BitLet Selected As Finalist In 2008 Webware 100 Awards

BitLet is a web-based client which allows BitTorrent sharing without a torrent client being installed on your machine. Now, in recognition of this innovative system, the editors at CNET have nominated BitLet as a finalist in the Webware 100 Awards, 2008.

isoHunt Now Indexes 1 Million Torrents

The popular BitTorrent site IsoHunt just reached a new milestone, as they now index over 1 million torrents. In total, the torrents on IsoHunt point to 22 million files that all add up to a dazzling 743TB in data.

Nine Inch Nails Uploads New Album on Torrent Sites

Nine Inch Nails has just released the first volume of their new album "Ghosts" on BitTorrent sites as a free download. The band encourages its fans to share the album with friends, post it on websites and play it on podcasts

After Hijacking Site, Scammers Move to Seize Shareaza Trademark

After taking control of, imposters trying to pass themselves off as an open-source dev team have stepped up their action to destroy the GNU GPL licensed project. In an audacious move, lawyers representing Discordia Ltd have filed to register the "Shareaza" trademark at the US Patent Office.

BitTorrent Rip Off Sites, and How to Avoid Them

BitTorrent is supposed to be hassle free, that's why it's so attractive right? Sadly, it is also used by by scammers to generate money, often through trickery and deception. Recently, a new ring of BitTorrent rip off sites has sprung up, this time related to movie codecs.

Cashing In on Naive BitTorrent Users


BitTorrent sites are overloaded with ads for malware ridden BitTorrent clients and paid tutorials that promise to quadruple your download speed. They try to lure naive users into downloading their products with catchy phrases such as "Breakthrough Information Will Have You Downloading Torrents Up To 475% Faster". It's time to…

RIAA Keeps Settlement Money, Artists May Sue

Despite collecting an estimated several hundred million dollars in P2P related settlements from the likes of Napster, KaZaA and Bolt, prominent artists' managers are complaining that so far, they haven't received any compensation from the labels. According to a lawyer, some are considering legal action.