Piracy Debacle Makes UK National TV

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The huge mess that was the operations of UK anti-piracy law firm ACS:Law made national TV over there last night, with the BBC’s The One Show covering the issue. However, ‘was’ is the operative word here, since ACS:Law have given up on this business model entirely and closed down. While it’s good that the BBC […]

BREIN Takes Down Yet Another Usenet NZB Site

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Another day, another Usenet site takedown for BREIN. Latest victim – With the recent decision against Usenet portal FTD in hand, anti-piracy group BREIN is currently contacting as many Usenet forums in The Netherlands as possible, threatening the admins with large fines unless they shutdown immediately. Many are complying, but it seems likely that […]

PS3 Firmware Update Closes Homebrew & Piracy Hole Says Hacker

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Sony’s latest firmware update appears to close the security hole in the PS3 that has caused so much controversy recently. Although it could be used to execute homebrew software, Sony’s fear is that the exploit would be used by pirates. According to hacker KaKaRoToKS – aka PSFreedom USB-stick jailbreaking device creator Youness Alaoui – Sony […]

Movie Studio Goes After Self-Proclaimed Pirate, His Unicorn and Leprechaun

After hearing about a pirate amnesty scheme offered by a movie studio, a self-proclaimed file-sharer took the opportunity to confess his crimes. The Swedish pirate wrote an email telling the US-based copyright holder that he was ready to pay, thanks to a leprechaun and despite of his unicorn. The movie studio read the email with care, and subpoenaed Google for the IP-address associated with the Gmail account.

Major BitTorrent Uploader Used No Anonymity – Bring Out The Straightjacket?


Now accused of uploading more than 1,000 movies, a major uploader at one of the world's oldest BitTorrent sites was arrested at his home last month. Worryingly, the prosecutor in the case has just revealed that tracking the man was simple since he made no effort to hide his IP address, which was both residential and static. Is it now a sign of madness to even go online without some kind of protection?