FrostWire P2P Client Starts Artist Promotion

A common criticism leveled at most p2p clients is that they just ‘help people steal’, but they are actually a great tool to help promote undiscovered artists. This is exactly what FrostWire is trying to accomplish with their new FrostClick service. The results from their first featured artist are very…

Police Threats Close Many BitTorrent Sites

Yesterday we reported on the plight of RARBG, a large tracker forced to close by anti-piracy outfit, BREIN. Now it appears that this is just the tip of the iceberg. A whole raft of trackers are being forced to close or relocate following police action, including ArenaBG and several other…

How BitTorrent Can Teach Students DNA Sequencing

DNA sequencing is complex, and teaching students how it works can be quite a challenge. It often helps to use analogies, and give real life examples people are familiar with. At the University of Toronto they have found the perfect analogy to explain how DNA sequencing works: BitTorrent.

BREIN Chases Another BitTorrent Tracker to Sweden

RARBG, probably one of the biggest BitTorrent trackers you've never heard of, has been ordered to close by anti-piracy outfit, BREIN. The 100,000 member site, which is particularly popular with Bulgarians, doesn't intend to comply but simply move to a different host, outside of BREIN's jurisdiction.

Resident Evil Degeneration: BitTorrent Blockbuster


'Resident Evil: Degeneration' is the first CG animation film inspired by the popular video game. Although it skips most US theaters and is scheduled to be released on DVD no sooner than late December, it has been downloaded on BitTorrent close to a million times already - in just four…

Google Blocks World’s Largest Porn Torrent Tracker

Visitors to the world's largest adult BitTorrent tracker were met with a surprise this morning. According to Google and Firefox, users accessing are exposed to four trojan horses and three exploits. The malware doesn't appear to be hosted by the site itself, but it is coming from outside sources.

BitTorrent Shuts Down Video Store, Brings Back Search

February 2007, BitTorrent Inc. launched its 'Torrent Entertainment Network' where users could download movies and TV-shows legally, via BitTorrent. Despite the ever increasing popularity of BitTorrent as a download tool, the store never became profitable and has now closed. The store is replaced by a BitTorrent search portal.