Use BitTorrent to Upgrade to Ubuntu ‘Intrepid Ibex’

Ubuntu, the open source GNU/Linux based operating system, is about to release its next big update - Intrepid Ibex. In the past, the update servers would crash very quickly on a big release day, making it hard for people to get the latest update. With BitTorrent, however, this can be…

P2Pnet Wins Landmark ‘Hyperlinking” Case

The file-sharing oriented news website, P2Pnet, has won its case against the Canadian businessman Wayne Crookes. The Supreme Court ruled that linking to defamatory material doesn't constitute as publishing. Since the case is about linking, the outcome will have implications for all websites on the Internet, including BitTorrent sites.

Tribler Set to Make BitTorrent Sites Obsolete

The Tribler BitTorrent client, a project run by researchers from several European universities and Harvard, is the first to incorporate decentralized search capabilities. With Tribler, users can now find .torrent files that are hosted among other peers, instead of on a centralized site such as The Pirate Bay or Mininova.

ISP Level Anti-Piracy System Neutralized By BitTorrent

Two arch rivals from the KaZaA copyright infringement case have teamed up to produce what is being touted as a formidable anti-piracy system, converting pirates into paying customers. Installed at the ISP level so that users can't easily bypass it, 'Copyrouter' is defeated by BitTorrent.

UK Music Groups Launch Super Anti-Piracy Coalition

Umbrella groups in the UK which represent various parts of the music industry have decided that, in order to win the war on Internet piracy, what they really need is an even bigger umbrella group for all the other umbrella groups to shelter under. That new group, UK Music, is…

Anti-Piracy Lobby Loses Against “Non-Filtering” ISP

A Belgian ISP ordered by a court to stop all piracy on its network, only to discover that it was an impossible task, has seen that decision reversed. The court recognized that the anti-piracy solutions recommended by the music industry didn't work, which left the ISP Scarlet in an impossible…