Pirate Bay Manifesto – POwr, Broccoli and Kopimi

The Pirate Bay has just released their manifesto in English. The book, titled 'POwr, Broccoli and Kopimi' is filled with 100 inspiring principles for everyone who aims to live the Kopimi lifestyle. “The Internet is right,” is the ultimate wisdom.

Pirate Bay Trial Day 8: Pirates Kill the Music Biz

It's Day 8 of The Pirate Bay trial and several entertainment industry CEOs take the stand. IFPI's CEO John Kennedy said that TPB was an extremely damaging force on the global music industry and what the site offers is just too tempting for people to resist. He also admitted to not understanding how TPB or even uTorrent works.

Police Shut Down Latvian BitTorrent Trackers

Latvia continues its clamp down on BitTorrent trackers, as two more sites have been pulled offline by the local police. Whether the attempts will prove effective is doubtful. File.lv, Latvia's largest BitTorrent tracker was taken down last summer but has since returned, despite an ongoing lawsuit.

Pirate Bay Trial Day 7: Screenshots for Evidence

After a long weekend break, both sides have returned to the Stockholm court room. Day 6 of the trial was a rest day, so we skip to Day 7 where the IFPI's evidence collector relies only on screenshots and admits he's not a BitTorrent expert. Furthermore, the Prosecution don't know where policeman Jim Keyzer is.

Pirate Bay Prosecution Hires Hypocrite Pirate Author for PR

In a desperate move to amp up her case against The Pirate Bay, prosecuting lawyer Monique Wadsted has asked authors for quotes and support in preparation for her closing arguments next Monday. Unfortunately for her, the friendly request backfired as a befriended author turned out to be a fanatical Pirate Bay supporter.

The Pirate Bay Trial: Understanding Finreactor

On Day 4 of The Pirate Bay trial, the Prosecutor referred to legal action taken against the admins of another BitTorrent tracker, Finreactor, who together received huge fines and currently have their case before the Supreme Court. Since Sweden and Finland's laws are similar, what does the Finreactor case mean for the TPB defendants?

Music Industry Orders BitTorrent Blackout

Throughout Europe, music industry lobbyists have tried to convince ISPs to block file-sharing sites, and not without success. The Irish ISP Eircom is the first to cave in to the pressure of the music industry, and without any argument will block all file-sharing related websites - starting with The Pirate Bay.

Kiwis Delay Draconian File-Sharing Law

There has been plenty of comment around the net about the 'guilty-on-accusation' law in New Zealand. Now after a week of online protests that got some 'Quite Interesting' support, the law has been delayed for another month.