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Empornium and PureTNA Permanently Shut Down

Two of the Internet's biggest adult entertainment BitTorrent trackers have today confirmed to TorrentFreak that they have permanently closed down. With comfortably more than 2.5 million members between them, the closure of Empornium and PureTNA leaves a sizeable number of porn fans both empty handed and with nowhere to put…

Cheggit, Long Standing Adult BitTorrent Site, Calls It Quits

After an outage of several days, one of the world's largest and longest-standing adult torrent sites has announced that it will completely close down. The demise of Cheggit.net comes almost exactly a year after two huge adult sites, Empornium and PureTNA, disappeared from the Internet.

Ron Jeremy Takes on Porn Pirates

The legendary Ron Jeremy has had enough of video streaming sites such as YouPorn and PornTube, that host pirated versions of his epic movies for free. Jeremy says adult content deserves the same respect as Hollywood's majors do, and is happy that Vivid Entertainment is going after these sites.

NSFW: Top PureTNA and Empornium Alternatives

The recent closure of both PureTNA and Empornium earlier this month left a decent sized hole in the BitTorrent porn landscape. However, with the help of ex-users and adult material fans around the world, we're now able to plug that significant void with a list of alternative sites where previously…

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