RIAA and MPAA Can’t Stop BitTorrent, Study Finds

For years RIAA and MPAA members have hired companies to attack popular BitTorrent swarms in an attempt to interfere with their downloads. According to a recently published paper by New York University researchers, these attacks are highly ineffective. At best, they slow downloads for a few minutes, something most users don't even notice.

Alleged Pirate Walks Free Under New Anti-Piracy Law

Earlier this year the Swedish Parliament passed the IPRED law, making it easier for copyright holders to obtain file-sharers' details from ISPs. In the months that passed, no music and movie sharers were sued. Instead, the first IPRED case dealt with pirated ebooks, but this case has now been thrown out by the Appeal Court.

Labour MP: Disconnecting File-Sharers is Futile

With the support of at least 18 other politicians, UK Labour Party MP Tom Watson has tabled an Early Day Motion in which he questions government proposals to disconnect or throttle alleged file-sharers. Calling the measures "futile," Watson says those accused should have the right to legal redress in a court of law.

AFACT v iiNet: Day 7 – Investigators Condoned Infringement?

Day seven of the trial between AFACT and Aussie ISP iiNet. In cross-examination of anti-piracy bosses from the movie studios, Paramount said it would complain to BitTorrent Inc about the unauthorized use of its logo, while AFACT's boss was forced to admit his investigators could have themselves condoned infringements.

P2P Site Coalition to Help Indie Filmmakers

Several of the largest BitTorrent sites including Mininova, The Pirate Bay and isoHunt have joined a coalition of file-sharing partners in an ambitious project to help filmmakers get their work out to the public. Founded by the director of Steal This Film, the VODO project debuts its first title today.

UseNeXT Threatens Litigation Against Blogger

Earlier this month an article appeared on a German site, purporting to detail the manner in which hugely popular Usenet company UseNeXT conducts its business. The article, titled "UseNeXT: Legitimate downloading of pirated movies" caught the eye of UseNeXT, which immediately sent threats of legal action to the author.

AFACT v iiNet: Day 6 – IP Address Alone Is Not Enough

Day six of the copyright infringement trial between anti-piracy group AFACT and Aussie ISP iiNet. In addition to ongoing cross-examination of a DtecNet anti-piracy boss, a forensic investigator and veteran of the KaZaA case took the stand, admitting that an IP address alone is insufficient to identify an exact individual.

Anti-Pirates Scare Kids with Propagandistic Comic Book


The Motion Picture Association has sent one of its big shot lobbyists to New Zealand to advocate tougher anti-piracy legislation, and to promote a propagandistic comic book set be handed out to thousands of local kids. Interestingly, the comic doesn't touch the subject of copyright. Instead it uses false threats to scare children and parents about the dangers of file-sharing.