Young Pirates get Government Funding

Ung Pirat, the youth organization of the Swedish Pirate Party received over 1.3 million Krona from the Swedish government yesterday. The money - government funding to political youth organizations - was heavily criticized by anti-piracy lobbyists.

RIAA Scared of Court Case Webcast

With the defense in the Tenenbaum case getting their request to broadcast the trial online, it seemed that some light of exposure was to be brought to the RIAA's method of litigation. Yet the RIAA doesn't want their court practices exposed for all to see, and have now appealed the…

UK ISPs to Become Piracy Cops

UK communications minister Lord Carter has drafted new regulations that will require ISPs to warn customers suspected of sharing copyrighted material, that they are acting illegally. Furthermore, ISPs will have to hand over details of repeated infringers to the entertainment industry and other rights holders.

IFPI vs ISP: Piracy Means Less Sex and Drugs for Rock Stars

In line with its new strategy of trying to force ISPs to take responsibility for the actions of their customers, in 2008 the 'Big Four' record labels, headed up by the IFPI, announced they would take Ireland's largest ISP to court. The case began yesterday and is already proving controversial.

UK Censors Responses to Piracy Consultation

The UK Government, through the BERR, commissioned a public consultation last year into illicit file-sharing, and how to deal with it. The responses should have been published in December, but due to a holdup concerning a freedom of information request, it was delayed until today. Despite this, some will still…

Happy Birthday Mininova, 4 Years Young Today

Many torrent sites come and go, but few are as large or enduring as Mininova. Today, the BitTorrent giant celebrates its 4th birthday, after the first public version of the site went live in January 2005. For those who work hard to fulfill their dreams, from little acorns, mighty oak…

Franz Ferdinand Sends Web-Sheriff After Pirates

Confessed pirates themselves, Franz Ferdinand have recently taken a pro-piracy stance, encouraging fans to download some of their work. It was therefore quite a surprise to hear that the band has recently hired the infamous Web-Sheriff to stop people from downloading their recently leaked album "Tonight".

EU Conceals Anti-Piracy Treaty Documents

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) currently being discussed by several of the world's leading countries, will undoubtedly lead to stricter ant-piracy legislation. The problem though, is that nobody really knows what it will entail. The EU refuses to make the drafts public, which makes it impossible for the public to…