Leaked TV Episodes Popular on BitTorrent

This weeks "Most pirated TV-episodes" chart lists four shows that were leaked before the official air date: 'Stargate Atlantis', 'True Blood', 'Life on Mars' and 'Do Not Disturb'. It's PREAIR season.

Government “Holds a Gun to the Head” of ISPs Over P2P

The British government appears to be running out of patience with ISPs as they struggle to come to an agreement with the music industry on P2P music piracy. One 'top-level' ISP executive says "The British government just put a gun to our head." Major ISPs are now in "serious" talks…

The Pirate Bay Pledges ISPs to Block Sweden

In an response to the new wiretapping law that was introduced in Sweden this week, The Pirate Bay will ask international ISPs to block traffic to Sweden, to protect their customers. In addition, the BitTorrent tracker will add SSL encryption to their site, and roll out a new VPN service.

MPAA Says It Doesn’t Need Evidence to Convict Pirates

Only a few weeks ago, a University of Washington study showed showed how inaccurate the MPAA and RIAA's evidence gathering techniques are. Now, instead of improving their pirate chasing tactics, the MPAA simply claims they don't need any evidence to bankrupt "alleged" copyright infringers.

IsoHunt adds 10.000 Free and Legal Albums

Despite being ensnared in legal proceedings with the MPAA, isoHunt is continuing to grow. Adding fuel to the 'significant non-infringing use' argument is their latest partnership, with the Creative Commons music distribution site Jamendo.

Reports: Demonoid Blocking Countries

According to an ever increasing wave of emails to TorrentFreak, it appears that residents of at least two countries can no longer access Demonoid. Not only are users from the Netherlands complaining they cannot access the site but now it's the turn of Brazilian BitTorrent fans to wonder why they've…

Swedes To Be Wiretapped, Despite Protests

Despite public protests both online and on the streets of Stockholm, the Swedish parliament has voted in favor of a new "wiretapping" law which invades the privacy of its citizens by allowing the government to monitor web traffic and phone calls, without the need for court orders or similar authorization.