What’s the Weight of all the BitTorrents in the World?

Computers store data as 0's and 1's in their circuitry, utilizing voltages. Voltages have mass so all data held in this fashion everywhere on the planet actually adds up to weigh something in the physical world. So exactly how much does all the BitTorrent traffic in the world weigh? Give…

Anti-Piracy Group Flyers at Cannes Film-Festival

French antiP2P agency CoPeerRight has been distributing flyers to advertise their new services to film makers and executives at the Cannes Film Festival. Titled "Bytes Corrupted", the company claims it can "protect your rights, before and after the digital piracy of your films."

Pirates of the Internet: At Intellectual Property’s End

The ever controversial Pirate Bay is messing with Hollywood again. They've put up a new logo which links to pirated copies of the blockbuster movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End". To make it even more juicy, they are also selling a T-shirt with the logo on it in…

I Didn’t Download it, My Router Got Hacked!

People accused of uploading the game 'Dream Pinball' who claim they are the victim of a hacker, are starting to get letters back from lawyers explaining what they should do next. Among other things, the lawyers are demanding that the accused demonstrate computer security skills in providing evidence detailing exactly…

Multiple Police Raids Take Down BitTorrent Tracker

German police searched several locations this week in their efforts to close down a BitTorrent tracker they claim was involved in the distribution of movies and other copyrighted material, including a pre-released computer game.

Subscribe to TV Shows Using BitTorrent and TVNanny

TVNanny is a BitTorrent site specializing in the indexing of TV show torrents. Using a subscription based interface, it's possible to automatically download your favorite TV show episodes to your PC, utilizing the RSS feature in your chosen torrent client.