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US Authorities Silence NinjaVideo Founder, Rush Her to Prison

Last week Hana Beshara, one of the founders of the popular NinjaVideo movie and TV show streaming site, was sentenced to 22 months in prison for conspiracy and criminal copyright infringement. Beshara was released until a bed opened up at a detention center, but after she posted critical notes on…

File-Sharing Is Linked to Depression, Researchers Find

A new paper published by researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology reveals that people with depressive symptoms are more avid file-sharers than those without them. The research in question was conducted among students whose connections to the campus network were monitored. Perhaps more worrying than the results themselves,…

Anti-Piracy Company ‘Tests’ Mega’s Copyright Takedown Skills

During this week with millions of users signed up and several hundred million files uploaded, Mega has been receiving its first batches of DMCA complaints. According to information received by TorrentFreak, a French anti-piracy company tested Mega and revealed that the company took down allegedly infringing content within 48 hours.

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