Fleet Foxes Thank Piracy For Their Success

Fleet Foxes' self titled album was considered by Pitchfork and many other music critics to be the best album of 2008. Interestingly, Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold says the band could not have made the album without the inspiration he got from the hundreds of albums he pirated over the years.

Free Anonymous BitTorrent Becomes Reality With BitBlinder

There can be little doubt that the provision of an effective and free service for BitTorrent anonymity would prove hugely popular. Today we bring you a detailed report on BitBlinder - a brand new open source project which promises to cloak your torrents, hide your browsing and get round many obstructive filters.

Scanner Darkly Producer Puts Latest Movie on BitTorrent


While the MPAA sees BitTorrent as enemy number one, many filmmakers dream of getting their work into the top 100 download list on The Pirate Bay. Filmmaker Tommy Pallotta is one of them. His previous film was already immensely popular on BitTorrent, and he hopes to repeat this success with his latest work.

Data Protection Makes Identifying Online Pirates a Nightmare

Norway's data protection department has indicated that ISPs must delete all personal IP address-related data just 3 weeks after collection. The instruction, initially given to two ISPs but applicable to them all, means that it will be incredibly difficult to take action against file-sharers.

Legal Authority Kills French Three-Strikes Law

The French Hadopi legislation passed last month introduced draconian measures to combat piracy, including a “three strikes” regime for persistent copyright infringers. However, France's highest constitutional authority today ruled that Internet access is a fundamental human right and killed the three-strikes provision.

ISPs and Copyright Holders Set Up ‘Pirate Review Board’

ISPs and the entertainment industries are in negotiations to set up a so-called 'pirate review board' in Denmark. The body will oversee and mediate in cases of copyright infringement by alleged online pirates and try to stop large organizations ending up in court, such as in The Pirate Bay and AllofMP3 domain blocking cases.

Prepare Yourself For Video Mixtape Month on The Pirate Bay

In July a group of enthusiasts will start uploading as many video mixtapes as they can to The Pirate Bay. A couple of the most controversial, shocking, hilarious, absurdly weird and in parts, downright sickening examples come from the Retard-O-Tron series. TorrentFreak caught up with the creator to find out what mixtapes are, where they're from and where they're going.

NowTorrents Domain Hijacked by Hacker

With more than million searches each day NowTorrents is one of the larger torrent search engines on the Internet. The site has grown steadily during recent months, and everything was looking great until a few hours ago, when the owner lost its domain. The domain was hijacked and parked on an account at the popular registrar GoDaddy.