Mininova Adds Another Billion Torrent Downloads

Mininova, one of the world's most visited BitTorrent sites, broke another download record today. Just a few hours ago the download counter displayed a staggering 8,000,000,000 downloads. That's enough for everyone on planet earth to have one - and then some.

File-Sharing Site Admin Sentenced to 6 Months Jail

A 22 year old man who ran a site which offered links to copyright works has been fined and sentenced to 6 months jail in Spain. While non-commercial file-sharing sites are legal in Spain, the judge decided that because the site had advertising and therefore profited from copyright infringement, this constituted a criminal offense.

Biased Anti-Piracy Laws Cause Problems in Denmark

Tough anti-piracy laws in Denmark have notably caused some serious problems for The Pirate Bay, as ISPs there were forced to block the world's largest tracker. The law allows outfits such as IFPI to shut down sites with relative ease but this imbalance towards rights holders will be addressed in a new report due soon.

BBC Gets Ready for BitTorrent Distribution

Today the BBC published the first episode of R&DTV, a Creative Commons licensed show that users are allowed to remix, redistribute and share. The first episode of the monthly technology show features Digg's Kevin Rose, among others. The BBC hopes to use BitTorrent for the distribution of future episodes.

France Rejects 3 Strikes Anti-Piracy Law

Last week, the French Parliament passed a new law requiring Internet service providers to cut off Internet access for persistent copyright offenders. Since the parliament voted in favor of the law, everyone - including the most fanatical critics - believed that it would easily pass through Senate and the National Assembly today - but it didn't.

French Anti-Piracy Law Doomed to Fail

Despite plenty of protests, the French Parliament passed a controversial new law last week that will see alleged copyright infringers disconnected from the Internet. Now, a new survey reveals that 60% of French Internet users are against the so-called HADOPI law. 69% say they believe it will fail.

Facebook Blocks All Pirate Bay Links

At the end of March The Pirate Bay added new functionality to reach out to millions of Facebook users. Just over a week later and the world's largest social networking site has blocked all links to torrents on the world's largest and most infamous BitTorrent tracker.

TorrentFreak TV Episode 8

Another brand new episode of TorrentFreak TV. This week's episode covers the X-Men leak, the French three strikes law, Mininova's new partnership, Hulu's advertisement crisis and a whole lot more.