The Pirate Bay is Developing a New BitTorrent Tracker

The Pirate Bay is without a doubt the most popular BitTorrent tracker. Unfortunately their current tracker system is not performing as it used to and has reached its effective limit. The TPB team is currently working on a more efficient Open Source tracker system that, among other things, will guarantee…

BitLet Evolves: Create and Upload Torrents Online

BitLet, the web-based BitTorrent client has received a significant update. A new feature makes it possible to create .torrent files online - ready configured for popular open trackers - and then automatically upload them to Mininova and other sites for maximum exposure.

Demonoid Trackers Back Online, Site Still Down mysteriously disappeared earlier this week, but there is hope. The website is still down but the trackers are now fully operational again, perhaps a sign that Demonoid is crawling back up?

Anti-Piracy Company Wants to Sell Patents to Protect P2P

Recently we reported that anti-piracy company Viralg is selling the patents to its technology on eBay for $1,000,000. Most people didn't think it was value for money but Viralg have been in touch and they have a new idea - selling the patents to P2P'ers to help prevent some future…

The Pirate Bay Details Charges Against Media Companies

Last week, The Pirate Bay announced that it filed charges against against some of the key players in the entertainment industry for corrupting and sabotaging their BitTorrent tracker. We asked Brokep, one of The Pirate Bay founders to give us some more background information on this counterattack that will, once…

Demonoid Shut Down by the CRIA?, one of the most popular BitTorrent trackers has allegedly been taken offline by the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA). Both the tracker and the website have been unresponsive for nearly 24 hours now.