Demonoid Warns Of Severe Torrent and User Data Loss

Earlier this month we warned that there could be extended downtime at Demonoid, one of the Internet's most popular BitTorrent trackers. Worried users are keen to see the site return soon, but staff at the site are warning that not only will it take time but months of data could be lost in the process.

A Brilliant Open Letter Song On Piracy To Lily Allen

This week Lily Allen's views on file-sharing have been the hot topic. While some agree with her calls to 'save' the industry from a fate worse than death, others did not subscribe to the doomsday scenario. One of those is UK musician Dan Bull who has written a brilliant song-come-open letter to Miss Allen. We hope you enjoy it.

Pirate Party Canada Starts a BitTorrent Tracker

Canada has had its very own Pirate Party for a few months now. The party is currently trying to get federal approval, a goal that should be achieved in the coming week. In the meantime the party's members haven't been sitting still and today sees the launch of their very own BitTorrent tracker.

Lily Allen Changes Tune, Now Wants To Throttle Pirates

After Lily Allen sparked friction between not only thousands of people on the Internet, but also her colleagues in the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC), yesterday they met up to try and forge a united front. Now Allen has done a U-turn, stating that disconnecting pirates is too draconian and instead supports FAC calls to slow connections to a crawl.

Two More Pirate Bay Appeal Judges Accused of Bias

Earlier this week TorrentFreak reported that there had been objections over one of the proposed lay judges set for the Pirate Bay appeal. Now there are yet more claims of possible bias, this time with two of the main judges who have both been members of pro-copyright groups.

Tucker Max: Live Outside The US? Please Pirate My Movie

Controversial blogger Tucker Max has been telling the Internet about his drunken sexual encounters for many years. His antics will hit the big screen tomorrow in the movie release of his book I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. If you've never heard of Tucker, now's your chance. He says he doesn't care if non-US citizens pirate the movie.

Lily Allen Deletes Pro-Copyright Blog and Ends Career

Yesterday it was revealed that, despite her calls for tougher anti-piracy legislation, Lily Allen herself created illicit mixtapes full of copyrighted music and made them available to the public. Today, after having rationalized why it is okay for her to pirate music, she killed her pro-copyright blog because "the abuse was getting too much."

Lily Allen Pirates Music, Is Clueless About Copyright

File-sharing heroine Lily Allen has joined the anti-piracy lobby in its war against illegal downloading, claiming that it bankrupts the music industry. While trying to prove her point, however, she infringed on the rights of several webblogs and newspapers. On top of this, it turns out that she offers some illegal mixtapes on one of her websites.