BitTorrent Behind the Scenes: isoHunt

In our 'behind the scenes' series TorrentFreak tries to peel away some of the mystery surrounding BitTorrent sites and the people who run them. This time we feature the workspace of isoHunt founder Gary Fung, who also shares some details and photographs of the site's server rack.

Italy’s Most Prominent BitTorrent Site Hacked

TNT Village, Italy's most prominent torrent site has been compromised by hackers. Intimate details of the site's operations including 50,000 usernames, passwords and email addresses have been leaked out onto the Internet. The site has taken precautionary measures but concerned users should change their passwords immediately.

Pirate Bay Sale Dead in the Water

In a few days time Global Gaming Factory is supposed to have gathered millions of dollars in funding so they can acquire The Pirate Bay. But according to Wayne Rosso, the former CEO of Grokster who was involved with GGF recently, this is unlikely to happen. Meanwhile, The Pirate Bay is giving GGF a week before they cancel the deal.

US Movie Companies Go After The Pirate Bay – Again

Today more than ten major movie companies issued a subpoena to the Stockholm District Court demanding it put an end to the activities of The Pirate Bay. The companies, including Disney, Universal, Warner, Columbia, Sony, NBC and Paramount also want the court to force the site's ISP to shut down the site.

‘Pirated’ Youtube Clip Boosts Band’s Album Sales

If the major record labels are to believed, they lose millions of dollars due to YouTube pirates. But is this really the case? While anti-piracy outfits try to have all infringing music taken offline or have the audio on pirated YouTube clips disabled, the band Barcelona responded with a video thanking a video uploader for using their song.

OK, Sell The Pirate Bay – Everyone Will Have a Copy Soon

The Pirate Bay tracks half the world's torrents and it's getting sold, which might be viewed as a bit of a disaster for the BitTorrent world. But The Pirate Bay isn't really needed anymore, GGF can have it in August as planned and not much will change. All of the torrents will survive and carry on working. It's time to pirate The Pirate Bay.

Get Free Anonymous BitTorrent With ItsHidden

With anti-piracy outfits warning those who share copyrighted content and ISPs threatening to pull the plug on alleged offenders, many file-sharers have decided to protect themselves by going anonymous. To accommodate this growing demand, ItsHidden is now offering a free VPN targeted at those who want to protect their privacy online.