Anti-Piracy Lobby Urges Sweden To Take Down The Pirate Bay

Several anti-piracy lobbyist organizations have joined forces in urging the Swedish authorities to take "swift and decisive action" against The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay laughed away this attempt, and assures its users that they are not doing anything illegal according to Swedish law.

Anti-Piracy Outfit Pirates TorrentFreak

The infamous Dutch anti-piracy organization BREIN has infringed TorrentFreak's copyright and blatantly copied a quote from one of our articles without attributing the source. TorrentFreak is thus considering legal action against these copy/paste pirates, where they may face a fine of up to $975,000 and several years in prison.

The Pirate Bay Laser Graffiti Tribute

The graffiti research lab paid a tribute to The Pirate Bay during the Amsterdam Museum N8 by projecting stunning laser graffiti onto the outer walls of a museum. The laser graffiti was "painted" from a pirate ship of course, where else?

Leaseweb Forced To Shut Down More BitTorrent Sites

The Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN has forced LeaseWeb to take down several BitTorrent sites. Although the ISP is determined to fight for its customers in court, for now, it has no other option than to shut down BitTorrent sites when they're ordered to.