Apple Bans BitTorrent Software

An iPhone application designed to remotely-control the Transmission BitTorrent client has been rejected by the Apple App Store. Apple told the developer that this type of application is often used to infringe copyrights, so therefore the company has decided not to allow such software on the App store.

Pirate Bay Closer to a Retrial, Demands New Investigation

The connections of Pirate Bay judge Tomas Norström to national and international pro-copyright lobby groups are even more far reaching than initially reported. Consequently, many leading figures within the Swedish judicial system are now convinced that a retrial is necessary so the defendants can have an unbiased trial.

Music Industry’s Plea for Pirate Bay Damages Backfires

Ever since the the Pirate Bay verdict was announced, the poor record labels have been waiting to collect their share of the damages. The law firm representing several record labels has now filed a request at the Swedish Enforcement Authority, to claim anything of value from the Pirate Bay defendants. However, their involvement in the case might backfire.

Music Piracy Controversy Surrounds Charity Fund Raising

In Italy artists and musicians have made a charity song to raise money for victims of the recent earthquake and over in Spain, artists have performed to raise funds for a seriously ill boy. Both events, thanks to the involvement of music industry lobby groups, have been touched by copyright controversy.

Burger King Says Cheeseburgers Better Than Music Piracy

This week motor manufacturer Mitsubishi used the mainstream nature of file-sharing and P2P in order to promote its new Colt model. Now, in what appears to be an upcoming marketing campaign by fast food giant Burger King, the famous beef grillers say that cheeseburgers are just like downloading free music from the Internet - but legal.

Vuze Goes Portable, With a Price Tag

Vuze, the BitTorrent client formerly known as Azureus, has just been released in a portable version. Unlike the regular Vuze client, Vuze to Go is closed source and costs $9.99. No doubt a pirated version will end up on torrent sites sooner or later.

‘New’ Anti-Piracy Lawyers Chase UK File-Sharers

Over the last couple of years everyone has got used to hearing about UK lawyers Davenport Lyons and their campaigns against those it accuses of illicit file-sharing. Now everyone will have to get used to a new player - they're called ACS Law and the similarities to Davenport are raising more than a few eyebrows.