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Fresh Calls to Congress to Make Movie and Music Streaming a Felony

Last time there was an attempt to turn streaming copyrighted content into a felony the effort was crushed when the Internet rose up and defeated SOPA. But this week the thorny issue was again raised before Congress, with a suggestion that until the offense is considered a felony rather than…

EU Proposal Bans Netflix-Style Geo Blocking and Restrictions

The European Commission has officially presented its plan to abolish geo-blocking and filtering restrictions across EU member states. The new proposal requires online services to allow users to access their accounts all across Europe, even in countries where it's officially not available yet.

“Wee Man” Not Happy With Copyright Troll Lawsuits

Jason 'Wee Man' Acuna of Jackass fame is not amused that hundreds of people are sued for allegedly downloaded a movie he starred in. The film, Elf-Man, premiered on DVD late last year and its makers are now trying to boost their revenues through mass-lawsuits targeted at alleged BitTorrent users.…

Leading ‘Ethical’ TV Show BitTorrent Tracker Shut Down By FACT

The MPAA-funded anti-piracy group behind the prosecution of UK streaming links site SurfTheChannel has claimed another prominent victim. UKNova, which has been in existence for almost a decade, has a strict 'ethical' policy which forbids users from uploading any material which is available to buy, but that didn't stop the…

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