Yahoo! Found Guilty of Mass Copyright Infringement

It is being reported by the IPFI that Yahoo China's music search feature violates the law when it deep links users to pirated music. Yahoo China's music search has been confirmed illegal in a Beijing court ruling which states that under new copyright laws it facilitates mass copyright infringement.

Klaxxon Starts Where aXXo Left Off

A few weeks ago we reported that the popular DVD ripper aXXo decided to take a break and stopped releasing new material for the time being. Around the same time a new face entered the non-scene scene and whenever people searched for aXXo torrents, KLAXXON rips started to appear.

New MPAA Pirate-Sniffing Canines, All the Way from Ireland

Lucky & Flo, the dogs employed by the MPAA to hunt down pirate media have returned home. But before media pirates start celebrating, beware: there are two new pirate-chasing canines on the block. The authorities say "Good Boy!" to their latest recruits - Paddy and Manny, all the way from…

TorrentSpy Loses Case Against MPAA

A Los Angeles court decided against TorrentSpy in their ongoing legal battle with the MPAA and terminated their case. According to the ruling, TorrentSpy was sanctioned for destructing evidence.

BitTorrent Launches Ad Supported Streaming

BitTorrent Inc. officially launched its "Watch Now" section where they have over 1000 movies and TV episodes available to watch for free. BitTorrent streaming opens up the possibility for content producers to offer high quality video streams to the public while generating money from advertising, a business model that should…

IFPI Pressure Leads Police to Detain File-Sharing Students

As part of its anti-piracy activities within 'Operation Premiere', Czech police raided a students dormitory in the Prague-Strahov area. As well confiscating many terabytes of pirate material, police detained seven students who they claim form part of Internet pirate network. They are facing 5 years in jail.

Hessians Hope to Weave Election Magic

27th January 2008 will see only the second election worldwide to include a Pirate Party on the ballot. It will not, however, be in Sweden, but the German state of Hesse, in south-west Germany.