Mass Effect 2 Leaks to BitTorrent Before Official Release

Just a few days short of its official debut at retail stores, BioWare's Mass Effect 2 has become widely available on file-sharing networks. The leak has resulted in massive piracy as more than 300,000 gamers have either downloaded or are in the process of downloading a copy of the highly anticipated game via BitTorrent.

‘Piracy Isn’t Killing Music’ Radiohead’s Guitarist Says

Last year, Radiohead expressed their growing discomfort with record labels that abuse copyrights for their own benefit, while harassing their fans. In a recent interview, Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien said that he doesn't believe piracy is killing the music industry, but that the industry will kill itself if it doesn't adapt to the digital age.

Oldest BitTorrent Site Knocked Down, But Not Out

In mid 2009, FileSoup - the oldest surviving BitTorrent site - was raided by police and the owner arrested. Despite this, however,the site remained online. Then, during the first week of 2010, FileSoup disappeared without warning. But there is cause for cautious optimism - FileSoup could be back sooner than you think.

Demonoid Is Open To All Without An Invite

Demonoid is without doubt one of the most famous BitTorrent trackers on the Internet. That said, despite its fame and large userbase, it's still necessary to obtain an invite code to use the site. Right now, however, be it intentional or a fortunate bug, its torrents are open to all. Has Demonoid transformed from a semi-private to a public tracker?

Pirates Are The Music Industry’s Most Valuable Customers

Once again the music industry has come out with disappointing results for physical music sales, which they blame entirely on file-sharing. What they failed to mention though, is that their findings show that music pirates are buying more digital music than the average music consumer. Since digital music is the future, pirates are the industry's most valuable customers.

Music Industry Set For Civil Action Against OiNK

Alan Ellis, the ex-admin of the OiNK BitTorrent tracker, was cleared of Conspiracy to Defraud by jury of his peers last week. But now it seems that as one battle ends, another begins. IFPI says it is considering civil action, and is committed to reclaiming the money donated to the site in order to give it back to the artists.

Vuze BitTorrent Client Closes Porn Torrent Site

BitTorrent and adult entertainment go hand in hand, which is one of the reasons why the Vuze BitTorrent client introduced a paid erotica section last year. However, the project turned out to be a quickie and has been canceled due to a lack of traction among Vuze users.

Mother Who Banned File-Sharing Still Held Responsible

A mother who doesn't understand computers and forbade her children from downloading and sharing music on the Internet has been held responsible for their actions. A court in Germany ruled that parents simply banning file-sharing is not enough, and this has to be followed up to check compliance.