Toyota Claims Ownership of Fan Wallpapers

Motoring giant Toyota is normally ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. The company is known for innovations like the Synergy Drive in the Prius, as well as long term reliability. However, if you take pride in your Toyota, and have it as a wallpaper on your system,…

Record Labels to Sue Vuze, Limewire and SourceForge

French record labels have received the green light to sue four US-based companies that develop P2P applications, including the BitTorrent client Vuze, Limewire and Morpheus. Shareaza is the fourth application, for which the labels are going after the open source development platform SourceForge.

Anti-Piracy Group Hints at Disclosure “On Demand”

The chief executive of UK anti-piracy FAST says the chances of a completely voluntary agreement between rights holders and ISPs to tackle file-sharing is "unlikely". John Lovelock, boss at the Federation Against Software Theft goes on to imply that what his outfit would really like is file-sharers' names and addresses…

TorrentValley Raided and Shut Down

TorrentValley, one of the larger BitTorrent sites with millions of visitors each month, has been shut down by Bulgarian authorities. The site's servers were seized by a Cyber Crime Unit, which acted based upon evidence provided by the Bulgarian music industry.

Piracy Rampant Among Finnish Youth

A recently published survey on the 'criminal' habits among 15 year old Finns has revealed that more than two thirds of the youngsters have used file-sharing applications to downloaded copyrighted material. Online piracy was by far the most prevalent form of 'criminal behavior' among Finnish youth.

TorrentFreak Turns Three

Exactly three years ago, November 12, 2005, TorrentFreak first saw the light of day. Since then we have published 1,788 articles, while our readers wrote 88,987 comments. It's been a great ride so far, thanks to all of you...

No Solace for Bond: Movie Pirates Evade Camcorder Spies

Hitting US theaters this week, the latest Bond movie 'Quantum of Solace' has already been released in the UK. However, despite searching the bags of paying customers, monitoring movie audiences with Bond-style night vision goggles and proffering misinformation, the industry has failed to stop the movie leaking to the Internet.