GGF Plans To Buy and Legalize Demonoid

Global Gaming Factory’s planned acquisition of The Pirate Bay last summer surprised BitTorrent’s friends and foes alike. Eventually the deal didn't go through due to financial problems, but after a few months of silence the company's CEO returns to the stage. This time around there's a new target for his ambitious plans, Demonoid, the largest semi-private BitTorrent community.

Pirate Bay Typo Squatter Trying To Seize Site Trademark

This Wednesday a security blog reported that several rogue sites are in operation which aim to pull in people who were aiming to reach The Pirate Bay, but accidentally entered the URL with typos. While this kind of activity is nothing new, there is a more interesting detail being overlooked. One of the companies behind the scheme is trying to register the Pirate Bay trademark in the United States.

BREIN Tracks Down and Serves Pirate Bay Founder, On Film

Last month the Amsterdam Court confirmed an earlier judgment and ordered The Pirate Bay to cease all of their activities in The Netherlands. Despite denials of current connections to the site, the founders face penalties of 50,000 euros per day for non-compliance. Today BREIN boss Tim Kuik physically tracked down Peter Sunde in Europe, explained the verdict and had their encounter filmed.

Eight Cool New uTorrent Features Coming Soon

In May this year the BitTorrent Inc. added a section to their site which enabled the community to vote for new features they would like to see included in uTorrent. Voting has been furious and dozens of new tweaks and additions have been made. Here's the next eight major additions uTorrent users can look forward to.

Piracy Is Promotion, Says CEO of Porn Multinational

Adult entertainment and piracy go hand in hand, so to speak. While some players in the industry use legal tools to bring piracy to a halt, others are not bothered about unauthorized sharing. In a recent video interview the CEO of one of the largest porn distributors said that the more people pirate his company's work, the better.

Pirate Party Strikes Hosting Deal With Wikileaks

During his visit to the the Swedish capital Stockholm, Wikileaks spokesman Julian Assange struck a deal with the local Pirate Party. The Party, which participates in the national elections next month, will host several new Wikileaks servers to protect the freedom of the press and help the whistleblower site to carry out its operation.

Fox Drives a Stake Through ‘Vampires Suck’ Workprint

An unfinished copy of the upcoming Vampires Suck movie has been making the rounds on BitTorrent recently. Despite's efforts from Fox to prevent people from taking a sneak peak at this upcoming Twilight parody, a leaked and possibly unfinished workprint version has been downloaded tens of thousands of times already.

uTorrent Backs Artist, Bundles Album With New Downloads

Following in the footsteps of The Pirate Bay and the successful BitTorrent distribution platform Vodo, uTorrent has now embraced an artist of their own. Starting today, all new uTorrent downloads will be bundled with the latest album from PAZ, an up and coming musician who hopes to achieve stardom through BitTorrent.