There Is No Way You Can Shut File-Sharing Down

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Vancouver’s Straight published an interesting piece on file-sharing and BitTorrent, with some comments from isoHunt founder Gary Fung. “File-sharing gives people the freedom to share what they want,” Fung said. “File-sharing is logically the next step in the Internet’s evolution, in the sense that it decentralizes distribution. Anyone that wants to distribute can distribute whatever […]

aXXo’s ‘Home’ DarksideRG Disconnected by the MPAA

Two days ago it was reported that the MPAA had shut down 12 sites in the United States. In addition to these actions an additional 39 torrents sites were pulled offline in The Netherlands based on a MPAA tip-off. Although none of the sites have been named officially, TorrentFreak has learned that the file-sharing community DarksideRG was one of the casualties.

NSFW: Top PureTNA and Empornium Alternatives

The recent closure of both PureTNA and Empornium earlier this month left a decent sized hole in the BitTorrent porn landscape. However, with the help of ex-users and adult material fans around the world, we're now able to plug that significant void with a list of alternative sites where previously empty-handed torrent client owners can place their seeds.

2011 Oscars: Pirates Have to Wait Longer for Fewer Leaks

The 2011 Oscar nominees were announced earlier this week, inspiring many people to fire up their BitTorrent clients and start downloading. As we've done in previous years, we now take a look at the availability of the nominated films online and whether there are any new trends emrging. This year, fewer high quality copies leaked online and pirates had to wait longer than in previous years for those that did.

Games Piracy ‘Heyday’ in the Past – Nintendo

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The 3DS contains the most sophisticated anti-piracy technology of any console in Nintendo history, UK general manager David Yarnton has told CVG – and arrives at a time when illegal software distributors are under greater threat than ever. Speaking at its 3DS event in Amsterdam last week, Yarnton and UK marketing manager James Honeywell said […]

Five Arrested Over ‘Anonymous’ Web Attacks

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Five men have been arrested over a spate of recent web attacks carried out in support of Wikileaks. The five males are being held after a series of arrests at residential addresses in the West Midlands, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey and London this morning. Read More Pirate Party statement on arrests here

Porn Piracy Can Actually Serve as Promotion

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Sex sells: The Barcelona-based adult movie company Private Media is taking a unique twist on an old mantra, preparing an ambitious effort to compete with free and unlicensed content online. Private’s goal is to completely revamp its entire business, generate revenue from advertising with a Groupon-like voucher twist and give away the majority of its […]

MPAA Takes A Dozen Torrent Sites Offline

The MPAA has managed to take a dozen torrent sites offline in the United States, with help from Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN. The 12 torrent sites - which remain anonymous - were pulled offline by their hosting companies following complaints from the two organizations. What effect this 'massive' takedown operation will have on the BitTorrent ecosystem is yet to be seen, but thus far there are no reports of 'missing' torrent sites.