Pirates Jump on District 9 Torrents


With over a million downloads in less than 24 hours, Peter Jackson's Sci-Fi thriller District 9 is well on its way to becoming the most pirated movie of 2009. The huge download spike is caused by a DVD quality version of the movie that leaked onto various BitTorrent sites yesterday.

Musicians Oppose Punishments for Pirating Fans

Musicians have spoken out strongly against UK government plans to disconnect the Internet connections of repeated copyright infringers. They argue that the plans, much applauded by the big music labels, will further alienate fans from artists.

Anti-Piracy Boss Confiscates Confiscated Hacker Laptop

Tim Kuik, managing director of Dutch anti-piracy gang BREIN, has publicly admitted that he's currently using a Sony VAIO laptop previously confiscated from a 'hacker'. Although he doesn't elaborate on how he obtained the machine, it is hard not to conclude that it has been misappropriated.

Spectrial 2: Pirate Bay Appeal Scheduled for November

In April The Pirate Bay Four were sentenced to a year in prison, and on top of that each of them was ordered to pay the entertainment industry $905,000 in damages. The defendants soon announced that they would appeal, and the date for the new trial has been set for November by the Appeal Court.

Political Parties Criticize Law Forcing Pirate Bay Blackout

Last week a Swedish court ordered Black Internet, the bandwidth supplier to The Pirate Bay, to disconnect the site from the Internet under threat of large fines. The site was quickly back up with a new ISP but now several Swedish political parties are being openly critical of the law used to take the site down.

isoHunt Launches ‘Social’ BitTorrent Site

In a time where torrent sites are being chased by the entertainment industries and despite its dealings with the MPAA and CRIA in court, isoHunt has launched a brand new torrent site. With Hexagon.cc the Hexagon team aims to revolutionize people's sharing experience.

PiSEXY BitTorrent Admin Passes Away Suddenly

It is with sadness that we report that Pimpie, the administrator of long-standing private BitTorrent tracker PiSEXY, has passed away suddenly after suffering an aneurysm. Despite the pain felt by his spouse, friends, family and the community, everyone is pulling together. The site will go on in his memory.

Demonoid BitTorrent Tracker Could Go Dark For Days

Demonoid remains one the most popular BitTorrent sites on the Internet, despite a fairly colorful and turbulent past. Sadly its thousands of users could soon find themselves without their favorite site, as technical difficulties are set to cause possibly extended downtime.