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One Man Army On a Mission To Destroy The Cyberlocker Market

By design the porn industry is often to be found at the extremes of the human race's moral compass. So recently, when one industry man began a campaign with a stated aim of bringing the cyberlocker market to its knees, one might expect things to have gotten a little dirty.…

Band Shows Fans How To Unblock The Pirate Bay

Finnish band Älymystö are furious at local anti-piracy groups after their action forced The Pirate Bay to become blocked by several of the country's largest Internet providers. The band, which has been around for more than a decade, views BitTorrent sites as a valuable form of promotion. To counter the…

BitTorrent DNA Vulnerable to Remote Hijack

A recent reports suggests that the BitTorrent DNA, which is bundled with the mainline client, is an "exploitable" version of uTorrent without the user interface. It is suggested that it is possible for any websites to offload content to the btdna.exe, without the user's consent.

Anti-Piracy Outfit Threatens To DoS Uncooperative Torrent Sites

In recent years, technical anti-piracy enforcement has taken a less aggressive approach to that previously demonstrated by the infamous MediaDefender. But now, according to a company being hired to protect Bollywood blockbusters, if BitTorrent sites don't cooperate by taking down torrents when asked, they will have denial of service attacks…

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