DDoS Attacks Force Norbits to go Offline

NorBits, the largest Norwegian BitTorrent tracker, has been pulled offline by their webhosting company due to the continuous DDoS attacks suffered by the site. The host has nullrouted the IPs and told the Norbits staff to find a new home. Meanwhile, NorBits' staff are trying to calm their users down…

Major Romanian ISP Blocks BitTorrent Site

Just over 12 months since one of Romania's most popular BitTorrent trackers was raided by the police, Torrentbits.ro is suffering more problems. Customers of one of Romania's largest ISPs, UPC, can no longer access the site.

IFPI Loses Another P2P ‘Wireless Defense’ Case

A man accused of being a music pirate has been cleared by a Danish court. The man denied the claims of the IFPI, based on his assertion that someone else must have accessed his wireless router to commit the infringements. This is the second major defeat for the IFPI in…

Michael Moore on Slacker Uprising’s Piracy ‘Problem’

Michael Moore decided to give away his latest film ‘Slacker Uprising’ for free, but only to people in the US and Canada. However, since he chose to use BitTorrent, and open trackers such as The Pirate Bay, it was fairly easy for the rest of the world to download it…

BitSmash Launches BitTorrent Statistics Tool

BitSmash is a new service that aims to provide statistics on all BitTorrent downloads. The site allows users to search from keywords, just like the average BitTorrent site, and sort the results in various ways. For every torrent, it also shows graphs of changes in various statistics over time.

Tackling Campus Piracy with FUD

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) is one of the oldest, and perhaps most effective anti-piracy strategies. MPAA's "You can click, but you can't hide" campaign is perhaps one of the best known examples. Today, we take a peek at how FUD is used by universities to counter campus piracy.