Mininova Helps Artists to Monetize Torrents

Mininova, one of the largest BitTorrent sites on the Internet, will launch a new feature today that will help artists, labels and other content producers to generate revenue. The Dutch record label 'Beep! Beep!' is one of the first to try the new feature, which allows content producers to add 'shopping links' to their free torrents.

Poll: How Would You Respond to an RIAA/MPAA Warning?

This week's hot topic is the reported collaboration between the RIAA, MPAA and your ISP. The aim of the music and movie industries is to reduce and deter illicit file-sharing by sending out warnings to alleged infringers. The big questions is this: How would you react if you received one of these warnings?

Pirate Bay Torrents Spread Via Facebook

In a bid to conquer the web bit-by-bit, The Pirate Bay has launched a new feature to allow it to penetrate the social networking site Facebook. With only a single click Facebook users can add their favorite torrents to their profile to share them with friends. The IFPI is not pleased with the new feature, while FaceBook declined to comment.

RIAA, MPAA Copyright Warnings: Facts and Fiction

This week several scary stories surfaced about how the MPAA and RIAA are negotiating with ISPs on how to deal with copyright infringers. Even though it was often presented as news, those who look deeper will realize that this is nothing new at all, just the same old threats dressed up in a new jacket.

Hackers Go After Pirate Bay Investigator

A police IT forensics specialist has had some of his personal details leak via The Pirate Bay. Jim Keyzer, who led the investigation into the popular tracker, has just discovered that his girlfriend's email account was compromised by hackers, who obtained several passwords and other personal documents.

EU Rejects ‘3 Strikes’ for File-Sharers

The European Parliament has approved a report which goes against the French plan to implement a '3 strikes' regime for alleged P2P copyright infringers. The proposals to increase security and ensure freedom on the Internet were accepted, but disconnecting users from the Internet was ruled out.