Techno Diva Loves BitTorrent, Hates Spotify

Techno Diva Billie Ray Martin has uploaded two exclusive free remixes to Mininova, hoping to revitalize interest in her work. The tracks are part of an upcoming remix album set to be released later this year, but are already available on BitTorrent today.

uTorrent Spreads Its Wings With Falcon

In all the years it's been available, uTorrent hasn't changed as much as it will with the upcoming release. Codenamed Falcon, the client will have an easier, more secure and more complete web UI as well as support for streaming and remote downloading.

Usenet Indexer Prepares For MPAA High Court Battle

In May 2008, Newzbin - considered by many to be the Internet’s premier indexer and .NZB provider - announced it was under legal threat from the MPA, the MPAA's worldwide big brother. On Monday next week, the copyright infringement showdown in London's High Court begins.

Net Neutrality Wont Prevent BitTorrent Blocking

Ignited by the Comcast fiasco in the US, the concept of Net Neutrality has been brought into the mainstream resulting in planned government interventions. However, unlike the name suggests, Net Neutrality might not stop BitTorrent blocking and could leave us worse off than when this all started.

Neutralize UK File-Sharing Legal Threats – Join TalkTalk

This week the condemnation of file-sharing "legal blackmail" lawyers ACS:Law has been widespread, with extremely harsh words coming from the country's House of Lords. Despite this the law firm are unrepentant and say they will persist with their campaign. It is, however, possible to immunize your family from this growing threat.

3 Strikes Coming To The United States Via The Back Door?

"3 Strikes" is a regime being introduced in various countries around the world to try to deal with illicit file-sharing. Already Taiwan, South Korea and France are putting their versions of the plan into action and other countries have similar proposals under discussion. In one form or another, could the same be coming to the United States?

South Koreans Are World’s No.2 Music Pirates, Or Are They?

In 2009 South Korea introduced new legislation against online copyright infringement. Penalties were particularly harsh and included disconnection from the Internet. As digital sales skyrocket by more than 50% but logged infringements sharply increase, a report controversially places South Koreans as the world's number 2 music pirates.