MIT Harbors The Most P2P Pirates

College students have always been prime targets for anti-piracy outfits such as the RIAA. Despite inundating students with mountains of threats and legal action, the number of copyright infringements committed by them have not declined. What did change though is the positioning of various universities in the list of most infringing establishments.

BitTorrent: King of Copyright Infringements

While anti-piracy company MediaDefender only got involved in hindering downloaders, BayTSP is the outfit that tracks file-sharers and sends infringement notices to ISPs. Using cumulative data from its entertainment industry clients, the company reveals which nation's sharers get caught infringing the most.

France Passes “Three Strikes” Anti-Piracy Law

The controversial French HADOPI anti-piracy law was passed by the National Assembly today, one step closer to being signed into action. The new law introduces draconian measures to combat piracy including a "three strikes" regime for persistent offenders.

UK Entertainment Industry Wants to Disconnect Pirates

Today the French will probably pass their HADOPI '3 strikes' legislation, which will be heralded as a major victory in the war against illicit file-sharing. Just across the water in the UK, elements of the entertainment industry are simultaneously making renewed efforts to convince their government to do the same.

Popular Torrents Start to Disappear From Mininova

Those hunting for the latest episodes of Lost, Heroes and Prison Break on Mininova may have already noticed that they are hard to find. With the recently implemented copyright filter, many of the popular TV-show releases and blockbuster movies have been removed and put on a ban list.

Apple Bans BitTorrent Software

An iPhone application designed to remotely-control the Transmission BitTorrent client has been rejected by the Apple App Store. Apple told the developer that this type of application is often used to infringe copyrights, so therefore the company has decided not to allow such software on the App store.

Pirate Bay Closer to a Retrial, Demands New Investigation

The connections of Pirate Bay judge Tomas Norström to national and international pro-copyright lobby groups are even more far reaching than initially reported. Consequently, many leading figures within the Swedish judicial system are now convinced that a retrial is necessary so the defendants can have an unbiased trial.