Popcorn Time Conquers iOS, Now With a Mac Installer

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With more than 100,000 downloads on the first day alone, the non-jailbreak Popcorn Time app has already gained a massive audience. Today the developers behind the popular application released a Mac installer for the iOS app, hoping to conquer even more devices.

popcorntA few weeks ago the Popcorn-Time.se fork surprised friend and foe by releasing a hack that allows anyone with an iPhone or iPad to install the iOS version of the popular app.

Popcorn Time was already available on jailbroken iOS devices. However, the developers say that the app really took off when they released the Windows installer for non-jailbreak iOS devices.

“On April 8th, the day of the release, Popcorn Time broke all previous records and was installed on more than 100,000 iOS devices in one day,” the Popcorn Time teams informs us.

“None of the other releases we had since we picked up Popcorn Time evoked such a reaction. We literally stared at the numbers for hours,” they add.

Today comes another big push as the Mac version of the installer has just been released. It works in a similar manner to the Windows version and allows people to install the Popcorn Time app in just a few clicks.

With a Mac installer the Popcorn Time team soon hopes to welcome their millionth download for iOS.

Despite the iOS surge Android remains the most popular platform for the fork at the moment. For a brief moment iOS was in second place, but it’s now back in third after Windows.

The Popcorn Time developers think that after the iOSInstaller becomes public, so it can also be used for other apps, the popularity will rise again.

“Now it’s #3 but we expect this figure to change once again when the iosinstaller.com team officially launches their app store which will be a ‘must use’ for all iOS users out there,” the Popcorn Time team says.

With the iOS installers Popcorn Time is becoming an even bigger target. For Apple, but mostly for the movie studios who don’t want people to watch their content without paying for it.

Last week the UK High Court ordered local ISPs to block the websites of several Popcorn Time forks including popcorn-time.se. This renders the application useless locally, at least for those who haven’t found a workaround yet.


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