OiNK Down, Norwegian BitTorrent Trackers Next

With the BitTorrent world spinning on its heels after the shock takedown of the huge OiNK tracker, there are now indications that the shutdowns may continue. According to the lawyer who lost against 'DVD Jon', next stop is Norway and raids are imminent.

Why Are The IFPI and BPI Allowed To Hijack OiNK?

As you have read here already, a joint team of Dutch and British law enforcement were involved in 'Operation Ark Royal', to take down the music torrent site Oink. This action however, has brought lots of questions, with very few answers. Questions such as "Why Are The IFPI and BPI…

OiNK Admin Released From Custody

After a turbulent day the admin of the raided OiNK.cd was released from custody. At this point it is still unclear what the legal consequences will be, but it is good to see that OiNK is back home.

BitTorrent Gets More Social with AllPeers

AllPeers is a social BitTorrent extension for Firefox. The ease of use and the appealing user interface make it especially popular among people who are relatively new to BitTorrent, but why do we need a social BitTorrent client?

How To Bypass Comcast’s BitTorrent Throttling

Back in August we reported that Comcast was limiting BitTorrent traffic. Comcast denied our allegations, even though we had some pretty solid evidence. However, a recent test by Associated Press confirmed what we have been reporting all along. The million dollar question remains, can Comcast subscribers get around this, and…