Sued BitTorrent Users Score Win In Far Cry Case

Thousands of alleged BitTorrent users who were suspected of downloading the movie Far Cry have booked a significant victory in court. District Court Judge Rosemary Collyer ordered the copyright holder of the film, represented by the US Copyright Group, to limit their case only to those defendants there the Court had jurisdiction over.

Pirate Parties Use Influence To Halt Anonymous’ Operation Payback

In a letter to those coordinating Operation Payback, the series of DDoS attacks carried out against pro-copyright outfits since September, the UK and US Pirate Party are calling for an end to hostilities. They reason that the continuation of the operation plays into the hands of organizations that wish to "pervert" copyright law for personal gain and hampers the progress of those seeking copyright reform through legitimate means.

LimeWire Pirate Edition Site Nuked By “Cheap and Dishonest” RIAA Action

The RIAA has claimed in court papers that the official LimeWire company has breached last month's court injunction against it by somehow having something to do with LimeWire Pirate Edition. The RIAA says that the site, which linked to the rogue software, was created by a current or former LimeWire employee. This forced the company to move against the Pirate Edition website and have it shut down.

New Torrent Client Features Hollywood’s Latest Blockbusters

A new BitTorrent client called zButterfly saw the light this week. Based on the Vuze source code, the new client sets itself apart from the competition by offering a searchable catalog of movies in various qualities. The developers of zButterfly are convinced that the movie centric approach will be appreciated by users, but it's doubtful that Hollywood will be happy with this latest innovation.

Senate Committee Passes Bill To Quash Pirate Websites

The U.S. Senate's Judicial Committee unanimously passed the controversial 'Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act' today, a bill that could be used to crack down on many BitTorrent sites and other file-sharing platforms. The bill would give the Department of Justice the unprecedented power to take over domain names of websites that are deemed to facilitate copyright infringement.

Anti-Piracy Lawyers Knew They Targeted Innocent Victims

Davenport Lyons, the law firm which pioneered the lucrative file-sharing pay-up-or-else scheme in the UK, will head off to Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal proceedings next year. According to details just made available, among other things Davenport Lyons partners were responsible for knowingly targeting the innocent and relied on unreliable evidence in doing so.

Mielophone: Mulve-style Music Downloading on Steroids

After the Mulve music downloading app burst onto the scene in September, it didn't take long for it to be closed down and cold water poured on the fun. Now, just a couple of months later, a new application has appeared which not only does everything that Mulve did, but adds more sources, integrates music discovery,, a playlist and download manager, videos, lyrics and more.

The Pirate Bay, One Year After The Tracker Shut Down

Exactly a year ago The Pirate Bay team surprised friends and foes when it announced that the world’s largest BitTorrent tracker was shutting down for good. The site's torrent index would remain online, but millions of users had to find alternative trackers or rely on trackerless technologies to share their torrents from then on. In addition, The Pirate Bay suggested a move away from .torrent files entirely in the future.