TorrentSpy Slapped with $110 Million Judgement

TorrentSpy has been ordered to pay a $110 million fine by a federal judge in Los Angeles. The BitTorrent site was found guilty on the charges of copyright infringement of several movie studios represented by the MPAA.

Test: Does Your ISP Slow Down BitTorrent Traffic?

Hundreds of larger and smaller ISPs all over the world try to limit BitTorrent traffic on their networks. Unfortunately, most companies are not very open about their network management solutions, with Comcast as the prime example. Thanks to the Glasnost project, you can now test wheter your ISP is one…

New York Piracy Law Smells Fishy Says Pirates

A new anti-piracy law, proposed yesterday by New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has been criticized as pointless pandering to lobby groups, and 'cronyism'. Worse, the bill is based on date from the widely discredited LEK study of 2006.

File-Sharer Convicted in Sweden’s Biggest P2P Case

A 31 year old file-sharer escaped prison this morning when he received a heavy fine and a suspended sentence for uploading music and movies. The court refrained from putting the defendant in prison, saying that the music industry needs to take some responsibility for the current situation.

isoHunt and MPAA Debate Legality of BitTorrent Sites

The legality of BitTorrent sites has always been highly debated. As of today, no court has ever ruled that a website offering .torrent links is legal or not. This might change soon, as isoHunt and the MPAA once again clash in court.

Nine Inch Nails Give Away New Single on Facebook

After experimenting with free BitTorrent distribution on their last album, 'Ghosts', The Nine Inch Nails are today releasing their latest single 'Echoplex' for free, to tens of millions of Facebook users. Also, everyone should check out tomorrow - apparently a "surprise" awaits.

MPAA Silently Drops Case Against BitTorrent Site

In 2005, DVDr-core was the first BitTorrent site that was targeted by the MPAA outside the US. A classic story: Man runs site, man gets sued over site, nothing more is ever heard. Whilst in most cases, this means that the defendant bowed to pressure, paid an out of court…