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20th Century Fox Sues “Rogue” Movie Theater in Oregon

While most of Hollywood's anti-piracy efforts are targeted at rogue websites run by exotic companies oversees, significant threats in the homeland remain. This week 20th Century Fox filed a lawsuit against a movie theater in Oregon for alleged copyright infringement. The venue, aptly named "The Rogue Theatre," is accused of…

Voltage Pics: Suing Disabled Kids For Piracy is Bad PR

Defending its decision to target Australians for piracy of its movie Dallas Buyers Club, Voltage Pictures has told a court it has limits on who it will sue. Autistic kids, the disabled, the poor and those with mental issues won't be 'fined' by the studio. "That kind of press would…

Littleshoot Adds BitTorrent Capabilities to Any Browser

A new version of the P2P plug-in Littleshoot makes it possible to download torrents right from within your browser. The software runs on Macs and Windows PCs and works with IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. It even offers Gnutella and Youtube integration as an added bonus.

RIAA Bites Grooveshark With Record Google Takedowns

The world's leading record labels are targeting Grooveshark with an unprecedented level of copyright complaints. According to Google, during the past month the streaming service became the 7th most complained about site in the world, something that has caused Grooveshark's search engine traffic to nosedive.

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